Splyce vs G2 – LEC Match of the Week (2019 Spring)

Posted on January 30, 2019

Who will come out on top in a battle between a snake and a samurai? Join us as we analyze the LEC match of the week between Splyce and G2 Esports! Splyce had a rough start to their 2019 Spring Split, but they’ve definitely redeemed themselves since then. This team is stacked with veteran talent, and it’s also successfully moving away from its trademark sluggish playstyle towards fast-paced, objective-focused game plans. Combine that with measured shot calling and strong objective control, and Splyce are looking like one of the strongest teams in the league.

G2 are the uncrowned kings of the LEC. Their roster has a staggering amount of firepower, as every single player here can come up with a 1v9 carry performance. They’re always looking to fight and break open the game with clutch plays and daring skirmishes. Moreover, G2 are exceptional at turning the slightest leads into crushing advantages, so even the likes of Splyce might struggle to hold off their onslaught.

Splyce vs G2 LEC Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that considers Vizicsacsi a bad player. However, he certainly doesn’t stand out much in his games. With a 3.2 KDA and 7.1 CS per minute, Splyce’s top laner performs the role of a token tank player, and even though he does his job by initiating fights and providing his carries with a robust frontline, there’s only so much he can do on his own.

G2’s Wunder is his polar opposite. Holding a 5.8 KDA and 8.0 CS per minute, he’s a daring top laner that’s always looking for an opportunity to score a solo kill or pull off an outplay. His champion pool consists of carries and splitpushers, although he doesn’t shy away from off-meta picks either. And in the end, it’s this mixture of playmaking and versatility that gives Wunder the upper hand in the Splyce vs G2 matchup.

VERDICT: G2 Wunder conquers the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

Splyce’s Xerxe is a strong jungler. Holding a 12.0 KDA and 5.6 CS per minute, he’s a pathing mastermind that always finds a way to blindside his enemies with a gank or a sudden invade. Moreover, his champion pool is as wide as an ocean, so you can expect him to have a wide range of pocket picks in his arsenal.

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But Xerxe’s tricks won’t amount to much against Jankos. With a 6.7 KDA and 5.7 CS per minute, G2’s jungler made a name for himself with explosive ganks and polished mechanics. And while he might not have Xerxe’s natural knack for pathing, he has more than enough game knowledge to make up for it.

VERDICT: G2 Jankos claims the jungle as his own.

Mid Lane Matchup

There’s no denying that Humanoid is impressive for a rookie. Holding a 7.4 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, he already has the mechanics and game sense to put veteran mid laners on the back foot. Throw in his synergy with Xerxe, and it’s no wonder Humanoid easily takes over the mid lane against most opponents.

Unfortunately for him, he is in for an uphill battle in the Splyce vs G2 matchup. Caps might have a similar 7.4 KDA and 9.2 CS per minute, but he’s on a completely different level in terms of individual skill. G2’s mid laner is a mechanical prodigy in every sense of the world, and you can count on him to seamlessly secure solo kills and take over teamfights even when faced with overwhelming odds.

VERDICT: G2 Caps takes complete control over the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

The Splyce vs G2 matchup might very well turn on its head in the bot lane. With a 14.0 KDA and 10.3 CS per minute, Kobbe is a veteran marksman that routinely tops the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes. Meanwhile, Norskeren (5.0 KDA) goes above and beyond to set him up with favorable fights and protect him from incoming damage.

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Of course, Perkz and Mikyx are no pushover either. Holding a 6.6 KDA and 9.4 CS per minute, Perkz has just switched to the AD carry position, but he’s already looking like the most lane-dominant marksman in Europe. As for his support Mikyx (4.4 KDA), he’s a confident playmaker that routinely pushes his foes to the absolute limit with aggressive trades and fearless initiations. Yet, despite all their pros, Perkz and Mikyx tend to get carried away and bite off more than they can chew in skirmishes. And Splyce are in a perfect position to punish this.

VERDICT: SPY Kobbe and Norskeren find an edge in the bot lane.

Splyce vs G2 LEC Match Prediction

Despite their recent improvements, Splyce are the clear-cut underdogs in this matchup. G2 have too much talent on their hands, and unless Splyce find a creative way to nullify it, they won’t be able to hold off the early game onslaught. Our prediction is a victory for G2 Esports!

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