Summoner’s Inn Finals Betting Predictions

Posted on December 10, 2018

There’s no denying that the League of Legends off-season has quite a bit of downtime for fans and pro players alike. However, that doesn’t have to apply to the betting crowd! The LoL esports scene is vast, so you can find a multitude of markets for regional leagues and local tournaments. And if that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our in-depth Summoner’s Inn betting predictions for the final series of the event!

Summoner’s Inn Overview

Summoner’s Inn is one of the biggest online leagues in Germany. It includes 6 divisions and a total of 437 amateur and professional teams competing for fame, glory, and a chunk of the ample prize pool. The first division is composed of lineups that were specifically invited by the event organizers, however, every other division is filled through open qualifiers.

Right now, we’re coming into the first division Summoner’s Inn finals. The stakes are at an all-time high, as EURONICS Gaming will be taking on Mousesports in an exciting Bo5. Both teams have already proven their worth on stage, and they will be looking to make the final push for the trophy.

Summoner’s Inn Finals Predictions

When it comes to Summoner’s Inn, Mousesports are a powerhouse. This team dominated the competition, producing a spotless 10-0 record over the course of the 5-week regular season. On top of that, Mousesports were seeded directly into the finals, so they should have quite a few tricks up their sleeve for the last series of the event.

Their biggest strength is their coordination. Mousesports are great at setting up ganks, dives, and jungle invades. Their teamfighting is refined even by the LCS standards, so they have no issues taking on their opponents in 5v5s. Combine that with intricate drafts that include a multitude of flex picks and unorthodox bot lanes, and Mousesports are a very dangerous foe to face in a Bo5 setting.

Their raw firepower shouldn’t be underestimated either, and players like Tolkin, Conjo, and Gistick are great at securing individual leads in the laning phase and using them to break open the game. And while Obvious can be a bit trigger-happy with his invades, his aggression pays off more often than not.

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EURONICS Gaming also have something to boast about. They had a rough start and barely managed to squeeze into the knockout stage with a 4-6 regular season record. However, they picked up the slack in the playoffs by scoring back-to-back victories against BiG and SK Gaming. Still, their semifinals series came down to the wire, and the 3-1 scoreline doesn’t reflect how close EURONICS Gaming were to not qualifying for the Summoner’s Inn finals.

To make matters worse, this squad doesn’t seem to be that great early on. EURONICS Gaming rarely—if ever—do anything to set the pace of the game, so it’s common to see them drafting scaling comps and employing a very reactionary playstyle in the laning phase. With that, EURONIC Gaming struggle to set up proactive plays and neutral objectives, so they often find themselves scrambling to respond to enemy aggression.

One of the main reasons behind this comes from their players. Ventair and NoWay are loose cannons, and while they can do a lot of work on carries, they can also overstep their limits and go on literal feeding sprees. The same applies to Agurin who tends to be very hit-or-miss in the jungle. Granted, the rock-solid duo of Broeki and Pandar offsets these shortcomings, but there’s only so much a bot lane can do in the current meta.

BETTING ADVICE: This is a textbook example of the David vs Goliath matchup! EURONICS Gaming built up a lot of momentum in the playoffs, but in the end, it’s not enough to make up for their flaws. Mousesports are better as a team, and they have enough talent to match their opponents in the laning phase. You can bet on Mousesports winning the Summoner’s Inn finals for odds of 1.55 at Betway.

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