SuperLiga ABCDE Season 3 betting predictions and odds analysis

Posted on December 11, 2019

SuperLiga ABCDE Season 3 gathers the top twelve teams in Brazil. As the tournament’s name suggests, the event has been organized by ABCDE, and for the second year in a row, Bad Boy Leeroy.

The SuperLiga series has grown organically, with the event receiving no official sponsor in its first season, to getting onboard NET and Burger King in 2018, and this year,

While these may not be major esports sponsors in the west, SuperLiga serves as a great example that esports can be sustained in smaller and up and coming regions with no help from Riot.

SuperLiga season 3’s prizepool stands at 46,000 Brazilian Real, roughly $11,100.

While this may seem small compared to events in major regions, this is a fairly substantial prizepool for a non Riot sponsored event in a smaller region.

SuperLiga ABCDE Season 3 – Prediction

paiN Gaming vs. Prodigy Esports

paiN Gaming (PNG) has always been a strong force in Brazil, standing as one of the region’s most veteran teams having been founded in 2012. The team have had their share of ups and down over the years, however, have remained relevant to this day.

paiN Gaming placed first in the BRCC 2019 Split 1 Playoffs, qualifying them to enter the CBLOL 2019 Split 2 tournament. Having entered the region’s highest level of competition, the team fell short of earning a playoffs position, finishing fifth in the event.

ProGaming Esports (PRG) had recently rebranded into Prodigy Esports just prior their start in the SuperLiga 2019 event. While the team had struggled in the past, the roster changes in 2019, both player and coach wise paid off extremely well. This allowed them to place first in the BRCC 2019 Split 2 Playoffs.

Given paiN Gaming’s near undefeated run at the SuperLiga 2019 so far, we can expect paiN Gaming to once again perform exceptionally once again.

Their previous 2-1 win against Prodigy Esports is likely to carry forward, with Prodigy putting up a strong fight, only to be bested by PNG. While we can expect PNG to take down PRG overall, there are many more safer and profitable bets that can be made. These include atleast one map won, first to 10 kills and decider map played.


Atleast one map won

PNG is largely expected to not only take a match against PRG, but win the Bo5. Whilst the betting odds on this market may be low, winning is almost guaranteed.

  • Bet: PNG to take at-least one map if Odds are above 1.05.

First to 10 kills

Many expect PNG to win given their previous dominance, however, the team with the first 10 kills is always close. This market gives a decent chance of success on PRG, while also seeing high payouts.

  • Bet: PRG to be first to 10 kills if Odds are above 2.4.

Decider map played

No matter the winning team, it is expected for this series to be close. As a result, this market is a fairly safe bet. We can expect the decider map to be played in the Grand finals between paiN Gaming and Prodigy Esports despite it being best of 5.

  • Bet: Yes, if odds are above 2.7

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