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Dota 2 fans anxiously wait for The International as the most important tournament of the year. It has the biggest prizes in esports and the event brings together the best teams in the world for a live competition. Bookmakers publish The International odds well in advance, to allow punters to wager on outright winners before the tournament has started. Some of the most exciting bets are placed live, with top esportsbooks offering a fantastic selection of mainstream and special markets.

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
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American Odds Format:
13/06/2024 04:00
The International 2024: China Closed Qualifier
14/06/2024 07:00
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
14/06/2024 10:00
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
Yellow Submarine
L1ga Team
14/06/2024 13:00
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
Night Pulse
14/06/2024 14:00
The International 2024: South America Closed Qualifier
Team Heroic
Fantasy Gaming
14/06/2024 16:00
The International 2024: South America Closed Qualifier
NoPing Esports
14/06/2024 16:00
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
Natus Vincere
Nemiga Gaming
14/06/2024 20:00
The International 2024: South America Closed Qualifier
Midas Club
14/06/2024 23:00
The International 2024: South America Closed Qualifier
Infinity Esports

The International Betting Odds on Playoff Matches

Group stage matches are sometimes lopsided, which leads to tiny The International betting odds on the favorites. Since series can result in a draw, punters have the unique opportunity of Dota 2 betting on draws at competitive odds. It is also during this stage of the competition when spread betting is particularly popular to enjoy higher TI10 odds. Having said this, the most exciting betting opportunities arrive with the playoffs, when the best teams are scheduled to play.

In 2021 all the favourites have advanced from the group stage, which means that the playoffs are incredibly competitive. Savvy punters can take advantage of higher The International odds if they are able to pick the winning team. Handicap betting is also popular because at this stage of the competition series are played in a best of three format. It all culminates with the Grand Final where up to five games can be needed to determine the winner.

Dota 2 TI10 odds on Special Markets

Experienced Dota 2 punters know that simply betting on the favourites to win is not the best way to tackle the challenge of TI. That’s because The International odds on outright winners are low when backing the Dota 2 best teams against the underdogs. This is where the special markets shine the brightest, as they provide punters with multiple betting opportunities.

Betting on in-game objectives such as the first blood, first structure or first barracks usually offers better odds. These special markets also have the advantage of making the games more exciting. Play-by-play action is enhanced by the fact that The International matches are streamed live by top bookmakers. These special markets are usually available only pregame, but punters can watch the outcome of their bets live.


Esportsbooks The International Odds Comparison

Shopping for the top The International odds can be a tedious process with so many worthy options out there. However, the effort spent on identifying the best Dota 2 International betting sites is lavishly rewarded. Choosing a licensed and regulated operator is necessary but not sufficient and there are other factors at play. Top bookmakers such as GG.BET and Betway are a safe bet for esports fans who want to make the most of the most important Dota 2 tournament of the year.


This bookmaker has emerged as an esports specialist with a clear focus on videogame competitions. Dota 2 is at the cornerstone of their portfolio and The International is a tournament that enjoys tremendous attention. The odds for the outright winners are published well in advance, so punters can place a bet on these markets. Throughout the tournament, players can bet on game and series winners, as well as an incredible variety of special markets.

Live betting options are provided during the group stage and the playoffs, always at competitive odds. For punters seeking to extract maximum value from The International odds, this bookmaker is a good choice for mainstream and special markets. GG.BET celebrates the competition with generous promotions and offers exclusive bonuses for TI punters. These are the main reasons to choose them for The International:

  • More than 500 betting markets on the TI10
  • Excellent live betting options for playoffs
  • Special promotions for Dota 2 The International


The bookmaker was among the first to jump on the esports bandwagon and Dota 2 is an important game in their portfolio. It has an incredible selection of games broadcasted in real-time, which makes live betting even more exciting. The odds are just as good when betting pregame or live and they offer some of the best value when betting on the underdogs.

Betway is an excellent choice for punters betting on the outright winners. On one hand, they are among the first to publish The International odds, which gives players a lot of time to pick a winner. On the other hand, the odds exceed the industry average on both mainstream and special markets. This boosts the odds of players making a profit if they are capable of picking winners throughout the tournament.

  • Better Dota 2 odds on the underdogs
  • Live streams for all The International matches
  • Early odds published for antepost winners