Top new features in TFT set 4.5

Posted on January 27, 2021

As Team Fight Tactics changes every time, Riot Games always tries to give us something exciting and engaging in the new set. As every time, they managed to improve set 4 and added a lot of interesting things. Want to know what are the most interesting things they have added to the new set?

Then keep reading, because in this article, we will explain the best new things in set 4.5 and how your TFT game will be significantly improved. 

A surprise lucky lantern 

One of the most significant changes that have happened in this set is the drop lanterns. These are briefly consumables that you acquire in the mid-game. They are randomized so that you can get some gold, regular items, and special items

It is important to note that these lanterns do not have to happen in the game. This means mostly that players win, but it’s not strictly that they have to. It is also important to emphasize that all items received are given to all players equally. In that case, there is no imbalance, and everyone gets the same things.

As for the special topic, they include: 

Shop roller 

You should use this item on the champion of your choice, and when you lean it and give it to the champion, only those champs that share the same trait with it will be presented in your shop. 

For example, if you give the item to Tahm Kench, which traits are Brawler and Fortune, there will only be champions who are brawlers and fortunes in your store for that round.

This item is best used in the late game because you have a better chance of getting 4-cost or 5-cost units. 

Item remover

This item can serve quite well because, with it, you don’t have to sell a champion to be able to transfer its items to another carry. Just use it on the champion from whom you want to take down the items. All items will be returned, and you can use them on someone else. 

Item reroller

This item allows you to change any full or basic item to another. If you don’t like getting B.F Sword, then put this item on that Sword, and it will randomly change it to another one. This can also be done with whole items but is less recommended because it is very risky. 

Training dummy

This is similar to Azir guardians. You get a Training dummy that you can place anywhere on the field. It doesn’t take up an extra champion slot and serves as a distraction. The more you level, the stronger it becomes. Once you put it on, you can’t sell it.

Unstoppable new carry champions

As in every set, there are always those champions who are all rushing to serve their army. They have added many exciting champions to this set, and we will recommend you some that will carry your game. 


(Sharpshooter / Daredevil / Slayer) will serve as a great carry even without the traits. She has incredible AD damage, and with the right AD items, she will punish your enemies. Her Ult is to dash in your enemies and uses her guns to wipe them out. 


(Blacksmith / Elderwood) is an exciting new champion in TFT, and there was no other like him. He isn’t that special when it comes to fighting, but his unique ability is to craft his special items for your team. Every time you win, you reduce the time preparing your item. When you win up to 4 times, Orn will craft his special item that you can use on any of your champions. 

Aurelion Sol

(Dragonsoul / Mage) is a 4-tier champion but very strong. His magic damage is massive when you’ve got the Mage trait and whole items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap. He will wipe all the enemies within his range.

Wrapping up 

Those were all the biggest changes in this new set release. Team Fight Tactics was never more exciting, and mastering these champions and items will definitely make you to higher ranks.

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