Top Ultraliga 2018 Betting Bonuses

Posted on November 26, 2018

The Polish scene is one of the strongest pillars of the European League of Legends. And Ultraliga 2018 has recently become a part of it. This online tournament is a perfect opportunity to dust off your gambling skills and make some money in the process. With that in mind, our LoL esports experts prepared a brief breakdown of the event as well as the top Ultraliga 2018 betting bonuses!

Ultraliga 2018 Overview

Ultraliga 2018 is a new online tournament in the Polish League of Legends scene. It’s the go-to place for up-and-coming players that want to prove themselves in a competitive setting, so you’ll run into many names that might later end up in the LEC 2019. On top of that, an ample $26,903 prize pool ensures that everyone keeps trying their best. In fact, some teams like Illuminar Gaming and Szata Maga have already made their presence known in the European Masters tournaments, so the level of play will be fairly high.

Ultraliga 2018 has already reached stage 2, meaning that eight participating teams were split into two groups—Master Stage and Relegation Stage—based on their previous results. Both groups will play through a Double Round Robin bracket. The top-2 teams from the Master Stage will advance directly to the Semifinals, and the bottom-2 Master Stage squads will clash with the top-2 Relegation Stage lineup in the Quarterfinals.

All group stage matches are Bo1s, however, the format switches to Bo5s for the playoffs. With that, there’s plenty of room for skill expression on the part of the teams and the punters willing to make correct score wagers.

Ultraliga 2018 Promo

Choosing Your Ultraliga 2018 Betting Bonus

Alright, so how do you make the most out of your Ultraliga 2018 experience? Well, the first step on your betting journey should be catching up with VODs and getting familiar with teams and players. Knowing the playing field is key to making smart wagers, so we advise you to learn as much as possible about all Ultraliga participants.

Another thing you could do is set yourself up with a good betting bonus. In the end, every bet on a minor tournament comes with a fair share of variance, so you need a way to mitigate it. A solid betting bonus throws in some much-needed extra value, which is great for reducing risks and increasing your chances of coming up with profitable wagers.

Take a look at this table of top Ultraliga 2018 betting bonuses and pick an offer that fits your gambling strategy:

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