Vitality vs Origen – LEC Match of the Week (2019 Spring)

Posted on February 27, 2019

Vitality are about to face Origen on March 2! Who’s going to win the game that has all the chances to become the seventh LEC match of the week of 2019 Spring Split? Team Vitality are far from the cleanest lineup in the league, but they’re the definitely the most explosive. This squad thrives on aggression, as every single player here wants to push his edge to the absolute limit. And while not all of Vitality’s plays work out, they keep fighting until they breach enemy defenses or die trying.

At one point, it looked like Origen were the clear-cut #2 team in the league. Unfortunately, everything went right out the window when they suffered two back-to-back losses against Fnatic and Misfits. That’s not to say they’re bad, of course. Origen still have a very well-rounded roster as well as the macro prowess to put their talent to good use, but they can make mistakes—especially if they come under fire in the early game.

Vitality vs Origen Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

We start our Vitality vs Origen LEC match breakdown with the top lane. Sporting a 4.4 KDA and 8.7 CS per minute, Cabochard is the most important player on Team Vitality. His lane presence is strong, and he doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger and initiate teamfights and skirmishes. But the main thing he brings to the table is stability. He’s a rock in the top lane, and a team as volatile as Vitality needs a player like that to become the foundation of its strategies.

At first glance, Alphari shares a lot of these traits. With a 2.3 KDA and 7.7 CS per minute, he’s a capable laner that puts a strong emphasis on aggression and mechanical outplays. However, he’s not nearly as solid as Cabochard, so Vitality should have an edge in this matchup.

VERDICT: VIT Cabochard conquers the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

Mowgli is finally learning to work with his teammates! With a 3.3 KDA and 4.6 CS per minute, Vitality’s jungler is a force of nature that consistently finds early ganks and dominates river skirmishes. The only thing he could improve on is playing around his bot lane, but other than that, Mowgli is a perfect fit for Vitality.


Kold also found his place on Origen. Holding a 2.7 KDA and 5.1 CS per minute, he’s much more measured compared to Mowgli, but that’s not a bad thing. Kold’s routes are calculated to the point where he routinely ends up in the right place at the right time, and while he will likely lose a 1v1 fight against Mowgli, he should be able to outmaneuver his opponent around the map.

VERDICT: OG Kold finds a strategic edge in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

Jiizuke is a wild card. Sporting a 2.7 KDA and 8.7 CS per minute, he’s an aggressive mid laner that can pull out the most unexpected picks and go for the most unpredictable plays if the situation calls for it. Of course, this approach is a double-edged sword, and there are times when Jiizuke’s plays blow up into his face, but considering his mechanical talent, situations like that don’t come up very often.

Nukeduck is his polar opposite. With a 2.9 KDA and 9.1 CS per minute, Origen’s mid laner is at his best when he’s playing in a controlled environment. He needs to secure counterpicks or—at the very least—get help from his jungler before he even considers going for an outplay. And even though this does make him more stable, it also turns him into a perfect target for Jiizuke’s playmaking.

VERDICT: VIT Jiizuke secures a lead in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

The bot lane might be the most important position in this Vitality vs Origen matchup. Holding a 4.6 KDA and 10.2 CS per minute, Atilla is a decent marksman when it comes to snowballing the game, but he’s far too volatile on an even footing. The same applies to Jactroll (3.0 KDA), who makes a solid claim to being the most unremarkable support in the LEC.

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Origen don’t have the most stacked bot lane either. With ha 4.4 KDA and 9.5 CS per minute, Patrik is a good AD carry if he can get his hands on lane-dominant picks, but he doesn’t offer much outside of that. And while his support Mithy (2.3 KDA) has a knack for initiations, he can just as easily throw the entire game with a brash positioning mistake. We’d still give an edge to Origen here, but it’s not a big one.

VERDICT: OG Patrik and Mithy win the bot lane matchup.

Vitality vs Origen LEC Match Prediction

This is a clash of playstyles! Vitality will be trying to crush their opponents during the first 20 minutes of the game, and Origen will be attempting to outmaneuver their foes in the late game. In the end, though, Origen aren’t stable enough to hold off the onslaught, so we’re predicting a victory for Team Vitality!

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