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BetWinner brings all your gaming needs on one website. Despite being one of the newer bookmakers out there, its offering has surpassed many of the major players. This has propelled BetWinner to strongly hold a 400,000 userbase, demonstrating the trustworthiness of the site and gives new users the confidence that their bets are safe. Having a license in Curacao, they are able to deliver their services to various countries and are doing especially well throughout India, Germany and Eastern Europe. Our BetWinner review clearly shows the advantages of the site, allowing it to dominate the esports betting market despite its short 2 years of operation.

Why Choose BetWinner For Esports Betting
  • Live betting odds
  • Free live streaming
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Accepts Bitcoin betting
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Betwinner Bonus Offer

Several betting sites offer bonuses for new users. However, BetWinner is especially generous in this area. The BetWinner bonus will automatically match a user’s first deposit one to one, up to a healthy €100. Given the minimum deposit to receive the welcome bonus is only €1, virtually any new user will be able to take advantage of this special offer, not only those who bet big.

Restrictions to the welcome bonus are not too bad either, with the bonus needing to be rolled over 5 times on accumulator bets, and with a minimum of 3 selections (with odds of 1.4 or over). This restriction will be especially easy to overcome if you can find highly favorable opportunities. Stay in tune for our frequent tailored LoL betting odds for your favourite tournaments to maximise your chances of taking home the BetWinner Bonus.

Betwinner Welcome Bonus

Online EsportsbookBetwinner Esportsbook
Betwinner Promo CodeNot Needed
Bonus OfferDouble your first deposit, up to €100
Min Deposit€1 or higher
Wagering ConditionsWager the bonus value 5 times over odds of 1.4 or higher

Esports Betting Markets

Covers every imaginable market for LoL betting, including LoL ARAM games

BetWinner is without a doubt, a giant bookmaker despite its short history. One of the core reasons for its rise was its comprehensive coverage of various games and betting markets throughout the world. Coverage ranges from your traditional sports like Football, Tennis and Basketball, to UFC, Cockfights and mostly importantly, Esports. If you ever feel the impulse to wager on something, BetWinner is assured to hold the market and fill your need.

Betting markets, especially for League of Legends tournaments, are vast with the more common bets like series-winner or match-winner, to more skill-based bets like total kills, or the more risky coinflip like odd / even kills.

Interestingly, BetWinner also has a page for League of Legends All Random All Mid (ARAM) games. Despite ARAM’s very rare occasions of ever being seen in a tournament / competitive setting, BetWinner’s willingness to cover every market is extraordinary.

Live Betting is possible with BetWinner

Live betting allows punters to bet on matches / games which are running in real-time. The advantage of live betting is the increased information and insight a punter can receive while placing their bets. These often lead to more favorable odds, allowing League of Legends live betting to not only be more interesting, but more profitable.

Live betting is available for a variety of different markets on BetWinner, including League of Legends. The only con of the site being a lack of an embedded twitch chat with streams, however, given the favorable odds and different markets, it is worth it.

Remember that unlike other pre-match bets, live bets cannot be edited or deleted.


Esports Odds

Generous Odds which guarantee advantageous bets for punters

Odds matter most for any punters as it directly impacts their ability to profit off bets. BetWinner’s ability to provide top odds in its wide range of markets is a core reason why the bookmaker had attracted and retained almost half a million members. Simply view BetWinner’s odds and compare it to your current bookmaker of choice, there will without a doubt be a difference. While a few decimal points may seem little at first, it really does stack up once applied over a multitude of bets. After all, higher odds is another way to simply add more money in your pocket.

During their bets, punters may also choose what happens if odds end up changing anytime between their bet and the outcome. They may choose to “Confirm”, “Accept any change” or “Accept if odds increase”.

Interface and Design

Looks “cluttered” at first, until you get the hang of it

Interface wise, BetWinner does admittedly feel a bit overloaded and cluttered for a new user. This is mainly due to its wide offerings, of which different markets and odds are displayed throughout every corner of the page. However, after a few days of use for our BetWinner review run, the interface that seemed to be “cluttered” felt much better. Access to information in different markets allows for more betting opportunities faster by cutting down navigation time.

The design makes checking odds for various markets and matches quick and easy. Being able to place bets, enter a special BetWinner promo code and show potential winning all on the same page, all of which adds to a better quality that BetWinner has over other sites.

Payment Options

A large spreads of payment methods, including most Cryptocurrencies

BetWinner has one of the largest spreads of payment methods we have ever seen. There are 90 different deposit options ranging from bank cards, e-wallets, internet banking, cryptocurrency, and even cash! While as expected, there are fewer withdrawal options, there are still 68 different methods to choose from! The minimum deposit sits at €1 for most methods, while withdrawal sits at €1.5.

Payouts are processed extremely quickly and are usually only held back by the intrinsic delays of your payment method. Better yet, most payment methods have no service charges, making BetWinner a favorite amongst punters.

Customer Support

Different points of contact available

BetWinner’s customer care is amazing, with various different methods of contact available.

Email wise, there are four primary emails for users, general queries, security, finances, and customer feedback. By having different emails, it ensures representatives on the other end primarily deal in their own field. This means your emails will be resolved in a timely manner without bouncing around for days on end.

There is also a customer hotline available for contact in which you can talk to a representative at the other end, while this may seem simple, many customer call centers have introduced bots to their hotlines, leading to a frustrating and painful experience.

Most importantly for any customer service experience, a live chat. The BetWinner live chat does not have any bot / any program that auto-replies when set questions / words are detected. Instead, their “online consultant” will reply within minutes and guide you through any questions or queries you have. This ensures a smooth user experience that is rarely seen on other websites.

The BetWinner registration and identity verification process is made much simpler with a responsive customer care agent there to guide you step by step if needed. This makes the BetWinner registration process many times quicker compared to other online bookmakers out there. Note, every reliable betting site will need identity verification as required by law. If you encounter a website that does not require such verification, it is best to stay away.

Licensing & Security

Is BetWinner legit?

The safety of the site is of paramount importance for any punter. In our extensive BetWinner review, by both using the site and viewing other instances of customer feedback, we have full reason to believe the site is safe. We have not seen, or have any reason to believe accounts, identity or confidentiality will be breached.

Note; while BetWinner are still proving themselves in this aspect given their short operation, we can determine as of this moment, they are a safe site to bet with.

Your bets are also safe from operator bias, with bets only voided due to pre-determined conditions, and not based off on operator subjectivity. For example, in League of Legends markets, if a player abandons prior to 10 minutes, bets are voided. However, if a player abandons after 10 minutes, bets will remain active. This is unlike other sites, who state bets “may” be voided based on operator discretion.

Self betting limits can be imposed if requested

Self betting limits can be imposed if requested, however, this would have to involved notifying the BetWinner team.

Limits on maximum winnings are extremely high with BetWinner, they have an upper limit of €600,000 on main events or leagues. This is amongst the highest out of all the online bookmakers out there. If you have your eyes on winning big, BetWinner is the home for you. The minimum betting limit is only €0.1, making it a great starting website for new punters who just want to give it a go.

For most punters, BetWinner is a site that allows you to bet without a limit (assuming its not in the hundreds of thousands). This freedom is a key factor that differentiates BetWinner from other bookmakers.

Extra Features

Mobile App available

One of the site’s special features is the numerous language options there are, of which there are 59 to choose from! This special feature has allowed its userbase to span the globe, and its no wonder BetWinner is able to dominate the Eastern European market given the region’s huge diversity.

BetWinner is not only limited to the betting market, it also has its hands in online casinos, virtual lotto, and even bingo!

Mobile app, as expected of a giant bookmaker, BetWinner had its own dedicated mobile app. This further enables users to bet no matter where their located, given everyone has their mobile with them these days. The BetWinner mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Note; the mobile download does require some additional steps as it is not downloaded directly from the App or Google Play store. However, while it does take a few extra steps to get the mobile set up, it’s worth it. The interface has been vastly improved on mobile, with different games / markets segmented through icons at the top.

Why should you choose BetWinner?

While it may seem overwhelming with the different odds, betting markets and games at first, it excels in being a site that centralizes both your gaming and betting needs. On top of the highly competitive odds, BetWinner is easily accessible and will most be available in your language and country.

No matter whether you are a starting or experienced punter, BetWinner is a great place to place secure bets anywhere and anytime. Our Betwinner review ultimately finds Betwinner to be a top choice, exceeding the big and established bookmakers out there.

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