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Bet365 is one of the biggest and most trusted bookmakers available out there. They are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the strictest authorities worldwide making it a very reliable and a safe place to place your bets on.

Bet365 has been very enjoyable from our experience. Bet365, like all sites, required ID confirmation before we could cash out. Despite this small hurdle, we could deposit and play instantly, which is a buff difference compared to other bookmakers who do not activate accounts at all prior to confirmations.

Why Choose Bet365 For Esports Betting
  • Offers live streaming and in-play bets
  • All major esports betting markets included
  • Competitive esports odds
  • Over 20 different currencies excepted
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Bet365 Bonus Offer

The bonuses offered by Bet365 are quite substantial compared to other sites, likely due to their size. The site had matched my first bet to a 1:1 ratio, which rewards you not only for joining the site, but betting big. This bonus mentions it caps up to €100, which is quite a fair amount. That said, the minimum deposit to get the 1:1 match is €10, not too bad considering you would want to make as much of the offer for your first sign up anyway.

Like many of the other booker makers, Bet365 do have some conditions attached for the bonus offer. This includes having to overturn the money six times before withdrawal on odds that are above 1.5. The condition was pretty achievable compared to other conditions, as a 1.5 ratio still gives some very good chances.

This is especially so for Bet365 League of Legends wagers, where many markets hover that range, with wins being fairly predictable and consistent.

Esports Betting Markets

All major and minor tournaments included

The site covers a plethora of different markets ranging from your traditional sports, to greyhound & horse racing, and of course esports. Keeping up with the times, the site offers both offline and live markets. Major titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and StarCraft II are all covered, great news considering many of us do not restrict our interests only in League of Legends.

Focusing especially on the Bet365 League of Legends section, all the favourite regions / tournaments were included, such as the; LCK, LPL, LCS and LEC. Bet365 lol understand us players and punters best, right now, even offering bets on the Tyler1 Championship Series.

While there are not any major tournaments currently running, betting markets such as outright winner, teams to reach playoffs or finals are currently open. Bet365 LoL betting allows us to satisfy our urge even before the split starts, a great option considering not all sites offer this.

Overall, the wide range of betting markets make it not only easier to bet, but more enjoyable.

Bet365 supports in-play bets

As previously mentioned, Bet365 supports esports live betting. Live betting is the future of all betting considering the heightened engagement levels, considering Bet365 are at the forefront of online betting, it’s no wonder they support it.

Esports Odds

Best odds from Bet365

After more than a week’s use of Bet365, and comparing their League of Legends odds over similar markets to different providers, we can comfortably state the odds of Bet365 are good.

While they offer a range of different markets across various games and tournaments, Bet365 lol have proved to hold better odds compared to other websites. This makes Bet365 a good home to bet without needing to look around too much. Bet365 League of Legends particularly had very up to date odds in the most popular markets and matches.

Interface and Design

Dedicated interfaces for its PC, mobile and app versions

Bet365 has dedicated interfaces for its PC, mobile and app versions. This optimization of its interfaces make it easy to use throughout the various platforms.

Design wise, the home page might be a bit much considering the many areas Bet365 covers. However, after entering the esports and Bet365 League of Legends section, the design and interface is very user friendly. Betting is only a few click away, with the odds on various markets clearly displayed in the Bet365 LoL section. Considering the Bet365 predictions that we provide, the site becomes a one stop shop for betting online.

Payment Options

You can bet with 20 different currencies!

Depositing money from Bet365 is easy with the numerous payment options available. These payment options range from the traditional bank transfers, Visa and Mastercard, to more modern payments methods like Paypal, Skrill and even Apple pay.

While the number of withdrawal methods are obviously less than its counterpart, Bet365 are still one of the better bookermakers, allowing withdrawals to Paypal and Skrill along with the traditional methods.

Customer Support

24/7 support services

Getting in contact with customer care is fairly easy with Bet365 considering their multiple points of reach. As expected of a major online book maker, Bet365 have live support staff that will be able to help you 24/7. While the site may be big, the live chat support staff are certainly sufficient and capable. We tested the response time of the live staff, finding faster response times compared to a majority of sites.

If you wish to contact them through phone and speak to someone personally, there is an option to do so at 1800 200 365. While this does take a little longer than the live chat system, calling them directly is a viable point of contact. That said, you can also contact customer service through email like many other online book makers.

All in all, the Bet365 live chat is the way to go with fast replies at anytime and anywhere.

Licensing & Security

Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Ever since the start, we tried Bet365 knowing of their tip top reputation in the online book making space. They did not disappoint during our use of the site, easily allowing us to withdraw our winnings without any issues or problems (aside from ID verification).

This had been expected considering the sites huge popularity and customer base. Without a strong security and safety, logically, Bet365 could not expand and grow to the size it’s at.

We felt completely safe during the use of the site, with no odd need to provide credit card details throughout the use of the site. Despite the constant issue of data breaches we hear in the news lately with various companies, Bet365 have had no such issue, all the more speaking for their safety.

Bet365 have set up structures conducive to responsible gambling

Gambling can become an addiction easily of not managed. Luckily, the site practises responsible gambling. While signing up, you can self-impose limits on your account to avoid disastrous losses. These limits can be daily, weekly or even monthly.

More surprisingly, the site also offers “reality checks”, where users can set up a notification after a certain amount of time has elapsed while on their account.

Extra Features

Bet on over 100 markets

Once again to emphasize, one of Bet365’s special features is the large bonus bet for new users. The conditions for it are much lower than other sites despite the bonus being so big. While this is designed to entice new users to use the site with Bet365’s interest in mind, it is without a doubt, a plus. Simply use our Bet365 predictions, and use them to win with confidence win big, and overcome the conditions of the bonus bet.

Another special feature is the Bet365 LoL section covering a multitude of different markets and tournaments, a defining feature of the site against other bookmakers.

Final results of our Bet365 review

Despite the large amount of online esports betting sites available, Bet365 despite their size has managed to stay ahead of the competition. Their ability to offer great odds on a variety of different markets has made them a market leader, especially for LoL players wishing to place their first big bet. With a combination of top Bet365 LoL odds, LoL betting sites advice and tips, easy money can be made.

Some esports / gaming related sites have been plagued with drama, for example, the ProGuides predatory selling technique scandal (insert link). However, while bet365 bonus offers may seem too good to be true, they have proven to be a trust worthy booker maker, and a worthy site to place your trust and money on.

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