How much time and money I wasted on LoL?

League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game, with millions of players worldwide. The recipe for success was simple, as Riot Games has developed a free to play game that is highly competitive and engaging. Once you jump on the bandwagon, there’s a good chance to keep on playing until the end of time. This might be a slight exaggeration, but it brilliantly captures the very essence of competitive League of Legends. Eventually, a question will start growing in the mind of every enthusiastic player and that’s “How much time I wasted on LoL?”.

The Time You Enjoy Wasting is not Wasted Time

Before taking a better look at the time wasted on League of Legends, let’s consider Bertrand Russell’s wise words. If you truly enjoy something, the time spent performing that action doesn’t feel like wasting time and this applies to League of Legends. The thing about this game is that because of its highly immersive nature, it tends to consume far more time than initially intended.

As long as the game remains fun and you enjoy playing here, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about the total time spent playing.

Having said this, it’s important to have a general idea about how time-consuming your gaming routine is. Wasted On LoL is one of the websites where players can enter their summoner name and see how much time was spent playing.

They offer free services, so a simple click on will shed some light on this topic and put your worries to rest. It helped me figure out how much time I wasted on LoL, while also highlighting the things that I could’ve done with all the hours spent in game.

Instead of playing League of Legends, one could read books, watch movies or spend time in the great outdoors. As long as you have time for these activities and gaming doesn’t interfere with your lucrative actions, the time wasted on League of Legends shouldn’t be concerned. In fact, this experience gained by playing can be put to good use in Fantasy LoL or to try your luck with League of Legends betting.

Hands-on experience supersedes any amount of research and greatly increases the odds of winning. It is also invaluable for LoL live betting, as it allows you to take advantage of fleeting opportunities.

How much money I spent on LoL

How about the Money Spent on League of Legends?

Riot’s flagship game is free to play, so in theory, the time wasted on League of Legends should be the only concern. This is not a pay to win game, so no matter how much one would desire to spend real money for in-game success, this is simply not possible. All the expenses are voluntary, as players can only spend money on vanity items that don’t have any impact on the gameplay. Having said this, dedicated players end up spending quite a lot on skins that make them look different.

I found out that it was quite easy to determine how much time I wasted on LoL, but far more difficult to learn about the money spent. There is no website that will give you this information and this makes perfect sense given the privacy concerns. The aforesaid website that tells you precisely the time wasted on League of Legends simply requires players to enter a username and the region. The prospect of allowing anyone to see the amount spent by others by simply entering a username would be unacceptable.

how much time I wasted on LoL

The silver lining is that Riot Games is compelled by the authorities to guarantee full disclosure when players ask for such information. They are not allowed to refuse requests regarding the money spent on League of Legends, if these requests come from the players themselves.

Essentially, those interested should write an email to customer support and once they verify their identity, Riot will provide them with the information they seek. It can take a while until you get to see these numbers, but while you wait for the figures, you can play a ranked game and add more hours to the time wasted on League of Legends.