LEC Betting Guide

Betting Tips for the LEC Spring Split 2023


Much has changed over the last few years in the League of Legends European championship. G2 Esports is no longer the strongest team in the league and most of the top teams were unable to retain their best players. In 2021 MAD Lions stole the show and became the most successful team in Europe. They were unable to double down on that performance at Worlds but will try again this season. In this LEC betting guide we take a closer look at the best and worst teams and make betting predictions.


LEC Betting Guide – The Unstoppable Trident

Fnatic will try to take advantage of G2’s struggles and win the LEC Spring Split 2023. They have Wunder as top laner and Humanoid on mid after they found a way to enlist them. The fact that they stole these key players from G2 and MAD Lions will have a two-pronged effect. On one hand they weaken their rivals, on the other they strengthen their already powerful team. Rekkles has returned as ADC, so the future looks bright for Fnatic!

Rogue was never a team to steal the show or spend too much time in the spotlight. This organization is all about consistency and predictability and this year they rebranded as KOI. Not surprisingly, they retained most of their roster and strengthened it with Szygenda from Team Vitality. We believe they are better than Hans Sama and Inspired who left for the LCS, so Rogue has a stronger team than last season. The two players left for Team Liquid, currently the leader of the LCS power rankings.

Team Vitality was supposed to be the new LEC superteam after signing Perkz and Carzzy. These are exceptional damage dealers and with a strong top laner such as Alphari, all lanes were secure. Selfmade is a fantastic jungler but the team failed miserably last year and the bottom lane was replaced. They now have Neon as ADC and Kaiser as suppot so we have confidence in this amazing roaster to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Fnatic LEC Match

2023 is a Vital Year for MAD Lions and G2 Esports

2021 was a pivotal year for two of the strongest organizations in European League of Legends. MAD Lions and G2 Esports were in the spotlight for very different reasons. The former rose to fame after overcoming crushing odds and established themselves as the strongest team on the continent. The latter failed when it mattered the most and were unable to qualify for Worlds, in a shocking upset. There are serious concerns that G2 will fail to make worlds again, or underperform there, as their North American counterparts. Check the LCS betting guide to see how the battle for supremacy shapes up in the NA region this season.

In 2023 the MAD Lions will try to replicate that stellar performance and win the playoffs once again. The problem is that they’ve lost some key players and replaced two of them with talented but inexperienced ones. So far both of them are performing at the expected level and don’t look like the weak links at all. Time will tell if MAD Lions will maintain the same high level of play during the playoffs or falter.

G2 Esports used to be the super team mentioned in any LEC betting guide. Now they’ve lost Perks, Wunder and Mikyx was benched to accommodate Targamas. Caps and BrokenBladeare the only ones still standing and since they are the best in their positions, G2 Esports is still a force to be reckoned with. We root for the fallen champions and hope they will make a deep run in the playoffs in 2023.


Five Teams Compete for one Playoff Spot

The race for a playoff spot is expected to be brutal in this League of Legends European Championship Spring Split 2023. The top five teams are likely to cruise through the regular season and qualify for the playoffs. This means that the bottom five teams will have to fight for the sixth and final gateway to the postseason. This is how the battle will shape up.

Team BDS is one of the newest LEC team and one that is expected to struggle heavily. Although they were credited with the worst odds at the start of the season, we like their chances. They have a top-laner from Fnatic and three French players who have good synergy, so they stand a chance to mack the playoffs this spring.

SK Gaming was credited with odds of 80/1 to win the spring split. This is indeed unlikely but we don’t underestimate them to qualify for the playoffs. They show great synergy and are capable of causing big upsets. We advise you to pay attention to this team and bet small on them to defeat the best LEC squads.

Astralis is what we consider a hopeless team, in spite of retaining most of its players. In fact, that’s perhaps one of the reasons we don’t trust them to qualify for the playoffs. The team struggled heavily last season and this year things will be even more difficult for them to make the postseason.

Excel don’t have a bad team on paper and Vetheo in mid-lane is a force to be reckoned with. Patrik is also an excellent ADC and if the Top, Jungle and Support players step up, they might have a chance at the playoffs. The problem is that they are known chokers who frequently fail in late game team fights.

Team Heretics is a team that we like a lot among the bottom five, in spite of odds of 30/1 to win the Split. Top and mid lane players are the most important ones and the team formerly known as Misfits rely on Evi and Ruby. They are promising players and with an experience jungler such as Jankos, they can’t be underestimated.