The Best CSGO Betting Sites 2024

Bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - the ultimate esport
Best CS:GO Betting Sites

The first iteration of CSGO was released way back in 2000, yet this game remains a staple competitive title to this day. Some of this success comes from the game’s premise. It’s easy to grasp the idea of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists fighting against each other with the simple goal of killing the opposing team or planting/defusing a C4 explosive.

Yet, when you look past the straightforward premise, Counter-Strike has a lot of depth to it.
Professional matches aren’t just glorified shooting contest – although good aim and fast reaction time are big parts of the equation – and if a team wants to climb to the top of the CSGO standings, it needs a great deal of synergy, strategy, and rapid-fire decision-making. And considering how exciting this makes Counter-Strike to follow, it was only a matter of time before CSGO gambling took off with flying colors.

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The internet is flooded by CSGO betting sites offering markets for premier tournaments like the ESL, IEM DreamHack, StarLadder, and ELEAGUE. It also helps that Counter-Strike is one of the few esports titles to fully embrace its sprawling gambling scene. With that, it’s not exactly surprising that the CSGO betting Reddit is filled with predictions, post-match discussions, and daily bet threads where thousands of gamblers exchange tips, ideas, and strategies.
Of course, it can be difficult to get in on this action.

A good operator can set you up for success before you even place your first wager, but a bad one can turn the very thought of becoming a winning bettor into nothing more than a pipedream. Combine that with the sheer number of betting providers on the market, and finding a single trustworthy platform is something that’s easier said than done. Don’t fret, though, because our experts have already made a thorough analysis of the CSGO betting sites to arrive at the top 4 CSGO betting sites that will help you make the most out of your money!

Our top CSGO Betting Sites

Before we continue, let’s clear one thing up: what is a top betting site anyway? This might seem like an easy question on the surface, but you’ll be surprised with how many different answers there are to it. Some gamblers prefer generous welcome bonuses that give them a head start over the competition, others look for cryptocurrency and CSGO skin betting opportunities, and others just want to find the most lucrative odds possible. Opinions can vary here, so we decided to split our top betting sites into four categories that will tell you exactly what you’re going to get with these bookmakers.

Best CSGO betting sites

Best Welcome Bonus:

Few offers provide as much value as the classic deposit bonus—and that’s exactly what brings to the table. This operator greets new customers with a superb 100% welcome bonus up to €/$100. Granted, the 10x rollover requirements might seem stiff, but considering you have 15 days to meet them, you should be able to clear them without breaking a sweat. You’ll have no issues finding fair odds, wide CSGO coverage, and varied betting markets.

Best Odds: Pinnacle

There’s a lot to dislike about Pinnacle. The markets are narrow, the customer service is email only, and the welcome bonus is noticeably absent. But even with these flaws, Pinnacle still gets a ton of traffic because its odds are so, so good. Sure, this comes at the cost of important features, but this operator has the best CSGO offers in the business. And if that’s the only thing you’re looking for, Pinnacle is a great choice for you.

Best For CSGO Skin Betting: Thunderpick

Thunderpick is unlike most other esports betting sites. For starters, this operator uses a pool betting system, meaning that its odds are decided by gamblers instead of the bookmaker. Another thing to note is that Thunderpick is practically made for CSGO skin betting. This bookie processes all wagers in crypto tokens, which you can get by linking your Steam account to the website and making a deposit with Counter-Strike skins. Just keep in mind that odds can shift if other gamblers change their opinions before the markets are locked, so only bet CSGO skins at the last possible moment.

Best All-Around: Betway

It’s hard to find a more well-rounded operator than Betway. This site has an excellent CSGO betting offer, and its competitive odds, vast betting markets, and extensive live betting options are a perfect set of tools for discovering great value betting opportunities. If that wasn’t enough, Betway ups the ante by releasing exclusive markets for premier tournaments and high-profile matches. Throw in a solid welcome bonus of a $30 risk-free bet, and it’s hard to find reasons not to gamble at Betway.

Top Counter-Strike Tournaments To Bet On

Picking a good CSGO betting site is only the first step towards kick-starting your gambling career. Now, you need to decide which tournaments you want to wager on. The professional Counter-Strike scene follows an open circuit format, meaning there are tons of third-party competitions taking place every day. Most of them have different teams, players, prize pools, and production crews. And whether you plan to bet CSGO skins, cryptocurrencies, or good old-fashioned cash, it’s a good idea to decide which events you want to follow in advance.

Best CSGO betting tournaments

A good place to start is premier tournaments. The Counter-Strike scene might be huge, but the number of top-tier competitions rarely—if ever—goes higher than a couple of dozen a year. These events tend to have six- or even seven-digit prize pools, so only the best CSGO teams in the world get invited to them. They’re usually conducted by established tournament organizers like ESL, IEM, DreamHack, StarLadder, and ELEAGUE, so be on the lookout for these names next time you’re browsing Counter-Strike betting markets.

You also need to be aware of the majors and minors system. These are official events sponsored by the game’s publisher, Valve, so they usually come with ample prize pools and higher production value. Majors are like premier tournaments on steroids. They’re stacked with top CSGO talent, and their prize pools go as high as $1,000,000. Winning a major is considered a crowning achievement in the pro scene, so Counter-Strike teams will pull out all stops to win such a competition. Naturally, this makes for a perfect environment for gambling, as it’s much easier to analyze the matchups when you know that the parties involved are playing the highest level of Counter-Strike possible.

Minors are a different beast altogether. Just as the name implies, these tournaments are smaller in scale, so they’re not nearly as prestigious as majors. Their prize pools don’t go above $50,000 either, so it might seem like there’s not much to fight for here. However, minors are still frequently attended by top-tier competitors because the best-performing teams get tickets to the next major. And when the stakes are so high, it’s almost a given that you’ll get to see some quality Counter-Strike.

Top CSGO Betting Markets

If you want to get good at Counter-Strike gambling, you need to know how to navigate the betting markets. There are a lot of variables in competitive CSGO matches – variables like map pools, player strengths, team playstyles, and global meta tendencies. And while you could turn to the CSGO betting Reddit to get a good sense for them, analyzing them on your own will be a huge step towards recognizing the best markets to focus on.

The first – and the most straightforward – markets are map winner, match winner, and correct score. In most esports, you’d just have to predict which of the two teams has the best chances of winning, but in Counter-Strike, you also need to be conscious of map selection. Even the best teams in the world have some maps they’re bad on, so, for example, it would be a huge risk to bet on Team Liquid taking the Nuke map if they only have a 38% win rate on it. And the prospect becomes even riskier if Liquid are going against a good Nuke team like Ninjas in Pyjamas.

CS:GO Top Teams for betting

Another market to consider is round winner. The first round is played with pistols, and it tests a very different skill set compared to other rounds of a CSGO match. It’s common to see strong teams crumble in the first round because they don’t have good pistol users on their rosters, so put in some time to research how different lineups approach this part of the game. Also, remember that Counter-Strike is a game of momentum. The team that wins the pistol round will have a sizeable economic advantage over its opponents, so there’s a good chance it will also win the next 3-4 rounds. Use this knowledge to decide whether you should place other round winner wagers.

Momentum plays a key role in the total rounds/total maps played bets too. CSGO games are decided by whoever wins a total of 16 rounds. In theory, once the game gets past a certain point, even a team with zero won rounds can afford decent weapons to get on an even footing with its opponents. In practice, a team that starts losing will likely keep losing until the sides switch or the map changes. Keep in mind that you need to analyze the flow of the game to arrive at these conclusions, so it’s best to save the total rounds/total maps markets for live betting.

3 Actionable CSGO Betting Tips

Alright, now that you know the basics of Counter-Strike betting, how do you hone your gambling skills? Good question. There’s no easy way to go from a rookie bettor to someone who’s winning thousands and thousands of dollars on CSGO gambling. However, there are 3 actionable tips and tricks that you could implement into your game to accelerate the learning process.

1. Pick your battles. Even the best Counter-Strike experts have a hard time keeping up with all the players, teams, and events in the world. The CSGO scene is vast, so don’t try to follow everything at once. Instead, find something to focus on. Top teams and major tournaments are a great starting point, but smaller events can also bring some value to the table. After all, you’ll have a much higher chance of outsmarting your bookmaker when you’re betting on a scene that few people are familiar with.

2. Get more info. We’ve already mentioned this before, but resources like the CSGO betting Reddit or the HLTV statistics database can act as a great foundation for your decision-making. Having a good grasp of the numbers and public opinions makes it much easier to analyze matches, navigate betting markets and arrive at the correct conclusions. Of course, you don’t need to memorize every stat available, but you do need to know where most teams and players stand skill-wise. Otherwise, even something as simple as separating the underdogs from the favorites will be a constant struggle.

3. Review your bets. In the end, nothing beats a bit of self-reflection. Once your bets are settled, try to distance yourself from the results and review your decision-making process. Did you make the right calls? Did you let emotions get in the way? Did you make full use of the information you had available? It’s not uncommon to lose a CSGO bet even if you’ve done everything right, but if there are some underlying flaws in your thought process, you want to eliminate them as soon as possible.

CS:GO Betting Betway

Counter-Strike betting can be challenging. However, it’s also a great way of spicing up your viewing experience and earning some money in the process. And as long as you do your due diligence by picking good CSGO betting sites, choosing the right tournaments, identifying profitable markets, and continuously refining your game, you’ll have a great time wagering on CSGO matches.