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Luckbox is a one-stop-shop for all things betting and esports related. Due to the site’s wide range of betting markets and opportunities, it attracts fans from all over the world. Luckbox is totally legit, and one of the very few bookmakers that accept crypto. Luckbox esports betting is the site’s primary focus, however, they also cover esports related news and statistics services in order to enhance the betting experience. This makes it especially easy to make sound and calculated decisions in order to maximize returns on Luckbox esports betting.

Why Choose Luckbox For Esports Betting
  • Accepts Bitcoin and other Crypto payments
  • Free live streaming for in-play bets
  • Additional $5 Freebet
  • Additional $5 Freebet
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Luckbox Bonus Offer

Luckbox is very generous with new players, as it offers to match deposits for new players (up to $100). you only have to wager 10 times its value over odds of 1.5. Winning and cashing out will be simple, not only with the statics on-site but our frequent match predictions which you can check out in our LoL betting tips segment.

Take advantage of the Latest Luckbox Promo Code just in time for the TI10 and the 2021 LoL Worlds Championship.

Luckbox Welcome Bonus

Online EsportsbookLuckbox Esportsbook
Luckbox Promo CodeGLHF
Bonus OfferDouble your first deposit, up to $100
Min Deposit$10 or higher
Wagering ConditionsWager the bonus value 10 times over odds of 1.5 or higher

Esports Betting Markets

Enjoy lots of options for your LoL betting and more

Luckbox hosts a wide range of various esports markets including; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft l, Starcraft ll, King of Glory, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros and Heroes of the Storm.

Choices of tournaments across the three big games; CSGO, Dota 2 and LoL, are global, covering both major and minor leagues. Esports is at an all-time high, and with coverage by Luckbox, punters can bet in real-time in any of an astounding 52 ongoing tournaments across the various games all around the world.

Enjoy Live betting with Luckbox

As expected from a top esports bookmaker, Luckbox offers live betting. This is exactly what it sounds like, with select markets being open for new bets to be issued even while the game is active.

LoL live betting is extremely engaging and one of the more profitable strategies you could do, since punters can take advantage of the live-action when making their bets, leading to more successful outcomes overall. Note, not all sites offer live betting due to it favoring the punter more over traditional bets, however by offering this service, Luckbox esports betting platforms takes the lead, and rightfully so.

Esports Odds

Favorable odds for first-time bettors

After doing a scan of other sites for the same matches and betting markets, odds wise, Luckbox is by far amongst the top competitive bookmakers out there.

With the aid of statistics of the competing teams, punters can grab favorable opportunities knowing full well they are not be undercut by the operator as some may do to earn an extra buck. The various favorable betting odds also make it easy to meet the conditions to withdraw your bonus bets, making Luckbox an amazing site for first-timers to get started with.

Interface and Design

Using the Luckbox platform is a breeze

Luckbox’s interface is very easy to navigate and smooth to use. Almost everything is a click away.

Luckbox has managed to achieve a balance between being able to include everything in multiple tabs and sections, whilst also avoiding clutter on the single page.

One can also have access to view all betting markets along with their corresponding odds and statistics.

Recent win rate statistics include both aggregated past year data, along with individual monthly breakdowns.

On top of this, Luckbox had directly integrated not only the official Twitch stream of tournaments but also chat, so that you, can also get involved in Twitch chat without needing a second tab open.

Payment Options

Real money options plus cryptos

Luckbox stands out for its HUGE selection of payment and deposit options. While other betting sites are gradually increasing their payment methods, Luckbox acts as a leader in this field, offering 17 different payment options for both deposits and withdrawals.

Only earlier this year, Luckbox has made a major move, accepting CryptoPay as one of its payment options. This means players with access to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) will be able to wager with their cryptocurrency of choice.

Customer Support

Get in touch with Luckbox via email or live chat, or otherwise find quick answers through their strong community on Discord

Contacting Luckbox may not be obvious as there is no large sign on the site. However, they do offer a point of contact primarily through their email at [email protected]. There is however also a live chat section that operates during “working hours”, which is a vague contact point.

LuckBox, however, do host a Discord server. If you have questions or issues that do not include sensitive account information, its 11,500+ users are your best bet to find a quick solution.

In our experience, the Discord Community has been very supportive and helpful despite multiple questions being asked. However, if it’s a sensitive issue, while customer care remains helpful, their response time has lacked somewhat.

Licensing & Security

Licensed in the Isle of Man

Being a completely licensed provider, Luckbox is legit and holds a high level of security and safety. Private sites may entice users with unreasonable offers and ultimately run away with their money. However, being a legit site, Luckbox is held to a very high standard.

Law also requires the security and safety of its users’ account information and finances to be a top priority. This ultimately makes Luckbox a safe and secure site to put your money into.

Luckbox takes care of their clients’ wellbeing

Like all responsible gaming sites, Luckbox includes a feature for bettors to set their limits. These limits include deposit limits, betting limits and loss limits.

Deposit limits will restrict a player from transferring money into their account through the various payment methods. This deposit limit can be set across a rolling 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days option.

Betting limits will cap the amount a player can wager in a week. Note, once a betting limit has been imposed, if a bet exceeds the limit for the week, it will be completely declined, even if a portion of it is below the limit. While we all wish this limit will never be crossed, it may be a lifesaver. Loss limits will prevent a player from placing a bet if their cumulated losses for the week plus current bet exceed the set amount for that week. Similar to the betting limit, the bet will decline completely if it potentially exceeds the loss limit.

To prevent impulse decision making which may be harmful, once a limit has been set / imposed, it will take up to 7 days before it can be raised. However, players are free to lower the limit whenever they wish.

Extra Features

Luckbox is extremely inclusive with language compatibility across 6 different languages. The accessibility of the site is a one of a kind special feature considering most betting sites have limited regional coverage.

While already mentioned above, one of its main special features is that they allow the use of cryptocurrencies. Not many sites offer crypto betting due to its fluctuating prices, and at most, of which only accept Bitcoin given they are the largest cryptocurrency out there. However, by partnering with Cryptopay, a wider range of cryptocurrencies can be used at Luckbox, and this is an extremely rare feature in the betting scene for now.

Why should you go for Luckbox?

Overall, we have determined the site is extremely friendly to new users with its completely free $5 credit, and substantial bonus bet. It is inclusive to a wide range of people, even those shying away from betting online can get involved with its easy to use interface. Numerous factors makes LuckBox esports betting a superior choice over other bookmakers, especially with its wide range of different market offerings, and ultimately great odds.

LuckBox is covering a multitude of LoL tournaments currently, and almost definitely the League you follow. Get into LuckBox League of Legends Playoffs betting with our special Luckbox bonus code in order to maximise your deposits now!

Not interested in being a punter but wanting to get involved with Luckbox? Now you can! Luckbox ICO enables you to invest in their own cryptocurrency. Instead of betting against the bookmakers, you will bet against the punters.

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