Picklebet Australia Review

Picklebet Review

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Today we’ll cover another esports betting site, one that will best suit punters from Australia and North America. Our Picklebet Australia review will cover all the usual basics, starting with the bonus and different esports markets, the website security and legality, and will eventually expand into some more specific areas such as extra features and the Picklebet Pick’em.

Now, the first question many of you might ask is “is Picklebet legit?“, and we’re here to put your mind at ease by confirming that it definitely is. The Picklebet esports betting site is fully licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government.

With that out of the way, it’s time to dive in a bit deeper and discover what else this Picklebet Australia review has to offer.

Why Choose Picklebet For Esports Betting
  • In-play betting and live streaming
  • Advantageous odds for high returns
  • Picklebet Pick'em contests
  • Picklebet promo boosts
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Picklebet Bonus Offer

We’re starting things off with the main Picklebet bonus offer. While punters can always expect the usual “deposit x and get x” bonuses, Picklebet esports betting also offers a rather unique “4 + LEG MULTI BONUS BACK” esports betting bonus.

To learn all the ins and outs of the bonus, as well as how to claim it, make sure to check it out at the Coverage section of their website.


Esports Betting Markets

All the most popular esports titles

In terms of esports, the Picklebet Australia review doesn’t disappoint. Picklebet has all the most popular esports titles that include the big three – Dota 2, LoL, and CS:GO. There’s also Valorant, King of Glory, Call of Duty, StarCraft 2, and finally FIFA esports.

It’s a pretty good list of games, offering a wide variety with a little bit of everything for everyone. CS:GO betting is always one of the most popular esports betting categories, and you can’t go wrong there, but do make sure to check out the rest and give some of the other games a try.
In-play betting options

In-play Betting Options

In terms of in-play betting options, you’ll be happy to learn that Picklebet esports betting offers a plethora of betting odds to choose from.

The regular match-winner odds are a no-brainer and you can always simply find a match you’re interested in and bet on the winner. But if you want to be a bit more creative, you’ll also find different handicap odds, various map markets such as 1st blood, 10th/20th/30th kill, and many others.

To study all the odds, you can simply access the Picklebet Australia review site and visit their esports betting section, select the game you’re interested in and then pick a specific match. There, you’ll have all of these odds listed on the side and will be able to freely browse through them.

Interface and Design

Neatly organised

Now comes the next step of the Picklebet Australia review, and that’s the design of the website.

At first glance, the Picklebet site is nothing revolutionary, but it is neatly organised with minimum clutter. It uses the tried and true formula where it lists the important sections on the left, keeps the odds in the middle, and shows your betslip on the right.

Unlike many other esports betting sites, Picklebet doesn’t use a bunch of flashy colours that instantly blind you when you’re browsing, especially with lights off. It uses a dark background and gray letters coupled with some white and green buttons here and there.

It’s a comfy website that’s super easy to navigate. It captures your attention immediately, and that’s a big plus.

Payment Options

No crypto payments are available

While Picklebet is not yet there in terms of crypto betting, you can still expect to have regular payment options similar to other esports betting sites.

Customer Support

Customer support section is limited

The customer support section of Picklebet esports betting is a bit limited. The FAQ section is bare-bones and there’s not much in there.

However, the website does use a Zendesk popup window where users can find some immediate answers or ask directly to get help. Additionally, users can reach out to Picklebet via some of their social media accounts they have listed on the site.

Licensing & Security

Licensed by Australia’s Northern Territory Government

When we answered the question “is Picklebet legit?”,we mentioned how the site is licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government.

They operate in Canada, the United States, and Australia. They are legit and offer a safe and secure betting environment. Your data and personal information will be safe with them.

Extra Features

Extra Promotional Boosts

One of the extra features is the Promotions section, where the regular members can find frequent promotions that will boost their betting experience even further.

Also, there’s a Pick’em section with various sports and esports Picklebet pick’em bets. The selection includes Soccer, Basketball, and American Football for sports, and just CS:GO for esports.

This list will change depending on the time of season and what events are being played at the time.

Picklebet Pick’em

As we already mentioned, Picklebet Pick’em offers various Pick’em bets for their users. At the time of writing, Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI-Katowice Pick’em bets were visible for the users.

When the users bet on the match, they can win special points that will place them on the Picklebet Pick’em ladder. The top 5 users will receive some incredible rewards. And only those who accumulate the most points will land there.

Our final verdict on esports betting in our Picklebet review

We’ve reached the end of our Picklebet Australia review. They have plenty of esports bets and esports bonuses to keep things spicy.

Overall, it’s a well-balanced esports betting site, offering a little bit of everything for everyone. One of the biggest strengths is definitely the ease of use and the website design.

Picklebet Pick’em is an incredibly fun feature too. Competing with the rest of the users is always fun, and the rewards are not too shabby either. There are some areas they could improve upon, but all in all, their experience is good.

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