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League of Legends: Wild Rift Betting Guide

League of Legends was a tremendous success and it firmly established Riot Games as a giant on the esports stage. The company hoped to replicate that success with their mobile instalment: Wild Rift. Inspired by the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, it brings thrilling gameplay to handheld devices. Tournaments are being scheduled throughout the year and LoL Wild Rift betting is gaining a lot of traction online. Esportsbooks have added the game to their portfolio and the trend is gaining strength.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is played exclusively on mobile devices, so certain limitations are expected. The developers are not concerned about the prospect of the game fading as an esport and the high number of Wild Rift betting sites seems to confirm their theory. Players still control champions that are easy to recognize from the original League of Legends, with the same skills and abilities. This means that professional players will enjoy a smooth transition from the original game to the spinoff.

Top League of Legends: Wild Rift Betting Site

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Wild Rift Betting vs Original League of Legends Bets

Esports betting sites were the first to add Wild Rift to their portfolio, as it appeals mostly to their core audience.

The players use the same ability system, but the characters are controlled on mobile devices. This means that moving across the map and casting spells is more difficult on mobile. To compensate for these limitations, certain skills have been adjusted to be easier to cast.

Veteran League of Legends bettors will need to pick up these changes quickly when embracing LoL Wild Rift betting. The duration of the game is also significantly shorter, with an average match to last less than 20 minutes. Depending on how players choose to tackle the challenge, the games can last even less. This will lead to an action-packed game as well as fewer but more intense betting options. For the time being, the League of Legends betting sites have only a limited number of markets for this newly released title.

Wild Rift Betting Odds

As the number of Wild Rift betting sites grows, players get more options on pregame and live matches. They should be able to bet on the same base markets and those available for classic League of Legends matches. In addition to picking the winning team, many in-game events such as First Team to Draw First Blood, First Team to Destroy a Turret and First Team to Kill a Dragon are also available.

As the game gains traction, the number of Wild Rift betting markets will follow the same upward trajectory. For the time being, punters should check out the leading esports books, and place the early bets with them. Read our Betway or GG.Bet review to see how this veteran bookmaker covers League of Legends: Wild Rift Betting. The available markets and odds at GG.Bet will provide useful insights on what LoL Wild Rift betting should feel like.

Top tips for Wild Rift Betting

LoL Wild Rift betting can feel a bit strange for punters who have limited to no experience with MOBA games. Being successful in this line of work is challenging even for established games, so new releases will be even more demanding. These are a few tips to consider when betting on Wild Rift:

  1. Play the game before betting – even if you are familiar with League of Legends you should still play Wild Rift. It will give you useful insight into how the game is supposed to be played and the core mechanics. This will also prove useful when betting on special betting markets.
  2. Follow the best Wild Rift teams – since this is a new game, there are not many professional teams out there. It will take a while until hierarchy will be established and it pays off to be among the early adopters. Pay attention to the best teams and watch them play before placing your bets.
  3. Stick to the basic markets – until you get a thorough understanding of the gameplay, you should stick to the main markets. Bet on the match-winners and the team to win the series instead of tinkering with special markets. Master the basics before you try to get creative.
  4. Seek the best odds available – this is the most important advice for any type of sports and videogame betting. Try to find the value in the odds offered by bookmakers and don’t settle for second best. In the long run, this is the difference between a successful and a losing player.

Wild Rift Tournaments

The growing popularity of LoL Wild Rift betting is also the result of more tournaments being scheduled. There are events taking place throughout the year, with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. They pale in comparison to the Worlds and other major League of Legends tournaments, but this is a strong start. These are the top five competitions of 2021 and their prizes:

  • Wild Rift Origin Series Championship – hosted by Stockholm with $180,000 in prizes.
  • SEA Icon Series – a high paying tournament in Vietnam with prizes worth $108,000.
  • Wild Rift Champions Korea – takes place in Seoul and awards $68,000 to the best teams.
  • Japan Cup – a tournament scheduled for September with a $63,000 guaranteed prize pool.
  • Taiwan Legends Championship – a $50,000 tournament featuring the best Taiwanese teams.

The Future of Wild Rift

Riot Games has an impeccable track record with League of Legends and it is capable of replicating that success. Wild Rift betting sites are mushrooming and more tournaments are being announced every month. There is a tremendous interest in this LoL adaptation for mobile devices and a certain potential for growth. Older players might prefer this game to the original because it takes less time and can be played anywhere. At the highest level, it won’t be as successful as the original, at least not as an esport. Even so, there will be no shortage of LoL Wild Rift betting opportunities for savvy online punters.