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There is a notion that if you want to partake in esports betting, you have to play against the bookmaker. Naturally, this would be a losing battle for most punters since bookies tend to skew the odds in their favor and impose rigid limits on winning players. Thunderpick’s different.

Unlike conventional esportsbooks, this platform uses a pool betting system—that is, instead of putting you into a hopeless standoff with the bookmaker, it lets you bet against other players. This is a much better deal since most players are on a relatively even footing, so you’ll have a much higher chance of extracting value out of your Thunderpick bets. Combine that with fair odds, wide League of Legends coverage, varied in-play betting options, and a gambling license from the Government of Curacao, and this provider makes a very compelling offer that few punters could pass up.

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So, how does Thunderpick work? And is Thunderpick legit?

The concept behind it is simple. First, players place their bets on a particular matchup. Second, the site calculates the odds depending on which side has more punters behind it. Third, as soon as the results are announced, the victors split the collective stake of the losers based on the amount of money they initially wagered.  Of course, a betting system isn’t the only thing that makes or breaks a gambling provider, so we’ve prepared a detailed Thunderpick review to help you decide if this platform is the right one for you.

4 reasons to choose Thunderpick:

  • You want to bet against other players, not the bookmaker
  • You want to get a wide League of Legends coverage
  • You want to find varied live betting opportunities
  • You want to make cryptocurrency deposits



5% deposit bonus up to €500, daily giveaways, and free Thundercoins

The starting point of our Thunderpick review is the bonus offer. This site greets its customers with a bold promise of a deposit bonus up to a whopping €500. That’s right, you can enter Thunderpick code ‘WELCOME’ and get up to five hundred euros on your initial deposit! If that wasn’t enough, the bonus doesn’t appear to have any wagering requirements, so you can get it as soon as your deposit is processed.

Yet, as always with things that sound too good to be true, there is a catch. While the maximum amount you can get is indeed €500, the bonus scaling is a mere 5%. With that, you’d have to deposit €10,000 with your Thunderpick code to get the full five hundred euros, which is a much more grounded deal than what appeared at first glance. Keep in mind that this platform automatically converts your funds into Thundercoins (€1 = 100 Thundercoins), and while you can convert them back into euros any time you want, this can still be confusing to rookie punters.

That doesn’t mean Thunderpick’s promotions are bad, though. The site makes up for its anticlimactic bonus offer with a wide selection of daily giveaways that can award you €5, €10, €20, and €40 Thunderpick gift cards (the exact amount depends on how much loyalty points you have). Also, you can earn Thundercoins for free by linking your Thunderpick account with your Steam ID and playing one of the supported games for 30 minutes a day.



Good selection of markets for major leagues and events

Thunderpick ticks all the right boxes when it comes to LoL betting markets. Regular match winner bets are a given, but you will also gain access to map winner and handicap wagers when gambling on Bo3s and Bo5s. Moreover, you can branch out into exciting Thunderpick bet options like first team to score first blood or first team to destroy a turret.


As for the esports coverage, Thunderpick specializes in major competitions. With that, you will be able to place bets on notable leagues like the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, and LMS as well as international LoL tournaments like the MSI, Worlds, and Rift Rivals. Our only gripe is that some markets take a while to release, but other than that, this is a good range of options for League of Legends wagers.



Great FAQ, decent video tutorial, and quick response times via live chat

Thunderpick does a good job of walking you through the basics with its FAQ section. There’s also a quick YouTube tutorial if you prefer to get your info through a video format. For everything else, you can contact Thunderpick’s supporting staff via email or live chat. Emails can take up to two business days to get a response, but live chat is much faster. Our question about the Thunderpick code was answered quickly and to the point, so we suggest using this customer care option if you run into urgent issues.

It’s worth noting that Thunderpick’s website is available in six different languages, including English, Russian, and Chinese. The live chat appears to operate in English and Russian only, but it’s hard to tell whether the same applies to email. Thunderpick’s staff also tends to be active on social media, so you can reach out to them via Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and VK (aka Russia’s main social network).



Huge range of payment methods for any taste and preference

If you just got your Thunderpick referral code and want to make a deposit, you’re in luck! This platform supports a huge range of payment methods that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest customers. You can use debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), e-wallets (Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney), digital cards  (Entropay, Paysafecard), gift cards (PayPal, Kinguin, G2A), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), and even CS:GO skins! Your options are truly limitless here, but our Thunderpick review found that the site is looking to expand its payment methods even further. In the future, you will also be able to use various Asian banks, WeChat, Entercash, and more.

lol betting payment methods

You’ll have a quick and easy time getting your money onto this site with e-wallets and credit-debit cards, but bank transfers can take up to a single business day. As for withdrawal requests, Thunderpick promises to process them within five business days, although, we found that the standard processing time is around 24 hours. On top of that, this gambling platform does a good job of pointing out how many Thundercoins you’ll get from your deposit as well as highlighting fees and deposit bonuses, so you won’t have to do any calculations yourself.



Government of Curacao license and solid reputation

We’ve already mentioned this at the start of our Thunderpick review, but this site is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. This is one of the better gambling licenses, as dozens of established bookmakers operate under its regulations. Of course, the majority isn’t always right, which is why it’s important to look at reputation.

Thunderpick has been in business since 2015—and that’s quite a bit when you’re talking about an esports gambling platform. Despite such longevity, you’d be hard-pressed to find negative Thunderpick reviews. And while this isn’t the biggest betting site out there, this is still a fairly solid argument for anyone asking the “Is Thunderpick legit?” question.



Fluid odds that are completely dictated by the bettors

Thunderpick’s League of Legends odds are unlike anything you’ll ever find on other esports betting sites. The main reason behind this is that they’re dictated by the players. The best way to explain this is by answering the “How does Thunderpick work?” question through an example.

Let’s say there’s an upcoming LCS match between Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Most punters seem to think that Team Liquid are going to win, so that’s who they choose to bet on. Thunderpick calculates the total amount of all wagers placed on this matchup and announces the odds based on how who players perceive is going to win. In our example, betting on Team Liquid will grant a small monetary reward, but if you take a chance by backing Cloud9, you’ll stand to win a much larger sum.

This is a great system for anyone willing to go against the grain and put their money on the underdogs. Keep in mind that Thunderpick only locks its odds once the match starts. So if the public’s perception shifts in Cloud9’s favor before the lock, your C9 wager won’t be as profitable as you originally anticipated.



Pleasant and user-friendly experience

Thunderpick’s design deserves all the props it can get. As soon as you register, the site instantly directs you to its esports section, making it easy to locate upcoming matches. You can use the sidebar to the left to filter games by various esports titles or you can simply use the search bar to look for the exact match you want to bet on. Granted, Thundercoin pools can be confusing at first, but you can view regular odds and betting markets by clicking on the +X bets button to the right.

If you go past the esports section, you’ll be greeted by the same intuitive interface. And whether you’re tweaking your account setting, entering a Thunderpick referral code, or browsing your betting history, you’ll find that this site is exceptionally easy to navigate.



Good live betting section with varied in-play markets

Thunderpick knocked it out of the park with its live betting section. In-play markets are located in a separate “LIVE” category at the top of the esports section, so you should have no issues jumping straight into the action. Your options aren’t limited to bland match winner bets either, and you’ll be able to place Thunderpick bets on map winner, first blood, and first turret markets.


It’s worth noting that Thunderpick lets you tune in to embedded streams, so you don’t have to open a separate tab to follow the gameplay. And when you combine that with the abovementioned advantages, it’s clear that the staff behind Thunderpick put a lot of thought into making the live betting experience enjoyable for their customers.



Does Thunderpick restrict you with betting limits?

Of course, the answer to the “Is Thunderpick legit?” question would be a resounding no if the site imposed rigid betting limits on its customers. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Thunderpick’s limits might seem confusing at first, but they’re really straightforward once you get accustomed to the idea that the primary currency for on-site betting is Thundercoins. The main thing to remember here is that €1 equals 100 Thundercoins. With that, the lowest amount you can bet is 20 Thundercoins (or €0.2), which is a perfect starting point for rookie punters, as they won’t have to risk large sums of money to learn the ins and outs of LoL esports betting.

However, if you’ve redeemed your Thunderpick code with the intention of going big, you’ll be happy to learn that the maximum betting limit is 500,000 Thundercoins (or €500). This is much bigger than the limits most bookies offer on esports wagers, so you’ll have plenty of room to make some money by gambling on League of Legends matches.



Other esports titles, sports bets, casino games, and online chat

If you want to branch out from League of Legends, Thunderpick has you covered. Its esports coverage is vast, so you’ll have no issues finding markets for titles like CS:GO, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Starcraft 2, and many, many others. You’ll also be able to spice up your gambling experience with sports bets and casino games. And since Thunderpick code gives you crypto upfront, you’ll be able to put your extra Thundercoins to use regardless of what you’re betting on.

Another thing that stands out about Thunderpick is its on-site chat room. The concept itself isn’t novel—especially when you’re talking about esports betting platforms—but Thunderpick goes an extra mile to separate its chat channels into six different languages. This creates a much more pleasant experience compared to regular chat rooms, as everyone can have a healthy discussion with each other. Keep in mind, though, that not everyone will have your best interests in mind. This is a player vs player environment, and while it’s fine to exchange ideas with other punters, don’t take all of their advice at face value.



Is Thunderpick for you?

There are many things Thunderpick does right. The concept of a pool betting system is intrinsically attractive to punters that are tired of fighting the uphill battle against the bookmakers. On top of that, Thunderpick reinforces its betting offer with wide LoL coverage, solid betting markets, capable customer service, and a great live betting section. Granted, the ever-changing odds can be confusing if you’re used to a standard esportsbook experience, but if you’re willing to give Thunderpick a chance, this platform will be sure to win you over.



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