LoL Worlds Betting Odds

League of Legends World Championship 2022 Betting Odds


The 2022 League of Legends World Championship kicks off on October 7th. Due to the complexities of LoL betting and the various bookmakers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of gambling opportunities. Don’t worry, though. Our brief guide will help you identify the good from the bad while also highlighting exactly where you need to go to get the best LoL Worlds odds possible!

Edward Gaming will try to defend the title and become the first team after SKT1 to achieve this in over a decade. Chinese teams are big favorites this year, with South Koreans being a close second, while LEC and LCS teams are the underdogs. Stay tuned for the upcoming LoL Worlds betting tips as the matches approach. Here, we will cover the favoured match-winners for the day and provide information about the playing teams’ recent performance to justify our prediction.

LoL Worlds 2022 Odds

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
League of Legends
20/05/2024 06:00 UTC
Oh My God Academy
Joy Dream
League of Legends
20/05/2024 08:00 UTC
Bilibili Junior
Royal Club
League of Legends
20/05/2024 10:00 UTC
LGD Youth
EDG Youth
League of Legends
21/05/2024 16:00 UTC
Hell Zerolag
Wild Panthers
League of Legends
21/05/2024 17:00 UTC
Gamespace MCE
League of Legends
21/05/2024 18:00 UTC
League of Legends
21/05/2024 19:00 UTC
Anorthosis Famagusta
League of Legends
22/05/2024 16:00 UTC
League of Legends
22/05/2024 16:00 UTC
Karmine Corp Blue
BDS Academy
League of Legends
22/05/2024 16:00 UTC
LVP Superliga
GIANTX Academy
Last Updated: 19/05/2024 - 17:00 UTC

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LoL Worlds Odds Types

Worlds Tournament Winner Odds

This is one the most important esports tournaments and there are currently several types of LoL Worlds betting odds you can explore. First, many sites give punters opportunities to place bets on tournament winners. Right now, the Chinese team JD Gaming is considered a strong favorite to claim the World Championship title, so a tournament winner bet in their favour would yield the highest chance of winning. Alternatively, you can place a wager on Royal Never Give Up, who are a strong team that has been underestimated by many, which will yield a high rate if successful. They’ve won the MSI and in spite of barely qualifying for Worlds, they can’t be ignored at odds of 7/1.

Worlds Region Winner Odds esports betting provides you with the opportunity to bet on the winning region. While the LoL Worlds betting odds can be extremely high for regions like Brazil or Taiwan, betting on them would be akin to wasting your hard-earned cash. The Taiwanese region had well fallen out of competitive strength ever since the Taipei Assassins won the first iteration of the World Championships nine years ago. Beyond Gaming and CTBC Flying Oyster lack any experience at this level, so the odds of 250/1 and 200/1 are fully justified. Brazil, while considered an emerging region, have yet to gain a strong standing on the international stage.

JD Gaming are the main favourites with odds of 5/2 after winning the LPL, tied with Gen.G who crushed opponents in the LCK. Top Esports was the hottest team for most of the year and odds of 4/1 on them to prevail in San Francisco are exceptionally high. South Korean teams are always a safe choice when you seek a reliable team, capable of navigating the stormy waters of Worlds. T1 is the obvious choice at 5/1, but DWG Kia can never be underestimated, and certainly not when the odds are 9/1.

lol worlds betting odds

Worlds Group Stage Odds

The primary LoL Worlds 2022 odds are on the individual League of Legends matches. The largest part of the tournaments takes place in the group stage. Coincidentally, this is also where punters can extract the most value out of their bets.  The most lucrative League of Legends Worlds betting odds come from bookmakers not being familiar with the matchups.

Just keep in mind that most group stage offers revolve around standard match winner bets, although you can run into more complex wagers like First Team To Kill a Dragon or First Team to Secure First Blood. To make the most of the LoL Worlds 2022 odds, it is best to bet as near to the closing as possible in order to maximize the amount of information, hence, your chance to win.

Get more information about live betting here, since you need as much information as possible to make a profit on such volatile markets.

G2 Esports and Rogue are the European teams expected to make a deep run at Worlds, with odds of 25/1 and 35/1 to lift the trophy. They are also a great choice when betting on early objectives, as they come out firing on all cylinders. You should consider them when betting on first dragons, towers and heralds.

Worlds Playoffs Odds

The most exciting part of the World Championship is during playoffs, where the true competition really kicks in. Here, you will be able to find League of Legends Worlds betting odds for mainstream and niche betting markets. You’ll bet on handicap, correct score, total maps in addition to the markets you’ve already encountered during the group stage. Since all of the playoffs matches take the shape of Bo5s, betting on the match winner is safer, so take your time to analyze stats and separate the underdogs from the favorites.

After all, you don’t want to fall for high League of Legends Worlds betting odds if the team has an extremely low probability of winning. Punters who don’t mind taking more chances for the sake of better odds, should at least focus on the teams that have a solid chance at converting them into profits. Cloud9, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses are three shining examples of teams that can cause major upsets and the odds of 25/1 make them a good fit for intelligent risk-taking.

Spice Things up with Live LoL Worlds Betting Odds

The most exciting way of betting on League of Legends is live. All the leading bookmakers that have added esports to their portfolios provide this option, especially when it comes to tournaments of extraordinary magnitude. Worlds qualify for this title and you will find competitive LoL Worlds odds at leading bookmakers such as Betway, Thunderpick and, among others.

The most important thing when betting live on any multiplayer online battle arena game is to have the odds refreshed quickly. Equally important is for the bookmaker to minimize the waiting time between the moment players place a bet and the moment it is accepted. Last but definitely not least, when checking out the LoL Worlds betting odds you should look for bookies that don’t keep them frozen for too long. It is challenging for the sportsbooks to update the odds in real-time in such a volatile game as League of Legends, but that’s why you should choose the best.


Bet and Watch LoL Worlds on Free Streams

Players should consider a couple of key moments for live betting, and the first one is the drafting phase. Depending on what teams pick and ban, the live LoL Worlds odds can differ greatly from those offered pregame. Sometimes, one team wins the drafting stage comprehensively, and this is reflected in the odds. It is entirely up to you to double down on the pre-game bet or make a different prediction, therefore hedging against the risks.

Another important moment in live betting is the first blood, followed closely by the killing of the first Dragon. It frequently happens that the team that kills the first opponent also slays the Dragon, and this gives that’s quite a significant advantage. Further down the road, the LoL Worlds betting odds will also change after a team takes down the Herald or kills the first tower. By the time somebody kills Baron or destroys the inhibitor, the odds are usually blocked, and the game is about to reach its conclusion.

Cash in on LoL Worlds Odds on Objectives

League of Legends Worlds is an exceptional event because it pits players from different regions against each other. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding certain matches because there are few, if any head to head results that don’t consider. Even so, teams from certain regions such as China, South Korea and Europe have a competitive advantage over their opponents. North America is the dark horse, and teams from this region usually get the most tempting LoL Worlds odds.

Finding value in LoL Worlds betting odds can be difficult when it comes down to lopsided matches between one of the main favourites and the underdogs. This is when punters should get creative and tinker a bit with betting on in-game objectives. The obvious bets are on the first blood, first Dragon, first Herald and first tower, but you can also bet on the first Baron killed or the first inhibitor destroyed. The best-case scenario is to find a bookmaker who accepts live bets on these special markets to gather more info.

Bet on In-Game Events

Assuming you have to bet pregame on special objectives and don’t get the benefit of seeing the draft, these are some key things to consider, in addition to hunting the best LoL Worlds odds:

  • First Blood – choose teams that play aggressively early on and have good synergy between mid laners/top laners and junglers. The first blood is almost always the result of a successful gank on these lanes.
  • First Dragon – bet on teams that frequently draft power farming champions who have an edge in the early game. You can also combine these bets with the team to score the first blood, as these events usually happen in conjunction. Since bookmakers don’t allow you to combine these events on the same betting slip, you should create cross-accumulators using different matches from League of Legends Worlds.
  • First Rift Herald/Tower – these are shining examples of bets that can be combined because they usually go hand-in-hand. Strong early game teams are to be preferred and you can even use this combination of bets to hedge against the risks of betting on the first Dragon / first blood. The reasoning behind it is that teams often have to trade the Dragon for the Rift Herald and they rarely get both.
  • First Baron / Inhibitor – expect the LoL Worlds betting odds on this special market to be heavily tilted toward the better team. That’s because this happens in the late stages of the game, when the underdog is usually far behind, hence unable to secure any of these two objectives.

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