Esports Integrity Commission Forges Partnership With Esports Charts

Posted on January 27, 2021

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has agreed on a partnership with global esports data provider Esports Charts. This is the first time that ESIC has agreed on a deal with a data provider.

The aim of the deal is to allow ESIC and Esports Charts to work together with the aim of getting a better understanding of what the key trends are within the esports industry. In addition, they will be able to monitor fans’ behaviour through close analysis of the data.

Periodic Reports Published

As part of the deal struck between the two partners, ESIC will be given access to Esports Charts data on a myriad of esports events. Furthermore, the two companies will collaborate and produce a number of periodic reports on the data used and analysed to ensure integrity and to assess the risk to the esports industry,

These will then be published for a number of stakeholders in the industry to read and digest.

Furthermore, it is also stated that the two companies will work together on the potential for academic use of the Esports Charts’ data and services.

“Stay Informed”

Speaking about the deal, the ESIC director of global partnerships Stephen Hanna explained how the deal would be of benefit to the monitoring body.

“This partnership with Esports Charts will allow ESIC to tap into reliable data which will help ESIC stay informed about the industry trends relevant to its operations.”

“Further to this, ESIC is looking forward to working with Esports Charts in order to augment academic prospects within the esports field through the facilitation of data accessibility.”

“Favourable Market Growth And Fair Play”

Adopting a similarly positive tone, the Esports Charts founder Ivan Danishevskyi explained:

“The integrity of data protection of the market from fraud, systemisation of information, favourable market growth and fair play are the main tasks in Esports Charts’ mission.”

“We are glad that ESIC is our teammate in these matters, as they deeply share all of these goals. By creating standards and best practices, together we can kick-start esports to unprecedented heights.”

Accessible Data

The move is an exceptionally wise move by ESIC in order to strengthen its position as one of the most respected arbiter of fair play and honest in the esports industry.

Esports Charts mission goal was to

“increase transparency and trust towards esports viewership data, enabling sponsors, organisers and viewers to better understand the popularity of any esports through a trusted third party.”

As such, the partnership between the two is a very clear match and one that will give ESIC access to even further data in their quest to crush corruption within the esports industry.

Another Fine Issued For “Stream Sniping”

The need for all-encompassing data has been further highlighted this week with the news that ESIC has fined CS:GO team Vitality with a $10,000 fine after they judged the team to be guilty of ‘stream sniping’.

This news came just a couple of days after ESIC had announced that it had sanctioned 35 players for illegal betting in CS:GO games. Most of those players received one year bans, although some have had their penalties increased to two or three year bans, with seven receiving four year bans and three receiving the maximum five year ban from all ESIC and ESIC-associated events.

Hopefully, access to the data provided by Esports Charts can help ESIC in its quest to rid esports of players that bring the industry into disrepute by their actions.

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