Does Esports have a Future?

A Glimpse into the Future of Esports

Posted on April 7, 2021 - Last Updated on April 13, 2021

Betting on video games used to be an afterthought for most bookmakers and was barely featured in their portfolios. Today, esports betting is offered by both mainstream and niche gambling operators and there are even dedicated esports books. It is not an overstatement to say that the Golden Age of esports is now, but the question many are asking is: does esports have a future? We strongly believe that the answer is “Yes” and in the paragraphs below we highlight the reasons why videogames betting is here to stay.

Millennials Propel Bookmakers to New Highs

A significant percentage of today’s punters are millennials, people who grew up playing and loving video games. Many felt disfranchised with traditional sports, only a fraction still watch them frequently and even fewer bet on these matches. Esports on the other hand, instinctively appeal to people who share a special connection with the world of video games. Bookmakers were quick to respond to this obvious attraction and the number of esports betting sites has increased over the last decade.

Esports betting is a far more difficult for people who haven’t played the games, while players have an obvious advantage. This is self-evident when it comes to live betting, where decisions must be made within seconds to take advantage of subtle changes. Veteran players can anticipate major in-game events and fancy the idea of making things more interesting with a bet. Most bookmakers stream the games live straight on their websites, which helps punters make an educated decision when betting.

The Esports Industry is Worth Billions

The surging popularity of esports led to a steep increase in the number of sponsors and huge amounts are invested every year. CSGO gambling is now a huge market and it goes well beyond betting on the popular first-person shooter. Skins acquisition, trading and gambling is flourishing worldwide and fans invest larger amounts in branded merchandise.

Major technology companies such as Amazon and Facebook have entered the fray, with innovative technologies and sizable investments. With so many big players competing for market share, the question does esports have a future has an obvious answer. Not only dedicated streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, but also cable TV stations broadcast the games live. Major football clubs now have their own esports teams and sports celebrities promote videogames content online.


Technology as a Catalyst for Growth

The advent of mobile gambling boosted the popularity of esports and made them more accessible to a broad audience. It is now possible to bet pregame and live on video games at most bookmakers using smartphones and tablets. In most cases, punters are encouraged to bet in the browser, for enhanced convenience, without downloading third-party software. Esports betting apps have also gained a lot of traction and act as gateways to the online content provided by bookmakers.

The decision to download a dedicated app or bet straight in the browser rests exclusively with the punters. Technology continues to propel the industry forward, by making games more accessible. Mobile gaming is now competitive enough as to be included in the esports category and more new games are released than ever before. Some of the most anticipated changes are likely to be caused by the arrival of virtual reality gaming. VR will usher in a new wave of changes that will further benefit the esports industry.

Does esports have a future? Absolutely Yes!

Gamers with a keen eye for gambling can consider themselves lucky because they live amazing times. Esports is already a big thing and it is constantly growing, with a bright future ahead. In a not-so-distant future, esports could be included in the Olympic programme and VR games might lead the way.

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