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Best Mortal Kombat betting odds and special markets

Posted on March 4, 2021

Unikrn is a bookmaker better known for the esports betting opportunities and competitive odds. Punters can wager on traditional sports and non-sporting events, such as TV shows and politics. Betting on movies is a relatively new thing, but something that can be done on  classic and special markets. In anticipation of the new Mortal Kombat film scheduled for April, you can place your early bets here.

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Place Your Bets before April 16

Fans of the fighting videogame are excited to see how the latest installment in the movie franchise will turn out. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the film scheduled for international release on April 16. Unikrn has prepared an assortment of betting opportunities that are guaranteed to hype up the film’s release even more. The odds are already available, more than a month ahead of the fateful day when Mortal Kombat fans will see their favorite characters in action.

Movie buffs, as well as regular gamers with a keen eye for betting will appreciate the variety of betting markets. Everything from the Rotten Tomatoes audience score to creative bets is at the fingertips of Unikrn punters. You can even bet on the number of times the characters will utter the words “Mortal Kombat” on screen, so the sky is the limit. The 2021 fighting movie will be picked up by other bookmakers, but for the time being Unikrn offers the best betting opportunities.

Mortal Kombat Betting Markets

Unikrn has already published the odds on select betting markets. Many more are expected to be added as the official release date draws near. One of the easiest predictions to make is on the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score by the end of April. A bet on Under 50% will produce odds of 1.70, while Over 50% will pay at even odds, which makes these bets even more tempting.

An alternative bet that can be placed is on the Rotten Tomatoes Critic Reception, with percentages now centered on 35%. Betting on the Under market will lead to odds of 1.50, while those who bet on an Over 35% critic score will be paid at 2.50. These are the most straightforward betting options and perhaps the easiest to figure out since they don’t require deep inside on Simon McQuaid’s directorial abilities.

Risk-averse punters are expected to stick to these basic markets, yet others could fancy more creative ones. A distinct possibility is to bet on the characters that will step into the spotlight during the key scenes. With so many of them capable of playing such roles, punters will have multiple betting options. It is even possible to bet on the total number of fight scenes, to make the movie more exciting. The upside of these markets is that they offer bigger odds, therefore the potential returns are significantly larger.

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