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Posted on April 16, 2021

To always be on top of the Hearthstone competitive scene, you need to adapt your decks to the current metagame continually. Players regularly try to create the Hearthstone best decks. Even if they are successful and the deck gain popularity, counters will start to appear to keep adjusting the gameplay.

Both higher and lower ranks have different decks and class rates. On lower ranks and legend, players tend to be more creative and try new cards combination. This tendency occurs because players have a sense of freedom in losing games after the legend achievement or before the grind. Usually, once they decide to climb, the aim is the best decks in Hearthstone, to avoid losing.

Classes % in the top 1000 legend (January 30th to February 9th). Credits: Vicious Syndicate

How to find the Hearthstone best decks meta deck?

It’s from general knowledge that some cards are simply overpowered. Some decks are created around one or two main cards to potentiate their maximum value. When they find a good cards combination, players overuse it because, indeed, it’s working. These decks will consistently work until someone figure out how to beat them. Two options are building a counter or adding at least one key card to another meta deck to remove value from the opponent.

In this way, we have a constant change and readjust of the game. This is what makes the meta and determine the meta decks.

Hearthstone Top-Tier Classes

Some classes become more and less trendy throughout the patches and cards release due to their winning potential. As mentioned above, different ranks will have different class rates. However, it doesn’t mean that the class is top-tier. It can be because of reasons like preferable game style (aggro, control, or OTK) or personal card collection to build a deck.

Analyzing all the ranks, the most used classes are Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, and Druid. Leaving behind are Shaman, Warrior, and Hunter. Now, if we look at the top 1000 legend (the higher rank), it’s interesting to see that Warrior switches place with Warlock. The main reason for this is the Warrior deck cost is really expensive, with many legendary and epic cards. On the other hand, Warlock has a much cheaper deck in the current meta (Zoo Warlock).

Classes % in all ranks (January 30th to February 9th). Credits: Vicious Syndicate

As we can analyze, Rogue is clearly the first choice to play on high ranks, but not in the big picture. Another class worth mentioning is the Demonhunter that is again much more used in high ranks. 75% of the games with this class are with the Lifesteal deck (OTK), which requires more skill and understanding of the game to be highly successful. Last but not least, the Hunter is barely played on the top 1000 legend (0,7%) while in all ranks together, it’s above classes like Warrior.

Let’s now compare to the previous week:

Classes % in the top 1000 legend (January 21st to January 29th). Credits: Vicious Syndicate

The first big difference we can identify from last week is the downgrading on Rogue to open space for Paladins’ and Priests’ growth. Bringing a point back, this is meta changing for the Hearthstone best decks. Decks rotation, more and less use rate, and players adapt against what they are facing. Paladin climbed from 4th to 2nd place and is undoubtedly an overpowered class, with two decks on top of the game. The second class to mention is Druid, which readjusted the Token deck for the Gibberling. It also has more decks diversity instead of being stuck in only one.

Top 10 Hearthstone Best Decks

When talking about the top 10 Hearthstone best decks, we must look at the high-rank decks. This isn’t only about using rate percentage (although it influences). It’s about the win rate and how far you can go. We are breaking down the decks and why they are on the top, hence good for Hearthstone betting.

Aggro Rogue

Aggro Rogue has been around for a long time now. The deck’s consistency against most of the matchups makes it a primary choice for the players. Its main goal is to apply pressure on the board with cheap stealth minions and attack face with weapons. Strong and cheap removals, like backstab and eviscerate, allow the player to keep cleaning the board without trading its minions.

It’s hard to maintain the Rogues’ rhythm without a cheap deck too. A key card is the Secret Passage that gives you 4 extra cards on the turn you play it. This is a considerable advantage and game-changing. The deck cost is 3440 dust.

Lifesteal Demonhunter (OTK)

Demonhunter OTK it’s a combo deck. The principal focuses are cleaning the board and keep drawing cards until all the combo pieces are together to win in one turn. The decks’ main cards are Il’gynoth and Mo’arg Artificer.

It’s vital to have them in hand as soon as possible to don’t delay the game too much. This is a deck that plays well against aggro/high-pressure decks due to the several removal cards. Against control, it’s more relaxed because it gives more time to draw the combo and hit. The deck cost is 6480 dust.

Cheese Paladin

Cheese Paladin has been growing over the last weeks. It has an enormous potential to have a full board on turn 4 or start throwing heavy minions since turn 5. The early game is strong, but it shines in the mid and late game. This is an excellent example of a deck built around 3 cards: High Abbess Alura, Nozdormu the Timeless, and Tip the Scales.

Having only 1 spell in the entire deck (Tip the Scales), the best combo possible is playing High Abbess Alura on turn 4 plus the coin. It allows the spell to be played and summon 7 murlocs from your deck and have a full board. It’s challenging for any matchup to overcome this play at turn 4 to 5.

When starting without the coin, with Nozdormu the Timeless, both players will have access to the 10 mana on the further rounds. With all the mana available, the Paladin can throw his heavy minions on board and play Tip the Scale on turn 5. Again, it’s rare to be able to deal with such intense early pressure. This is the most expensive of all our top 10 Hearthstone best decks and it cost is 12480 dust.

Secret Libram Paladin

Secret Libram Paladin is a standout option right now, when many players and pundits regard it as “broken”. One of the best Hearthstone decks, it is the premier choice since the Forged in the Barrens cards came along. The best part is that the deck cost is only 5760 dust, which is below the average.

Just as the name suggests, you need to cast a Secret such as the Avenge of Galloping Savior. These early game openers enhance the effects of the Sword of the Fallen weapon and give you an edge. As games approach their inevitable conclusion, Kazakus, Golem Shaper will bring you closer to victory.

No Minion Mage deck

The No Minion Mage deck costs 6720 dust and it took Hearthstone by storm and it is one of the best decks in 2021. It is built around the Deck of Lunacy which turns spells into ones that cost three more. This Darkmoon Faire Legendary reduces the costs of new spells while making you stronger early on.

The beauty of the No Minion Mage deck is that it throws opponents off balance and makes it hard for them to adjust. Refreshing Spring Water will keep your Mana Crystals up and competitive. Thanks to Primordial Studies, Font of Power and Runed Orb you’ll have many chances to find the perfect cards.

Hero Tower Mage

This is an excellent choice for anyone will to move away from the No Minion deck. It isn’t by any case cheap but it has so many Legendary minions that it is definitely worth the investment. The deck is tilted heavily towards Hero Power and Watch Posts.

Wildfire and Fallen Hero will boost the Hero Power damage and in conjunction with Manafeeder Panthara and Tour Guide, it packs quite a punch. Don’t let the fact that mages were nerfed recently, because Combustion and Varden Dawngrasp will keep you competitive. The deck cost is 10040 Dust.

C’Thun Celestial Druid

C’Thun Celestial Druid is an excellent deck for those with sleight of hand. If you love drawing cards at a frantic speed, you will absolutely love this one. Lightning Bloom, Wild Growth, Nourish, and Overgrowth are stellar mana boosters while you severely limit your opponent’s freedom.

This deck can be extremely frustrating to play against, but in the right hands, it can work wonders. At the end of the game you can use the Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate and C’Thun, the Shattered to deliver the crushing blow. The deck cost is 10000 dust.

OTK Hunter

Used properly, the OTK Hunter deserves a place among the Top 10 Hearthstone best decks. Selective Breeders can help you find a copy of a beast in your deck early on. Depending on how lucky you are, you can find a weaker or stronger one, with the best case scenario being three copies of King Krush.

Warsong Wrangler and Scavenger’s Ingenuity are fine alternatives that can produce beasts with +2/+1 for their copies, respectively +2/+2 to King Krush. With a bit of luck you can get Taelan Fordring and Beastmaster Leoroxx, which are a deadly mix. You can have this deck for only 8920 dust.

Control Warlock

Patience, commitment and perseverance are lavishly rewarded when you play the Control Warlock deck correctly. You will need to dismantle opponents by burning out their strong cards with Darkmoon Faire’s Tickatus. Staying alive in the early game is key, especially against aggro decks.

The Control Warlock is vulnerable against buffed minions, but using Soul Fragments and Drain Souls will save the day. Play your expensive cards aggressively and rely on the Y’Shaarj, the Defiler to give you another go at it. The cost of this deck is 10020 dust.

Clown Druid

This might sound like a joke, but the Clown Druid is actually one of the Hearthstone best decks. It revolves around the Darkmoon Faire Epic called Carnival Clown that takes taunts to the next level. Wild Growth and Overgrowth must be played early to boost your mana, before launching the attack.

Primordial Protector is the card to play if you are to draw Survival of the Fittest and get firmly in the driver’s seat. Once you get your opponents under pressure, you can overwhelm them with Twilight Runner, Moonfang, and Lake Thresher. The cost of this deck is 7000 dust.

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