LCS 2020 Power Rankings – Evil Geniuses the potential underdogs

Posted on January 17, 2020 - Last Updated on August 27, 2021

The start to the 2020 LCS Spring split is fast approaching, the event set to start on January 25th.

While 2019 might have been a disappointing year for North America, with the region falling further behind their European counterparts, this new year represents an opportunity for NA to turn it all around.

Three well known names are reentering the competitive League of Legends scene; Dignitas, Evil Geniuses and Immortals.


These teams have all had their fair share in glory competing in the NA LCS in the past, and their reemergence is a major move for the region.

While this makes it harder to predict reliable LCS 2020 Power rankings, we can expect teams like Team Liquid who dominated the 2019 LCS to perform strong, while team like Fly Quest who failed to make any power moves to lurk at the bottom.

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LCS 2020 Power rankings

1. Team SoloMid

This year, TSM’s 2020 roster looks absolutely stacked with talent. Broken Blade and Bjergsen had performed extremely well throughout the 2019 split, with their presence being an ever present asset to TSM in their contention for the top spot.

Biofrost needs no introduction, returning to his former home, Biofrost continues to perform as one of North America’s top support. BioDaddy’s established synergy with Bjergsen will no doubt strengthen TSM’s botside and mid-game pressure.

The two new additions of Dardoch and Kobbe, while an unexpected move by the team, is not to be overlooked, having been veteran players competing since 2014 while boasting outstanding mechanics.

2. Team Liquid

Team Liquid are a safe bet to to place well amongst the top 5 in our LCS 2020 Power rankings, a team who had shown solid play all throughout 2019. As last year’s sole dominating team by claiming  first place in both instances of the 2019 LCS Spring and Summer regular season and playoffs, Team Liquid is not set to fall anytime soon.

That said, unfortunately for the team, news has broke that multiple players from Team Liquid are currently facing visa issues, namely Cain, Shernfire and Broxah. Broxah in particular is an issue for Liquid, considering had been signed as their starting Jungler.

As a result, Liquid’s new coach Pobelter is set to substitute as the team’s Jungler. This will surely dampen the team’s performance in the short run, however, they will be strong contenders for NA’s top spot once the visa issues are out of the way.

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3. Counter Logic Gaming

CLG came off decently at the recent 2019 LCS Summer split and Summer Playoffs, finishing third in both instances.

While they have kept a majority of their roster, the changes remain worthy to take note of.

Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid traded supports, not too major of a move considering the team’s relatively close standing.

However, CLG’s addition in mid laner Crown may be the catalyst needed for the team to catapult forward. Crown, being a former World Champion is no doubt going to be the star player and centrepiece in CLG. While he had failed to find success since moving to NA, Counter Logic Gaming’s solid roster is no doubt superior to the former Optic Gaming lineup.

4. Evil Geniuses

If not for the overly diverse nature of the Evil Geniuses roster, they would be ranked within the top 3 in the 2020 LCS Power rankings.

The team’s roster comprises of very strong individual players from all around the world. However, as Kumo comes from China, Svenkeren from Denmark, Jiizuke from Italy, Bang from Korea and Zeyzal from the United States, it poses a major question, would communication within the team exist?

If communication and synergy could exist and be fostered, there is no doubt EG would easily contest the top teams in NA. However, the possible lack of communication considering their recent formation may spell disaster.

5. Cloud 9

C9 despite losing three of their most valuable players; Sneaky, Zeyzal and Svenkeren, still remain worthy to be on our top 5 2020 LCS Power rankings.

While the previously dominating bot lane may be no more, they have found new strength in Zven and Vulcan. Blaber, being an upcoming talent must also not be underestimated considering the 20 year old has already been fostered by Cloud 9 in their academy team, not necessarily weaker than the likes of Svenkeren.

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