LCS 2023 Power Rankings – Team Liquid Builds a New Super Team

Posted on January 17, 2022 - Last Updated on January 10, 2023

The 2023 LCS Spring split has starts on January 26, later than in previous years.

While 2022 might have been a disappointing year for North America, with the region falling further behind their European counterparts, this new year represents an opportunity for NA to turn it all around.

Three well known names are reentering the race for the best League of Legends team: Cloud, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid.


These teams have all had their fair share in glory competing in the NA LCS in the past, and they are once again in the spotlight as the strongest teams in the region.

While this makes it harder to predict reliable LCS 2023 Power rankings, we can expect teams like Team Liquid who dominated the past LCS to perform strong, while team like Fly Quest who failed to make any power moves to lurk at the bottom.

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LCS 2023 Power rankings

1. Team Liquid

Team Liquid are a safe bet to place well amongst the top 3 in our LCS 2023 Power rankings, a team who had shown solid play all throughout 2022. As last year’s dominating team, TL is not set to fall anytime soon. They have revamped the roster with top talent that is likely to make them the new LCS super team.

The addition of all these new players could dampen the team’s performance in the short run. However, they will be strong contenders for NA’s top spot, especially now that they have signed Summit from FPX. This player is expected to be instrumental in mid lane and carry the team to victory.

Two important additions to the roster are Haeri and Teon, two of the best players from their academy.  CoreJJ is the remaining player and is expected to have great synergy with Pyosik, which is very important in the junglee. These are all strong reasons why Team Liquid ranks the highest in our LCS 2023 power rankings and we expect them to win the Lock In.


lol esports photo

2. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves is the second-highest ranking team ahead of the 2023 LCS. That’s in spite of them choosing to replace most of their roster and they’re expected to win matches right from the start.

The decision not to change anything is quite surprising, given the abundance of changes made by other organizations. 100 Thieves had a strong team already, so it makes sense for them to stick to what works.

Tenacity is a monster on top lane and works amazingly well with Closer, who is one of the best junglers in the North American LCS. On mid lane, Bjergsenis expected to dominate most of his opponents and put the team ahead early on. He’s a strong player both individually and as a member of the team.

Doublelift and Busio haven’t played together but they are a force to be reckoned with on bottom lane. We expect them to steadily build leads and create big advantages later on.

3. Cloud 9

Despite losing three of their most valuable players: Perks, Vulcan and Zven, C9 still remain worthy to be on our top 5 2023 LCS Power rankings.

While the previously dominating bot lane may be no more, they have found new strength in Berserker and Zven. They decided to gamble everything on two talented players who have proved their worth.

Blaber, was also an upcoming talent and the 22 year old has confirmed after being fostered by Cloud 9 in their academy team. Fudge remains a pillar of stability on top lane and his addition from  is expected to improve the early game for the team. The decision to move Fudge from top lane to mid lane didn’t work and was reversed.

Blaber Cloud9

4. Evil Geniuses

If not for the overly diverse nature of the Evil Geniuses roster, they would be ranked within the top 3 in the 2023 LCS Power rankings.

The team’s roster comprises of very strong individual players from all around the world. However, as Ssumday comes from Korea, FBI from Australia, Jojopyun from Canada, Inspired from Poland and Vulcan from Canada, it poses a major question, would communication within the team exist?

With proper communication and synergy, there is no doubt EG would easily contest the top teams in NA. However, the possible lack of communication considering their recent team may spell disaster. What is certain is that they have strong supports, having to choose between Ignar and Vulcan.

5. Team SoloMid

This year, TSM’s 2022 roster was stacked with Chinese talent. Broken Blade and Bjergsen performed extremely well throughout the previous splits, but they are all out of the picture.

They decided to promote the most promising players from Academy teams and bolster their roster with quality imports such as Maple from Anyone’s Legend. Solo and Neo are their American players on top lane and ADC, while Chime tries to carry his momentum as support from GGS Academy.

The jungle role is fulfilled by South Korean Bugi, who played at many teams over the last few years, but is immensely talented and needs an opportunity to prove it on the big stage. There are many question marks left about TSM, but they are the dark horse you should consider for the 2023 Spring Split.


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