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Posted on April 9, 2021 - Last Updated on April 13, 2021

League of Legends is such a worldwide phenomenon that both traditional bookmakers and esports books specialists cover it in detail. Not surprisingly, it has won the hearts and minds of fantasy fans and it enjoys extensive coverage at Draftkings. The fantasy website focuses on the North American LCS, but also covers other popular regions, such as the LEC, LPL and LCK. In this guide we teach you how to make the best Draftkings LoL picks and enjoy traditional and fantasy LoL.

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Draftkings LoL Picks for Fantasy Esports

Draftkings esports is known as the premier fantasy platform for North American punters. It began as a popular alternative to traditional sports in a country where gambling is largely prohibited. The transition to video games betting was silky smooth and League of Legends was the first game on the menu. Today, you can bet on the North American LCS, the European LEC, as well as the Chinese and South Korean LPL and LCK regions. Punters can use the same in-depth knowledge of the game and the teams involved to bet on traditional markets and navigate the stormy waters of fantasy esports.

If you choose the daily fantasy platform, you’ll compete against fellow punters in tournaments and head to head match ups. Participants earn points by making correct predictions based on how their chosen teams and players perform in real matches. Having a thorough understanding of League of Legends and actually playing the game helps a lot. Modern bookies such as Draftkings have incorporated live streams on their website. These enable players to watch the games as they unfold and better understand LoL.

Daily fantasy esports have the merit of keeping punters at the edge of their seats with round-the-clock action. Casual punters can try it for free before switching to real money gambling. To speed up the process and increase the rate of success, you can rely upon LCS fantasy picks. Such predictions will come in handy when betting on the NA region, with similar picks offered for other tournaments. Given the limited nature of the fantasy bankroll it is a real challenge to make the right predictions every time.

DraftKings LoL Picks

Points Scoring System in LoL Fantasty

Each fantasy esports website has its own scoring system, but general rules will apply. Draftkings has its own, original approach based on the multitude of in-game events leading to one team winning the match. Fantasy players score points whenever their teams and players complete objectives such as first blood, dragons, towers, barons and inhibitors. A lot of points are scored for kills and assists, so the individual performance of players is just as important as their collective prowess.

Draftkings LoL picks help with making accurate predictions, after building a balanced team. Creating the right roster is vital to succeed in the long run, so bankroll management and smart allocation of resources are essential qualities. Players get a standard bankroll of $50,000, which acts as a salary cap to be used on acquiring virtual pro-gamers. The better the player, the higher the paycheck, so funds can quickly run out if you go for star players.

In order to master fantasy esports you must distribute the funds on Top, Jungle, Mid, AD Carry and Support players. Points are earned when these chosen characters score kills and assists and they are lost when they die. This means that players who have a high percentage contribution to kills and team-plays are more valuable for fantasy. The points lost when they die are easily offset by the points earned when they score a kill or contribute to the kills and objectives secured by the team.

Best LCS Players and Teams to Bet on in 2021

The unique scoring system used by fantasy sports means that player selection is particularly important. The best LCS players are not necessarily the optimal choices for these tournaments. Instead, punters benefit more from choosing high action players who are involved in most of the decisive plays. These are some of the optimal choices for assembling a well-rounded roster without breaking the bank.

  • PowerOfEvil is one of the best mid-laners in the LCS and an invaluable asset for any fantasy team. What makes him special is the aggressive gameplay and the ability to single-handedly win team fights.
  • Huni is a solid pro-gamer playing top lane for TSM and a moderately-priced acquisition for any fantasy roster. He has high percentage play participation and earns a lot of points through assists.
  • Broxah used to be an expensive buy for fantasy teams when he landed at Team Liquid. He is just as good in 2021, but he plays jungle for CLG now, his salary is lower, which only makes him more attractive.
  • FBI is the ADC that any fantasy team should consider. He’s an essential player for 100 Thieves and while being nearly as good as Tactical and Zven, he is a far less expensive acquisition, therefore a better choice.
  • Support players are usually the last choice for fantasy teams, but SwordArt is the exception. He earns so many points through assists that it is worth spending on him now that he plays for Team SoloMid.
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