LoL World Championship 2019 predictions – All you need to know

Posted on October 1, 2019

League of Legends Worlds Format

The World Championship brings together the best teams from all around the world to compete in a single tournament. Altogether, it invites teams from North America, Korea, Europe, China, Taiwan, Latin America, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Oceania and South East Asia.

Given the discrepancy existing between the various region with Riot insisting towards global representation in the League of Legends World Championship, the event has been split into two different stages. These two stages are the play in stage, and the group stage. Regions such as China, Europe, Korea, North America, Taiwan and Vietnam have seed / slots directly linking their regional qualifiers to the Worlds group stage. The number of seed / slots available to a region in the group stage may change yearly based on the previous Worlds performance.

This year’s Worlds event will be held in Europe across three different countries; Germany, Spain and France. The matches held in the play in stage and group stage will be a best of one. The matches in the knockout stage comprising of the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals will be a best of five series.

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Why Watch Worlds?

Being the biggest tournament of the year, attracting the top teams globally, the League of Legends Worlds Championships will without the doubt have the best competition throughout the year. Being the highest stakes tournament, in order to improve performance, common practise amongst top teams is to fly their players out to different regions, specifically Korea, with the lowest ping and highest level of solo queue in the world. This will allow them to be in top form for the tournament.

Being the most important tournament of the year, teams do not hold back strategies, and truly go all out. SKT in the past played their cards well, cruising along in the LCK in the past, giving up certain games in order to hide certain strategies, before bursting out in worlds, and firmly grabbing the championship.

Worlds is also the tournament to watch to catch emerging regions, and gauge the disparity that exists between the regions. In 2018, NA and EU had been shown to immensely improve, even pushing out the Korean teams from the semi-finals, a feat never achieved in years.

Prize pool

The prize pool is likely to be a base of $2,250,000 USD, with additional funds coming from crowd funding through the sale of skins / worlds themed items.

This year, Riot did not announce the 2019 Worlds Pass’s (missions) contribution to the overall worlds prize pool. However, 25% of the sale of the Champion Ryze skin will directly go to the prize pool. 50% of sales from “Team Supporter Bundles” will also be sent to the 2019 LoL Worlds prize pool.

These “Team Supporter Bundles” will include a team; icon, emote, chat cheer and chat tag.

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Play in stage

Group A

Clutch Gaming (Favourites)
Unicorns of Love

Group B

DetonatioN FocusMe
Isurus Gaming
Splyce (Favourites)

Group C

Hong Kong Additude
Lowkey Esports (Favourites)

Group D

DAMWON Gaming (Favourites)
Flamengo eSports
Royal Youth

League of Legends Worlds 2019 predictions (Play ins)

The only team that is almost certain to exit play in stage is without a doubt is DAMWON Gaming. Damwon Gaming is Korea’s third seed, and the first ever Korean team to appear in the play in stage ever since it was first introduced. Following Damwon Gaming, the following two most likely teams to exit the play in stage would be Clutch Gaming and the Unicorns of Love.

Group stage

Group A

G2 Esports (Favourites)
Cloud 9

Group B

FunPlus Phoenix (Favourites)
J Team
GAM Esports

Group C

SK Telecom T1 (Favourites)
Royal Never Give Up

Group D

Team Liquid (Favourites)
Ahq e-Sports Club
Invictus Gaming

League of Legends Worlds 2019 predictions (Groups)

The top two teams from Group A will likely be G2 Esports and Griffin, with Cloud 9 and the team who advances from Play in being left to the bottom. G2 Esports have been extremely strong in Europe, with Griffin also having great results in Korea.
FunPlus Phoenix from Group B are the most likely to top the group and advance into a favourable position for the Quarter finals.
However, if / when Damwon Gaming advances to the group stage, they have a 50% chance to enter Group B. If they do so, Damwon Gaming and FunPluus Phoenix would most likely be the top teams advancing to the quarterfinals, however, it is likely Damwon will top Group B.
Group C has been named the group of death by Rekkles, which can be seen in the video below. Rekkles states SKT, FNC and IG are all top 5 teams, with the draws being extremely unfavourable / unfair.

Team Liquid at this stage are the Group D favourites considering the recent decline of Invictus Gaming, with sub-par performance in the LMS,

Power ranking League of Legends Worlds 2019

1. SK Telecom
2. Royal Never Give Up
3. Griffin
4. G2 Esports
5. Fnatic
6. FunPlus Phoenix
7. DAMWON Gaming
8. Team Liquid
9. Invictus Gaming
10. ahq e-Sports Club
11. Cloud 9
12. Unicorns of Love
13. Splyce
14. Clutch
15. GAM Esports
16. Hk Attitude
17. Isurus Gaming
18. J Team
19. Royal Youth
20. Lowkey Esports
21. MEGA
23. DetonatioN FM
24. Flamengo eSports

More detailed match by match predictions will come as the League of Legends World Championship progresses.

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