LCK Betting Tips & Tricks – 2019 Spring Split Edition

Posted on January 10, 2019

The 2019 LCK  Spring Split kicks off on January 16! With two new teams and numerous overhauled roster, week 1 is going to be especially important in separating the top dogs from the bottom feeders. Our League of Legends experts already have a few ideas on who’s going to dominate the region. So, without further ado, here are our detailed LCK betting tips & tricks for week 1 of the 2019 Spring Split!

LCK Betting Tips – Day 1 & 2

DAMWON Gaming vs Gen.G

DAMWON Gaming are the new kids on the block. Yet, they already have quite a bit of hype behind them. If you’ve followed Worlds 2018, you probably know how highly Western teams spoke of DAMWON during their boot camps. Of course, putting on a clinic in scrims is completely different from performing on stage. But if the 2018 KeSPA Cup is of any indication, DAMWON can do both.

ShowMaker and Nuguri have the perfect combination of confidence and mechanical prowess, making them downright oppressive in the solo lanes. The same applies to Canyon, who’s already outmaneuvering the likes of Clid in the jungle. Last but not least, the duo of Nuclear and Hoit is solid enough to challenge seasoned LCK bot lanes if they’re not careful, so DAMWON might very well have three winning lanes depending on the matchup.

That’s not to say they will always be a top choice in our LCK betting tips. Lack of experience is very much an issue for them. At their core, DAMWON are still a team of rookies trying to make its presence known in the LCK 2019. They’re brash, rough around the edges, and flat-out overaggressive. And while they do have the talent, they still need to learn how to apply it in the most competitive league in the world.

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Fortunately for them, Gen.G aren’t the powerhouse they once used to be. They made a solid attempt to rebuild their roster in the off-season, but so far, the results haven’t been great. CuVee is inconsistent, as he fluctuates between a top-tier top laner and a free kill for the enemy jungler. Peanut is also having a hard time finding his groove on. His pathing is uninspired, his ganks are predictable, and his plays are telegraphed to the point where you can’t help wondering whether it’s the same jungler that once dominated South Korea.

Fly poses an even bigger problem. There’s no denying that Crown overstayed his welcome, but Fly is the last person to strengthen Gen.G’s mid lane. Sure, he’s a bit better at roaming and pressuring side lanes, but his mechanics and laning might be even weaker than those of Crown. Gen.G’s only hope comes from the bot lane. Ruler is still a world-class AD carry, and even though his support is inexperienced, he still routinely tops the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes. But is that enough to take down a multi-threat team like DAMWON Gaming? Probably not.

BETTING ADVICE: We’re going with the new blood here. Despite their flaws, DAMWON have all the tools needed to overpower Gen.G. Meanwhile, Gen.G’s only reliable win condition lies in the bot lane, which is notoriously difficult to play around in the current meta. You can bet on DAMWON Gaming taking the W for odds of 2.20 at Betway.

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LCK Betting Tips – Day 3 & Day 4

DAMWON Gaming vs KT Rolster

DAMWON Gaming had a glorious debut by dismantling Gen.G on the LCK stage. Canyon proved to be an absolute force of nature, as his Kha’Zix and Taliyah always found a way to reach the enemy backline. The side lanes have also been huge for the LCK newcomers. Hoit is surprisingly solid for a rookie support, and Nuclear is a menace in teamfights and skirmishes. But the real star of the show is Nuguri. DAMWON’s top laner has made a statement with his relentless aggression on carry-oriented champions, and he’s already looking like the best player on the team.

So, does that mean DAMWON Gaming are going to be regular favorites in our LCK betting tips? Not just yet. Despite their upsides, DAMWON are an experienced lineup at heart. And while they’re good at pressuring their opponents early on, they have noticeable difficulties shot snowballing their advantages in the later stages of the game.

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KT Rolster don’t suffer from the same issues. The reigning LCK champions might’ve rebuilt their roster, but they still have a top lane powerhouse—Smeb—and a jungle mastermind—Score—at their disposal. Combine that with the mid lane monster that is Bdd, and even DAMWON Gaming might struggle to match KT in the top side of the map. Of course, KT’s bot lane is a bit of a question mark. Zenit did well for himself in the series against Hanwha Life, but he wasn’t exactly the focal point of the team. Fortunately for Zenit, he has SnowFlower at his side, and KT’s veteran support will be sure to cover for his weaknesses.

Still, the main advantage KT Rolster have over DAMWON Gaming comes from macro. From the first minutes of the game, KT have a very clear idea of what—and when—they need to do on the map. And it’s this veteran foresight that allows them to always be several steps ahead of their opponents.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on KT Rolster winning their series against DAMWON Gaming for odds of 2.04 at Betspawn.

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LCK Betting Tips – Day 5

Kingzone DragonX vs Sandbox Gaming

The final series in our week 1 LCK betting tips is Kingzone DragonX vs Sandbox Gaming! Kingzone look utterly lost. Rascal is mediocre in the top lane, and Cuzz is nigh invisible in the jungle. Combine that with a shaky mid laner in PawN, and it’s not exactly surprising that Kingzone find themselves on the back foot from the first minutes of the game.

The only redeeming part about this team is the bot lane. Deft has always been a potent mechanical marksman, and while TusiN isn’t the best support in Korea, he’s more than willing to pull the trigger and initiate teamfights for his AD carry. Unfortunately, one good lane doesn’t make up for Kingzone’s overall shortcomings, so they’re very likely to continue to struggle in the 2019 LCK Spring Split.


Sandbox Gaming just had their debut against Gen.G, and they were surprisingly capable. Their drafts are creative, and they seem to have a good idea of when and where to go on the map. On top of that, they have talented players. Summit and Dove are great at securing individual edges over their opponents and using these advantages to set up roams and contest neutral objectives. The same applies to Ghost and Joker, who have already made a splash with their aggressive Kalista/Thresh play.

But the real star of this show is OnFleek. Sandbox Gaming’s jungler is an absolute monster that seamlessly finds ganks and playmaking opportunities, and as long as he’s on the Rift, his team will have a chance to pull off the wildest of upsets.

BETTING ADVICE: Don’t let the name value fool you! Kingzone may be a staple LCK team, but they don’t have the firepower to oppose their current opponents. You can bet on Sandbox Gaming winning their series against Kingzone DragonX for odds of 2.65 at Rivalry.

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