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In general, League of Legends betting can be extremely profitable for those who are highly engaged with the competitive scene, have knowledge about theme, and are willing to play the effort to research past team stats.

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Particularly, betting in League of Legends have many components which are not only limited to a simple win. For example first dragon, first tower, first blood, first to destroy the inhibitor, etc. In addition, the nature of the game, along with the younger demographic of punters make odds more susceptible to unfound favouritism, increasing the profitability of bets if you know the right odds (read also our LoL Betting Odds guide).  As a result, our predictions give the % chance of a team’s victory for you to better weigh up your bets.

The figure of LoL mobile betting has been growing due to its various advantages over existing methods. Developments like the LoL mobile app by Riot has contributed to this figure, as phones increasingly becoming a one-stop shop for everything League of Legends related.

With the game itself also moving to a mobile version  – albeit separate from PC – there is no doubt be a greater shift away from PC, but it to mobile devices.

This will fuel LoL mobile betting even greater, with its clear advantages and positive future outlook, those who have yet to get into it now have the opportunity too.

Where can I place my LoL mobile bets?


Advantages of LoL mobile betting, and how to get started

Advantages of mobile betting – and LoL mobile betting in particular – include, and are not limited to convenience, accessibility, mobile streaming, ease of use and faster money transferring. Betting on mobile is easy, with most app being optimised for easy navigation.

Simply create an account, verify your identity, and start betting straight away.

Riot’s LoL mobile app makes engaging with the game much easier, with leaked improvements such as accepting queues through the app already being leaked.

The mobile scene overall is growing, with Riot also placing its hand in mobile gaming, translating the existing League of Legends game to both iOS and android apk.

Why is mobile betting becoming increasingly popular?

  1. Convenience – Mobile betting is more convenient, often with less clicks required, reducing the time it takes to place bets.
  2. Accessibility – Betting from mobile is much more accessible since almost everyone has their phones on them to place a bet, unlike traditional bets needing to be placed either in person, or through a computer / laptop.
  3. Mobile streaming – Most mobile apps allow punters to watch the live in app, making it a one stop app.
  4. Ease of use – These apps are designed to be simple, unlike web pages which have many external links and other factors which may pose a distraction.
  5. This makes mobile betting a much better option especially for new punters.
  6. Faster money transferring – Sites that have mobile apps are usually more technologically friendly, this means reduced winning transfer times, and the ability to use crypto currencies and other e-wallets which may not be accepted by other sites.

How to bet on mobile

To first get into mobile betting you must first download the app either through the Google play store, App store, or simply through the betting site.

All betting apps will require you to create an account, with almost all (due to legal reasons), requiring you to first verify your identification, before you can either place bets, or withdraw earnings.

Navigate to the esports section and choose League of Legends. You can then either search, or try find the match you want to bet on. In many betting apps, there would be another tab for difference tournaments, in the current case, the League of Legends World Championships.

What is the LoL mobile app?

The official LoL mobile app by Riot is available on both the Google play store and App store. Both the League of Legends for iOS and apk. Unfortunately, it has limited functions, with some chat, news      and esports related areas. That said, there have been recent leaks through the lol mobile apk, that would allow players to create lobbies, enter queues, and accept queues all through the phone.

LoL mobile free download links:

App store (LoL mobile for iOS)
Google Play (LoL mobile apk)

Overall, the mobile scene is picking up in general, with MOBAs on mobile devices gaining increasing popularity. While Riot’s parent company, Tecent, had found success by creating multiple MOBAs similar to League of Legends, they had failed to launch an official mobile League of Legends games. However more recently, Red Mercy, a popular League of Legends Youtuber, has leaked footage of the League of Legends Mobile game. While obviously, the game has been simplified to a degree, given the limited functions of a mobile games against a computer, and a touch screen over a mouse a keyboard, it looks extremely similar, with the same familiar champions and runes. Given the game launches in 2020, given the already large popularity of similar mobile MOBAs, there will undoubtedly be a large mobile LoL scene.

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