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Posted on February 21, 2021 - Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular first-person shooter and the preferred game for FPS punters. CSGO gambling websites provide them with the chance to bet on the most exciting games. In addition to classic wagering, some have added skin gambling, which is a derivative of original esports betting. The most recent trend is to bet on CSGO slots and other CSGO casino games. In this guide, we will look at the best CSGO casino options and explain the way punters can place a successful bet.

How Does a CSGO Casino work?

Just as the name suggests, CSGO casino games are inspired by the first-person shooter. Depending on genre, they can belong to the slots, table games or video pokers categories. The graphics, as well as the sound effects quickly get players immersed into the Counter Strike Global Offensive gaming atmosphere. At their core, the slots available at CSGO gambling websites are governed by the same game mechanics as classic ones with random themes.

Players are expected to place a real money bet or use the virtual currency provided by the CSGO casino. The latter is replenished indefinitely and provides players with the opportunity of testing the slots for free without taking any chances. Depending on the size of the bet and the winning combination unlocked players will be paid a higher or lower amount. Just like classic slots, they have the average return to player, as well as the payout tables displayed next to the reels.

Most CSGO casino games are played against a software, with slots being a shining example. That’s why it is important for punters to choose CSGO casino sites that are licensed and have the algorithms certified fair. Independent auditors look at the game mechanics and the software behind these slots. If they agree that the outcome is completely random, therefore impossible to predict, they will add the seal of approval.

Which are the Best CSGO Casino Games?

Slots are arguably the most numerous games at online casinos, including those with a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive theme. While quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, slots are easy to recommend to beginners. Fans of the FPS game, as well as punters who routinely bet on esports will appreciate the smooth learning curve. You don’t require any previous experience to spin their reels and all you need is luck to come on top.

Jackpot slots are an interesting alternative for those who’ve recently discovered CSGO slot games. They are played by the same rules and also depend exclusively on chance, but can produce bigger winnings. The downside is that such games are a rarity and you can find them at only a few CSGO casino sites.

Table games such as roulette are more common and there is a good chance to find it at a CSGO casino. The payouts are similar to the classic version of roulette, so those who have played the original will have no problem jumping right on the bandwagon. Some online casinos offering this type of entertainment have also added coin flip CSGO games. The name speaks for itself and players are supposed to bet on events that have nearly 50% chances to occur. There is, of course, a tiny house edge to keep the casinos profitable and it derives from a push bet.

Where to Play CSGO Casino Games?

Classic online casinos are unlikely to offer CSGO games, so esports specialists are a better choice. Bookmakers that have branched out to offer videogames betting such as Betway are also an excellent choice. In addition to regular slots and games inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this bookie has an original title. It goes by the name of NiP, which stands for Ninjas in Pajamas, a famous CSGO team sponsored by them. It has an excellent return to player of 96.10%, which is above the industry average.

E-sportsbooks that have fully-fledged casino divisions are also likely to offer this type of entertainment. GG.bet is a place where you can bet on CSGO slots and even play a few table games. They are powered by top software developers such as Netent, and Ygdrassil and have a few exclusive games as well. CSGO Crash is one of the special games that can be played here, where punters bet on the moment when the game crashes. It is a totally random affair, so you only need luck to make a profit. GG.bet even has a dice game that punters can try when they want to play something truly original.

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