PUBG Betting Sites 2024 – Top PUBG Esportsbooks

Commonly referred as PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the first game belonging to the Battle Royale genre that became an esport. Its popularity grew a lot over the years and today there are several PUBG betting sites for the fans of the genre. The action-packed nature of the game, as well as the high number of possible betting markets makes it a fun and potentially profitable esports betting option.

Best PUBG Betting Sites 2024

The adoption of PUBG by Esports betting sites means that players are no longer confronted with scarcity. Instead, it is the paradox of choice that provides the challenge for punters browsing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting sites. To narrow down the search and make sure you’ve made the right choice, you should give preference to licensed esportsbooks. Strong regulatory bodies, such as the MGA or UK GC only give their seal of approval to operators that meet the highest security standards.

Dealing with the house edge is the main challenge when placing PUBG bets and that’s why bonuses are so important. The Esports Bonus for new players is the first and usually the most generous one up for grabs. Ongoing promotions and recurrent campaigns are also impactful and can be used as bankroll boosters. Pay attention to the wagering requirements to make sure you actually have a chance of converting bonus funds into cashable amounts.

The quality of the odds and the diversity of the betting markets are vital when considering PUBG gambling sites. This applies to all forms of gambling, so whether you prefer CSGO betting or Fortnite betting, high odds are always critical. An average return to player of more than 90% is the baseline that punters should start from. The best bookmakers and betting exchanges offer average odds of 1.93 and more on PUBG bets that have roughly 50% chance to happen.

Top PUBG Tournaments in 2024

PUBG is a relatively new game and Battle Royale is one of the latest genres to enter the sports market. This explains why there are fewer tournament scheduled on a yearly basis. On the bright side, they have high prize pools and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting sites cover the most important ones. These are the three top events, including PUBG Mobile Tournaments.

  • PUBG Mobile Japan League – this is a relatively new event featuring the best PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players from Japan. It has a guaranteed prize pool of nearly $1.5 million and it spans over an entire year. The finals are scheduled for the final quarter and 16 teams compete.
  • Peacekeeper Elite League – this is the best paying PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament with more than $2 million shared between participating players. It had two seasons already, with the event being held in China and featuring 20 competitors.
  • PUBG Mobile Global Championship – this is the equivalent of the World Championship and the first edition was held in Dubai. With a guaranteed prize pool of $1.2 million, it provides a strong incentive to international players to perform at the highest possible level.

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Popular PUBG Betting Markets

The best PUBG betting sites provide players with sufficient markets to make every PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds match exciting. These are the most popular ways to bet on the Battle Royale game.

  • Match Winner – you bet on the player or team to win a match and it is also known as a “map winner” bet.
  • PUBG First Blood – bet on the team that will kill the first opponent in a PUBG game.
  • Most and total kills – wager on the total number of kills and the most lethal team in a match.
  • Betting on streamers – a new betting market at PUBG betting sites on the performance of streamers. Their action is broadcasted on Twitch and YouTube so you can bet live.
  • Bet on Yourself – a type of bet that rewards the skill of PUBG players as they bet on themselves.

How does PUBG Skin Gambling Work?

Some PUBG gambling sites allow players to bet in game items instead of money. Skin gambling is an immensely popular way to bet on video games and it goes beyond PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These are cosmetic items that don’t have a direct impact on the game but help players stand out from the crowd. The advantage is that you don’t risk money, but instead use skins that can be acquired in game. The most popular skins can be sold for decent amounts of money, so there’s a way to profit from skin gambling. Just like with traditional bookmakers it is vital to choose licensed esportsbooks that offer skin gambling.

Real Money PUBG Betting

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a free to play Battle Royale videogame. This is what makes it exciting to prospective punters who want to try something different without paying. On the other hand, the most exciting way of enjoying the game as an esport is to place a bet. The surging popularity of the game has prompted traditional bookmakers, as well as dedicated esports books to add it to their portfolios. Today it is possible to bet on PUBG esports at licensed and regulated bookmakers and take advantage of excellent odds.

Since real money PUBG betting involves a certain degree of risk, punters are advised to minimize the chances they take. Gambling exclusively at sports books that enjoy a solid reputation is the first thing to consider. This is true for both classic betting and special types of gambling, such as skin betting or wagering on streamers. The reputation of the sports book should precede it and that’s why research weighs so heavily in the balance.

We suggest only operators that have passed the test of time and project an image of trustworthiness. The PUBG real money betting sites we recommend have been tested and passed with flying colors. They score high marks in terms of reliability and speed of transactions, transparency and legitimacy. When they offer bonuses, they can be trusted to pay winners on time and in full, as long as players uphold their end of the deal. Clear terms and conditions as well as predictable rules are to be expected.

PUBG Esports Betting Odds

PUBG betting sites are only as good as the odds they offer, something that savvy punters know all too well. In the long run, you are more likely to emerge victorious if you back at a bookmaker that offers competitive odds. Because of the relative novelty of the Battle Royale game as an esport, the number of events and special markets remains limited. While it pales in comparison to MOBAs, first-person shooters and even real-time strategy games, this genre should also benefit from competitive odds.

The upside of betting on one of the new esports is that you can take advantage of loopholes in the system. Essentially, bookmakers have a harder time predicting winners and choosing the right odds for the games they cover. This is particularly true for special markets and obscure tournaments. It is here where punters can maximize the return on investment by locking in on top value. Live betting is also an excellent way of mitigating the house edge while using your in game experience to find hidden value in the odds.

PUBG Odds Comparison Sites

The obvious way of hunting for value in the odds offered is to monitor market movements. It can be time-consuming to note down the early odds published by sharp bookmakers and compare them step by step with live ones. This can take a lot of time but it is definitely worth the effort, as you can take advantage of odds that exceed the risks. Live betting can be particularly lucrative opportunity for experienced PUBG gamers. They can take advantage of fleeting opportunities and sudden market movements.

A convenient and highly effective alternative is to hunt for the best odds using comparison websites. What they do is to monitor the movements of the market and also compare the odds offered by multiple bookmakers. They allow you to see at a glance how high the odds were at any time and which sports book offers top value. PUBG esports tournaments are scheduled with a lower frequency, so there are not that many competitions to monitor. An honest comparison site can make things easier for savvy punters.

PUBG Esports Betting Bonuses

Signing up for an account at one of the PUBG gambling sites should provide players with a generous welcome bonus. This is the standard approach at most bookmakers, including those specialized on esports. Granted there are no sports books dedicated exclusively to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the game is featured in most portfolios. This means that punters can take advantage of the standard welcome offer to bet on their favorite Battle Royale game.

Match deposit bonuses act as bankroll boosters for new players and they should be able to use it on PUBG matches and tournaments. When trying to figure out which is the best site for this purpose, take into account the bonus size and wagering requirements. They are equally important to identify bonuses that are not only large but also easy to claim. See what other players had to say about the terms and conditions and the manner in which the esports book upheld its end of the deal.

Special Offers for PUBG Players

There is a good chance for your bookmaker of choice to run special promotions dedicated to specific games. What usually happens is that sports books try to mark the occasion of a major tournament with bonuses. PUBG esports betting sites try to bring this new popular game back into the spotlight and bonuses are highly effective instruments. The beauty of these promotions is that they are targeted exclusively at those who bet on this game. Under normal circumstances, both pregame and live wagers will be eligible.

Free bets and cashback deals are more subtle ways of rewarding loyalty and encouraging players to try PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They are also less numerous and are preferred by savvy punters who want a safety net. Cashback offers do precisely what the name suggests and refund a percentage of the money lost betting on this game. Free bets can be credited to players who have lost a risk-free wager, but also preemptively. The thing about free bets is that players keep the profits while the stakes are subtracted

Easy-to-Use and Reliable Platform

In your quest for the perfect PUBG betting site it pays off to seek a bookmaker running on a reliable platform. Since this is a highly dynamic game where things change in an instant, you need to be able to take advantage of passing opportunities. There is no room for technical glitches, high latency and unnecessary delays. Keep in mind that when it comes to live betting, bookmakers intentionally delay the moment bets are accepted. This is to prevent players from getting an unfair advantage over the house.

Otherwise, the platform should be responsive, intuitive and compatible with handheld gadgets. A waiting time of more than a few seconds between the moment the bet is placed and the time it is accepted is not satisfactory. Once bets are placed on PUBG games players should get a confirmation message. They should also be able to check the fact that the bet is active in the personal account section. Regarding the moment bets are settled, this can vary between a few minutes to up to an hour. Modern bookmakers have greatly reduced the waiting time and punters can expect to get their profits in less than a minute.

Mobile Betting at PUBG Sites

PUBG can be played on mobile devices and professional players are highly competitive on handheld gadgets. Bookmakers offering the possibility of betting on these matches should also make their platforms compatible with mobile devices. It is simply unacceptable for a modern sports book to restrict the players’ freedom by limiting them to desktop and laptop computers. It should be possible to sign up for an account, choose a payment method, make a deposit and claim a bonus on your smart phone or tablet.

The area where the best PUBG betting sites shine the brightest is the live betting module. When it comes to mobile betting, you should be able to gamble in real-time on phones and tablets. Live streams must also be available on handheld devices, for a more convenient live betting experience. This is something that already happens at most bookmakers and it should be the basic requirement. There shouldn’t be any additional waiting time when gambling on mobile devices on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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PUBG Betting Website and Interface

You only get one chance to make a positive first impression and this is something that also applies to esports betting sites. It’s hard to overstate the importance of running a great looking website when promoting sports betting services. Even the best book you will need time to prove its reliability, quality and develop loyalty. On the other hand, the first impression is extremely important and the quality of the website is of utmost importance.

As a prospective punter, searching for the best PUBG sight, you should take the visual appeal at face value. While it isn’t the most important quality for a bookmaker, a beautiful website speaks louder than words. It shows commitment to details and the desire to make players feel at home right from the start. Important as it might be, it is not sufficient for the website to be visually appealing. It should also run smoothly, be easy to navigate and have intuitive search features for casual and recreational punters.

Some bookmakers, including those offering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting options run other gambling modules. Online casinos, poker rooms and bingo parlors as well as traditional sports betting sections are to be expected. Having a consistent website that delivers information in a coherent manner is of paramount importance. This makes navigation smoother and provides a strong incentive to enjoy other gambling opportunities on the same platform.

PUBG Betting Sites Licensing

The top priority for prospective punters should be to find a reliable partner that can fulfill their online gambling needs. To narrow down the search and find those that are worth the effort, you should always start with licensed bookies. Unlicensed gambling operators should be avoided, but a distinction should be made between the licensed ones. That’s because some licenses are stronger than others, with the UK GC and MGA license is standing out from the crowd.

Many of the new bookmakers, including those offering PUBG betting options are licensed in Curaçao. This is also a regulator that can be trusted in spite of being second-best to those two mentioned above. Equally important is to choose betting sites that are licensed in your country, so you gamble legally.

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What is PUBG Roulette Gambling?

Gambling operators offering sports betting frequently run a casino. Roulette is a popular game in these places and PUBG Roulette Gambling is simply a version of the classic game. Punters can bet on numbers, placed inside and outside bets just like in a classic game of roulette. One of the main differences between the standard version and the PlayerUnknown game is that you can also wager skins. The layout of the roulette wheel is also different, but the payouts are similar and the game mechanics are the same.

What are PUBG Coinflip sites?

These gambling operators provide players with the chance of competing in a basic game with 50% chance of winning. Just as the name suggests you bet on two possible outcomes, where you compete against a real person. The bookmaker makes money from a small commission, but there is no house edge to worry about. The outcome depends exclusively on luck, so this bet is not too popular among veteran punters.

Can I bet on PUBG Streamers?

You can bet on the performance of PUBG streamers at select bookmakers such as, Rivalry or Betway doesn’t offer this alternative, but instead has a huge selection of classic markets and exceptional betting odds. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the generous Betway Welcome Bonus for new players and take part in ongoing promotions.