Team Liquid CSGO

Everything You Must Know about the TL Team


Team Liquid CSGO is the Counter Strike Global Offensive division of the famous esports organization. For more than two decades, it has dominated the competitive video games arena at the highest levels. Established in the year 2000, the well-known professional gaming organization grew tremendously over the years. What began as a clan and StarCraft community site emerged as a magnet for the most talented professional gamers in the world.


Team Liquid CSGO Organization History

Online punters are familiar with Team Liquid matches and professional players were frequently in the spotlight of CSGO betting sites. The Counter Strike Global Offensive squad is just one of the many teams that the organization can rely on in esports. They also have a highly competitive Dota 2 team andtheir League of Legends franchise is the best in North America. Among the other games where the team shines brightly are Rainbow 6: Siege, Melee, Street Fighter, Fortnite and more recently PUBG.

Team Liquid CSGO is just a facet of the gambling group that also includes a highly successful media enterprise. One of the brands in their portfolio is the 1UP Studios, a well-respected video content production company. At the same time, they have their own influencer management agency called Liquid Media so they check all the important boxes. Thei professional players train in the state-of-the-art esports Alienware Training Facility in Los Angeles.

Team Liquid CSGO Roster and Bios

The Counter Strike Global Offensive team is the pride of Team Liquid, as it is one that frequently makes deep runs in major tournaments. Not surprisingly, punters frequently take advantage of CSGO odds offered by online bookmakers on Team Liquid CSGO to win tournaments. At the cornerstone of this successful organization is a group of five players who currently represent the team. Some of them have recently joined the squad, but they have a lot of experience at the highest competitive level.


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is one of the most experienced players in the Team Liquid CSGO squad. He was born on June 5, 1991 in Brazil, where he also founded the Games Academy esports organization. He is one of the veterans that played Counter Strike 1.6 and turned professional in 2006. FalleN is known for his proficiency with the AWP and one of his early performances is a win in the WCG 2009 Brazil Finals.

Jonathan “ELiGE “ Jablonowski was born in 1997 and in spite of being only 24 years of age, he is of the best American CS:GO players. Over the years, he has honed his skills and consolidated his position on the North American scene. Jonathan has plenty of fans within the Polish community, because of his ethnicity and is also known for his skills in playing StarCraft II.

Keith “NAF” Markovic is a 23-year-old Team Liquid CSGO player who was born in Canada and turned professional in 2013. At the time, he was one of the youngest players to compete at such a high level and has amassed more than $1 million. His team finished first or second in ten S-Tier competitions and he’s an invaluable member of TL.

Fresh Blood for TL CSGO

Jacky “Stewie2k“ Yip is one of the youngest members of Team Liquid CSGO, born in 1998, but perhaps the strongest in the organization. He has won more accolades than pretty much any other North American player in spite of turning pro in 2014. After performing at the highest levels for Cloud9 he also played for SK Gaming, before returning to North America

MichaelGrimWince will soon turn 21, as the youngest North American professional CS:GO player born on November 22, 2000. He is a newest members of the organization and the one that has made the least money from the current team. That’s because he turned professional in 2017 and only had a few years to prove his talent. However, he enjoyed a meteoric rise and is an immensely respected player.


Team Liquid CSGO Salaries and Prizes

The quality of a professional player isn’t given exclusively by the money he or she makes. However, the most successful pro-gamers have made a fortune over the years by performing at the highest level. Only a fraction of the money comes from salaries, with a significant percentage being the result of prizes won from tournaments. Many professionals also have lucrative marketing deals with various companies, so they boost their income in this creative manner.

These are the most important numbers at a glance for the five members of Team Liquid CSGO:

Jakey Yip might be the youngest members of Team Liquid CSGO, but he has made the most money so far. His earnings are inching closer to the $1.2 million landmark, from a total of 178 tournaments.

Gabriel Toledo is the most experienced player in their rotation and not surprisingly, the biggest earner. He won more than $1.1 million from 153 tournaments, plus the marketing deals and the salary.

Keith Markovic has played in a total of 126 tournaments so far and was very successful in most of them. As a result, he won $1.06 million, which puts him in the third spot on the Team Liquid CSGO list.

Jonathan Jablonowski has also crossed the psychological threshold of $1 million. This happened recently, as TL set another important milestone in some of the biggest tournaments of 2021.

Michael Wince is at the lower end of the spectrum, with just a bit over $115,000. He made his money from 52 tournaments, as he recently joined the professional esports arena.