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Posted on November 16, 2018

The main LoL esports scene may be on a break, but there are plenty of other League of Legends tournaments taking place in the off-season. One of the biggest one is the Chinese National Electronic Sports Tournament (or NEST 2018). The tournament is stacked with top LPL talent, so games are guaranteed to have a lot of action and exciting betting opportunities. With that in mind, we break down NEST 2018 and the best betting bonus to use on it.

NEST 2018 Overview

The NEST 2018 is an off-season League of Legends event that takes place in China. The competition is popular among high-level LPL teams, as it grants them an opportunity to fight for a cut of the prize pool and—most importantly—qualification spots to the Demacia Cup. On top of that, NEST 2018 often acts as a trial by fire for new rosters and up-and-coming talent.

We’re a bit late to the party, so only four teams remain in the tournament: Suning Gaming, Topsports Gaming, JD Gaming, and Rogue Warriors. Suning Gaming have already lost in the semifinals against Topsports Gaming, so they will be looking to redeem themselves in a third-place match on November 17. Meanwhile, Topsports Gaming will be waiting for the winner of the JD Gaming vs Rogue Warriors series in the finals.

All four teams have a ton of firepower on their side, so we fully except the remaining matches to turn into action-packed bloodbaths. And while we would consider JD Gaming to be the slight favorites because they’re fielding the same roster that got them to the third place in the 2018 LPL Summer Split, other teams have the brains and the brawn to challenge them.

Choosing Your NEST 2018 Betting Bonus

There’s no better way to have a great gambling experience than to pick a good NEST 2018 betting bonus. That’s something easier said than done, though, since esports bookmakers tend to overwhelm potential customers with countless offers. Fortunately, we’ve already looked through all available betting providers and determined that the best NEST 2018 betting bonus is on Buff88.

Not only is the 100% deposit bonus up to €88 a welcome addition to your bankroll, but a wide LoL esports coverage and a multitude of live betting markets ensure you have as many gambling options as possible. With that, you’ll find plenty of ways to make value bets at NEST 2018!

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