Betting on LCS NA – Week 6 Cheat Sheet

Posted on July 25, 2018

The 2018 NA LCS Summer Split returns on July 28! North America is all over the place with roster moves and upsets, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the underdogs from the favorites. Hence, we’re making a betting on LCS cheat sheet to help you make sense of week 6 of the competition!

TSM vs Cloud9

Everyone who enjoys betting on LCS would have a hard time skipping such a legendary matchup. Of course, it’s not as hype as it used to be since both TSM and Cloud9 are still trying to figure out how they want to approach the game. Even so, TSM’s most recent showing was a dominant victory against their nemesis, Clutch Gaming. If that wasn’t enough, Bjergsen finally put on a clinic in the mid lane, and Zven and Mithy showcased why their Best in the West title wasn’t just for show.

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As for Cloud9, they’re coming into this match after an embarrassing loss to OpTic Gaming. It’s impossible to tell what the hell is going on with their lineup, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Cloud9 themselves weren’t sure what they want to achieve with their roster moves. Of course, players like Jensen, Sneaky, and Licorice still have immense amounts of talent. But in the end, does it matter if the synergy isn’t there and the entire lineup struggles under the weight of communication issues.

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Echo Fox vs FlyQuest

At first glance, this might seem like a weird matchup to evaluate. Echo Fox are in an obvious slump, as they continually struggle to manage their aggression. Meanwhile, FlyQuest are in their best shape to date, and they’re picking up wins left, right, and center. But it’s important to remember that many FlyQuest games came down to the wire, and their record would look very different if it weren’t for their opponents committing uncharacteristic mistakes. And while Santorin and WildTurtle are finally showing up, there’s still a distinct lack of firepower on this roster.

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As for Echo Fox, they’ve made several important roster moves. Damonte was finally promoted to the position of a starting mid laner, and Lost took Altec’s spot in the bottom lane. But as far as our betting on LCS cheat sheet is concerned, the most obvious upgrade is the addition of Smoothie. Not only is Echo Fox’s support a seasoned League of Legends veteran, but he’s also a shot caller that knows full well how to lead his team to victory. With that, Echo Fox will finally be able to tame their aggressive tendencies—and they’ll prove this by taking down FlyQuest.

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100 Thieves vs Counter Logic Gaming

We’ll be the first to admit that betting on LCS match between 100 Thieves and Counter Logic Gaming is a bit of a gamble. Despite their formidable record, 100 Thieves have been looking shaky ever since their jungler change, as AnDa only performs in gold funneling compositions. And even though Ssumday and Apromoo are world-class players, they aren’t exactly playing the best roles to carry their slow-moving team to victory.

But CLG also find themselves in a tough spot. Their drafting priorities are all over the place, and they lost both of their week 5 games because they wanted to try stuff like mid lane Renekton and Kled funnel. Still, their roster is explosive, and they fully embrace early game aggression. And—coincidentally—this is the exact approach that 100 Thieves struggle with. Granted, CLG will still have a hard time containing Ssumday in the top lane, but they should be able to strike back in every other position. And that puts them as definite favorites in our betting on LCS cheat sheet.

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