EU LCS Gauntlet 2018 Predictions

Posted on September 11, 2018

Brace yourselves because the final round of the EU LCS Gauntlet 2018 is here! The competition wraps up with a thrilling Bo5 between FC Schalke 04 and G2 Esports on September 16. Can Schalke run it back after their loss at the finals? Or will the former kings of Europe take the first step to reclaim their throne? Let’s dive deep and find out in our EU LCS Gauntlet 2018 predictions!

FC Schalke 04 vs G2 Esports

While FC Schalke 04 were dismantled by Fnatic, they still showed a ton of improvement in the playoffs. Their teamfighting is one of the best in the league, and they always seem to have good vision setups and objective control in the later stages of the game. On top of that, they’re very resilient in the laning phase, and it takes a lot of firepower to put a dent into them in the early game.

The most notable players are their carries. Nukeduck has made a name for himself with countless mid lane counter picks, and Schalke make full use of his versatility in their drafts. But it’s really Upset in the bot lane that pushed this team to the next level, turning it into a massive teamfighting threat.

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Of course, G2 Esports are no pushovers either. Their roster is stacked with talent, and it’s common to see them breaking open the early game. Moreover, every single player is a capable teamfighter, so G2 can very well be one of the few teams that can match Schalke in 5v5s. Unfortunately, their macro is shaky, and their lackluster vision control makes it very easy to pick off G2 members in the jungle.

Still, Perkz and Wunder exert a ton of pressure in the solo lanes. And even someone like Hjarnan can be a threat if he gets his hands on one of his pocket picks. So while G2 have distinct shortcomings Schalke could exploit, they won’t go down without a fight.

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Round 2 Prediction: G2 Esports vs Splyce

For G2 Esports, the quarterfinals loss came out of nowhere. After spending the majority of the regular season as a top-3 team in Europe, they suddenly collapsed in a playoffs match against Misfits Gaming. But the talent is still there. Perkz remains one of the best mid laners in the region, and while he doesn’t take over games the same way Caps does, he brings a ton of firepower to the table.

The duo of Hjarnan and Wadid is also looking better with every passing week. And even though Wunder and Jankos aren’t the most consistent players, they can deliver top-tier performances when they’re playing at their best. On top of that, G2 had a lot of downtime, so they will have a number of tactics prepared for this EU LCS Gauntlet 2018 series.

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As for Splyce, they exhausted their arsenal in the match against Misfits. Their laning phase was riddled with holes, so they often had to claw their back into the game after suffering massive gold deficits. They have a few redeeming features like good teamfighting and solid vision control, but that doesn’t even begin to make up for their lackluster macro.

The individual performances have also been shaky. Granted, the 3-man core of Xerxe, Nisqy, and Kobbe was doing a lot of work in the Misfits series. However, none of Splyce’s players are particularly talented in lane. And unless they can find a way to cover this weakness, Splyce will have a very hard time keeping up with G2 Esports.

BETTING ADVICE: Splyce are the obvious underdogs here. That said, it’s hard to imagine G2 getting a clean win after spending so much time off stage. With that in mind, we advise you to bet on G2 Esports winning the match with a 3-1 score for odds of 3.46 at ArcaneBet.

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Round 1 Prediction: Splyce vs Misfits

The Summer Split has been a bumpy road for Splyce. Despite having a stacked roster, they struggled to stand up to the competition and it’s only at the end of the regular season that they’ve finally found their footing. They’re a very by-the-books lineup that likes to pick scaling champions and grind enemies down in late game 5v5s. Still, a narrow quarterfinals loss to FC Schalke 04 knocked Splyce down to the EU LCS Gauntlet 2018, so they clearly have a thing or two left to figure out.

For instance, their laning phase leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest reason behind this lies in the side lanes. Granted, Odoamne, Kobbe, and KaSing are all veteran players but they’re also unstable in the early game. And while Nisqy and Xerxe can cover for their teammates, it’s still common to see one of Splyce’s side lanes underperforming.


At first, it might seem like Misfits Gaming is a blatant mismatch for Splyce. After all, the rabbits made a name for themselves by being one of the best early game teams in the league. But that time is long in the past, and even though Misfits still have a decent laning phase, they’re a far cry from their old dominants selves.

On top of that, they have a massive weakness in the mid lane. Not only is Sencux inconsistent mechanically but his narrow champion fool makes it difficult to approach the pick/ban phase. Moreover, Alphari isn’t looking that hot in the top lane and Maxlore is nigh invisible in the jungle. With that, bot lane is the only reliable position for Misfits, and that’s a very narrow win condition to play around.

BETTING ADVICE: Misfits simply aren’t stable enough to snowball their early leads. As long as Splyce hold off their onslaught for the first 15 minutes of the game, they’ll spend the rest of the match in the driver’s seat. Hence, if you’re going to be betting on this EU LCS Gauntlet 2018 match, we recommend you place a wager on Splyce winning the series for odds of 2.450 at Pinnacle.

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