2018 EU LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 2

Posted on June 20, 2018

The wild EU LCS Summer Split 2018 ride continues on June 22! The first week of the competition introduced a number of sudden developments, so we’re adjusting our betting predictions accordingly. Now, let’s see which matchups present the most gambling value!

EU LCS Match Predictions – Day 1

Unicorns of Love vs Giants

On the surface, it might seem like Giants Gaming have a lot of things going for them. For one, they’ve already secured a win, and the duo of Djoko and Betsy proved to be a formidable threat in the EU LCS Summer Split 2018. That said, Giants still struggle in the early game—and that’s exactly where Unicorns are at their strongest.

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UOL are all about momentum. Their playmaking is explosive thanks to the smart jungling from Kold, and they thrive in hectic teamfights and chaotic skirmishes. And even though their decision-making can be messy, Giants don’t have the macro prowess to abuse it. There’s no denying that both of these teams are flawed, but in the end, our EU LCS Summer Split predictions turn in favor of Unicorns of Love.

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Team Vitality vs Team ROCCAT

This is a clash of two high tempo teams. However, it’s not going to be very exciting, as Vitality are miles ahead of ROCCAT. Granted, the latter could target some weaknesses like Jiizuke’s laning phase. And if Memento gets his snowball going, ROCCAT can hold their ground in the early game.

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Even so, Vitality’s side lanes are just too damn strong. Atilla and Jactroll are a force of nature that seamlessly breaks through the bot lane, and Cabochard is excellent in the bruiser meta. This makes ROCCAT’s win conditions quite slim, and we expect this EU LCS Summer Split 2018 match to end with a swift Team Vitality victory.

BETTING ADVICE: You won’t find good deals if you’re planning to make a match winner bet on Team Vitality. That said, @ArcaneBet offers odds of 1.82 on the total game time being under 33 minutes, which is great value for a battle between two aggressive lineups.

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Misfits vs Splyce

Misfits are on the rise! The new meta is right up their alley, and they’ve already showcased picks like Draven, Aurelion Sol, and Taliyah jungle. They also put a strong emphasis on globals, which is great for taking over the early game and climbing the EU LCS 2018 standings. Most importantly, Sencux has finally learned to hold his own in 1v1 matchups. And so, Misfits no longer have a glaring mid lane weakness.

Splyce EU LCS Predictions

Splyce look lost in comparison. The duo of Kobbe and KaSing struggles to keep up with the influx of unorthodox bot lane picks. And while Odoamne is more formidable in the laning phase, he tends to throw his leads by disrespecting the enemy jungler. With that, Splyce only have Nisqy as their reliable carry—and that simply won’t cut it in this EU LCS Summer Split 2018 matchup.

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EU LCS Match Predictions – Day 2

Team Vitality vs Fnatic

Once again, our EU LCS Summer Split predictions revolve around Team Vitality. The balance changes are perfect for them, and Vitality have already reinvented the bot lane meta with their Heimerdinger and Fiddlesticks picks. Additionally, they have insane amounts of raw talent, so even the best teams in Europe will be blindsided by their relentless aggression.

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We’ve yet to see the full potential of Fnatic. They had an awful read on the meta during the first week of the EU LCS Summer Split 2018 schedule. Putting all eggs in the Caps basket can work if you’re going against some of the more passive teams, but Vitality doesn’t fit that description. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough time to come up with a new plan, so this matchup is much more volatile than one might think at first glance.

BETTING ADVICE: This is definitely on the riskier side, but we’re going to have to go with an upset. You can bet on Team Vitality dismantling Fnatic for odds of 2.16 @GGBet.

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