EU LCS Playoffs 2018 – Quarterfinals Predictions

Posted on August 22, 2018

The EU LCS Playoffs 2018 are upon us! We’re in for two spectacular series in FC Schalke 04 vs Splyce and G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming. With that in mind, here are some predictions to help you make the most out of these quarterfinals matchups!

FC Schalke 04 vs Splyce

The EU LCS Playoffs 2018 kick off with a match between FC Schalke 04 and Splyce. Now, both of these teams contributed to the only two wins of H2K Gaming, but don’t be quick to discredit them! For one, Schalke are clearly on the rise. Nukeduck is putting on a show in the mid lane, and his presence only grows stronger thanks to the constant jungle pressure from Amazing. Combine that with the playmaking from Vander and Vizicsacsi, and Schalke have a lot of weapons in their arsenal.

Still, their biggest strength is preparation. No matter the opponent, Schalke always seem to have solid drafts and well-defined game plans. With that, their players know what they need to do to win the game, and that makes them way more coordinated than most EU LCS lineups.

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As for Splyce, they’re much less consistent. Granted, they also have a ton of talent on their roster, and Odoamne and Xerxe have made a name for themselves as top-tier players in their positions. However, tapping into that potential has been a constant struggle for Splyce. On top of that, their bot lane is crippled by champion pool issues, so their only consistent performer is Nisqy in the mid lane.

But the biggest problem comes from their approach to the game. Splyce practically mirror Schalke’s playstyle, but they’re much worse at it. Their laning phase is inconsistent, and their late game is nowhere near as refined as that of their opponents. And while we can see Splyce coming up with a decent game or two, it won’t be able to take the entire Bo5.

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G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming

Both of these EU LCS Playoffs 2018 teams are in a slump. On G2’s side, they still have the mid lane force of nature that is Perkz. However, Wunder and Jankos are struggling to manage their aggression, which makes G2 very volatile in the early game. Fortunately for them, Hjarnan and Wadid are finally standing up for themselves in the bot lane, so at least they have a solid core to play around.

They also have a decent grasp of macro, and you can count on them to pressure the right objectives and execute correct rotations. However, G2 have a hard time closing games. And whether it’s facechecking brushes, overchasing in teamfights, or opting in for 50/50 Barons, there’s always that moment when G2 go off the rails and throw the game.

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But if G2 are shaky, Misfits Gaming are downright dysfunctional. Despite being undefeated during the first half of the regular season, Misfits experienced a massive meltdown towards the end of the split. Sencux, Hans Sama, and Mikyx lost a lot of ground, and Misfits went from being the most dominant early-game team in the league to barely holding it together in the laning phase.

Usually, a top-tier team would be able to fall back onto macro. But that’s not the case with Misfits, as they’ve always experienced late-game issues. Still, Alphari and Maxlore are doing well for themselves. Plus, Misfits have a strong coaching staff behind them, so there’s a good chance they’re going to come up with drafts and game plans that target G2’s weaknesses. But even then, we doubt it will be enough to tip the scales in their favor.

BETTING ADVICE: It’s clear G2 should win this EU LCS Playoffs 2018 matchup, but they’re not measured enough to score a 3-0. On top of that, Misfits always show up in the Bo5 series. And while they don’t have the firepower to topple G2 Esports, they will put up a better fight than most fans expect.  You can place a wager on G2 scoring a 3-1 victory for odds of 3.68 at

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