Can CLG get a 5-win streak? | NA LCS Week 9 Day 1 predictions

Posted on July 29, 2019

Counter Logic Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming

This split has shown to be one of Counter Logic Gaming’s best splits in a while, only second to Team Liquid. While OpTic have improved considerably, it is unlikely they will be able to take down CLG without an early cheese.

  • Prediction: Counter Logic gaming 70% l OpTic Gaming 30%

Cloud9 vs. Golden Guardians

Cloud9 have been inconsistent lately. Despite taking games against some of the top teams, they continue to fall against lower tiered competition, most recently seen with their loss against Fly Quest. On the other hand, the Golden Guardians are more consistent, they struggle to win against the top teams. That said, GGS were able to take down C9 earlier in week 2.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 60% l Golden Guardians 40%
Golden Guardians at LCS 2019 Week 8
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Clutch Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

Both teams are currently 7-9 on the leader board going into week 9. The victor between the two will likely be decided through an early first blood.

  • Prediction: Clutch Gaming 45% l 100 Thieves 55%

Fly Quest vs. Team SoloMid

Despite their shock win against Cloud9, it is unlikely Fly Quest will turn around their split given how late it is. On the other hand, while Team SoloMid have not met fan and analyst expectations, they remain the stronger team with significantly stronger players.

  • Prediction: Fly Quest 25% l Team SoloMid 75%
Team SoloMid at LCS 2019 Week 8
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Team Liquid vs. Echo Fox

Liquid have maintained their strong form, currently on the top of the leader board and on track to take first place in the 2019 NA LCS Summer split. In contrary, Echo Fox are in 10th place with only three wins to their name. Team Liquid should clearly dominate over Echo Fox.

  • Prediction: Team Liquid 87% l Echo Fox 13%
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