League of Origin 2018 Finals Betting Predictions

Posted on November 16, 2018

The LoL esports season is over, so all the major leagues are put on hold. But that doesn’t mean that League of Legends action has to stop! On the contrary, the scene is filled with regional leagues and minor tournaments, so we will be making betting tips and highlighting the best betting bonuses for these competitions for the remainder of the off-season. And the first thing we’re going to cover is the finals of League of Origin 2018!

League of Origin 2018 Overview

If you don’t know what League of Origin 2018 is, it’s a regional tournament that takes place in Sydney, Australia. The four participating teams were made specifically for the event from notable OPL players representing their regions, so you could argue that the entire thing is just a series of high-level showmatches. The competition is fierce, though, and every team is playing with the full intention to win.

We’re a bit late to the party, so the group stage of League of Origin 2018 has already been resolved. However, the most important Bo5—the finals between Team Victoria and Team New South Wales—has yet to be played, so we’ll be doing comprehensive League of Origin betting predictions for this match.

League of Origin 2018 Finals Predictions

Team Victoria dominated the group stage. Their 5-1 record is a testament to their player strength and teamfighting prowess. Most League of Legends fans that tuned into Worlds 2018 will probably recognize the Dire Wolves marksman K1ng, but the AD carry is far from the focal point of this team. In fact, he spends most of his time farming on scaling and utility-based picks together with his support Jayke, and other players do the bulk of the work.

For instance, Victoria’s mid laners—Claire and Swiffer—both share an affinity for the Akali/Irelia/LeBlanc trifecta, and they strive to put pressure on their opponents. The same applies to the jungler, Spookz, who can single-handedly take over the game if he gets his hands on his trademark Taliyah pick. As for the top lane, Pabu is the sacrificial lamb of the team, and it’s common to see him on tank duty.

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It took a while for Team New South Wales to get their momentum going. However, once they found their groove on day 2 of League of Origin 2018, they looked nigh unstoppable. This team puts a strong emphasis on the bot lane, as its support Destiny always seems to find openings on playmakers. The AD carry FBI does well to follow up to capitalize on these opportunities, so New South Wales have a very capable duo on their hands.

Only is another player to look out for. He’s very creative with his pathing, and he works well with Destiny to create ganking and roaming opportunities. Meanwhile, Triple is a rock-solid veteran that knows how to hold his own in the mid lane, and the top lane duo of Swip3rR and BioPanther spends most of its time on self-sufficient champions that don’t require any jungle attention. With that, the team has a great balance of carries and role players. The only issue is that Triple doesn’t seem to play Akali, Irelia, or LeBlanc, making things tricky for his team in the pick/ban phase, but so far, New South Wales managed to overcome this hurdle.

BETTING ADVICE: Team Victoria got many of their victories by overpowering enemy laners and snowballing this advantage in the mid game. However, New South Wales have the talent to hold off this onslaught. They’re also much more proactive and coordinated in the early stages of the game, which leads us to believe that they’re going to take the League of Origin 2018 finals. You can bet on New South Wales winning the Bo5 series against Victoria for odds of 1.60 at Betway.

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