LEC Betting Predictions – Week 2 of 2019 Spring Split

Posted on January 22, 2019 - Last Updated on January 20, 2022

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The LEC continues on January 25! Week 1 was filled with thrilling games and exciting upsets, as several established teams fell to the bloodthirsty up-and-comers. Our League of Legends experts look at the second week of the 2019 Spring Split to highlight the best odds and most profitable markets in our in-depth LEC betting predictions!

LEC Betting Predictions – Day 1

Fnatic vs Team Vitality

The first matchup in our list of LEC Betting Predictions is Fnatic vs Team Vitality. Fnatic had a rough start to their 2019 Spring Split. The back-to-back losses to SK Gaming and Origen have to sting for an organization that’s recently been to Worlds finals. The main reason behind their failures was the non-existent synergy between Broxah and Nemesis. Fnatic’s new mid laner was left out to dry in losing matchups, and his jungler did little to alleviate that pressure.

To make matters worse, Fnatic put too much stock in their side lanes. Both Bwipo and Rekkles are top-tier players, but they’re not used to being the main stars of the show. With that, Bwipo tried to hard to make something happen, leaving himself wide open to enemy ganks, and Rekkles defaulted to the same cleanup AD carry style he employed for the entirety of 2018. It will take some time for Fnatic to figure out their issues, however, they have shown some glimmers of hope through coordinate teamfights and well-timed rotations.

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Team Vitality can’t say the same. They’re downright dysfunctional when it comes to playing around their win conditions and moving around the map, so the only way they can close games is grouping in the mid lane and praying for their opponents to meet them in a 5v5 teamfight. Otherwise, they’re left in a weird limbo where they constantly shift between pushing mid and rushing Baron without committing to either option.

Their players aren’t performing well either. Cabochard is struggling to hold his own in the laning phase, and it’s common to see him falling behind in CS and losing straight-up 1v1s. The same applies to Attila and Jactroll, who managed to lose to Sivir and Braum as Vayne and Morgana. Vitality’s only redeeming feature is the mid/jungle duo of Jiizuke and Mowgli, but two players won’t be enough to carry an entire team.

BETTING ADVICE: Fnatic are hungry to redeem themselves after their week 1 failures—and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Granted, Nemesis will have a hard time matching Jiizuke in the laning phase, but as long as Fnatic cover him, they should be in the driver’s seat for the entirety of this game. You can bet on Fnatic winning their first game of the season for odds of 1.85 at Betway.

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LEC Betting Predictions – Day 2

Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04

We gave Fnatic plenty of chances in our LEC betting predictions, but it’s time to admit: things aren’t working out. The most worrying part is that the reigning EU LCS champions aren’t even losing because of Nemesis, although his shaky laning certainly doesn’t help. The real problem is everyone else.

Fnatic are so used to having a dominant mid/jungle duo in the early game that they look downright dysfunctional when that’s no longer the case. Bwipo is the definition of a hit-or-miss top laner, and his brash playstyle makes it all too easy to shut him down with a couple of well-timed ganks. Meanwhile, Rekkles is struggling to become the primary carry of this team, as his measured gameplay simply doesn’t deliver the explosive performances Fnatic oh so desperately need. Combine that with unconvincing showings from Broxah and Hylissang, and it’s going to take a while before Fnatic figure things out.

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FC Schalke 04 are in a much better spot in comparison. Memento is consistently proactive in the jungle, and his aggressive ganks act as the pillar of Schalke’s early game. Granted, he tends to fall off towards the later stages of the game, but his teammates have no issues covering this weakness.

Whether it’s IgNar finding great initiations, Odoamne providing a solid frontline for his carries, or Upset dominating fights with solid positioning and razor-sharp mechanics, Schalke seem to have all the pieces of the League of Legends puzzle. Moreover, their newest member—Abbedagge—is already going toe-to-toe with veteran EU mid laners in the laning phase. And he’s going to have an even better showing against a struggling rookie like Nemesis.

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