LoL LCS Bet Tips – Week 3 | 2019 Spring Split

Posted on February 7, 2019

The 2019 LCS Spring Split resumes on February 10—and it’s going to be a bloodbath! Almost every team in the league has the brains and the brawn to show up on the Rift, so competition will be stiff. With that, our League of Legends experts made a number of LoL LCS bet tips to highlight the most profitable wagers for upcoming matches!

100 Thieves vs Clutch Gaming

100 Thieves are on the ropes! Their roster seemingly refuses to come together, and their only win against Golden Guardians was decided by a 50/50 Baron play. Granted, 100 Thieves still have two powerful carries—Ssumday and Bang—at their disposal, but even the best players in the world aren’t going to pull through if you don’t know how to use them. And considering the state of 100T’s macro, it’s going to take a while before they can put together a decent performance.


Clutch Gaming aren’t having the time of their lives either. Their game plans are haphazard, and it’s common to see them opting for questionable teamfights and skirmishes. However, their lineup is stacked with talent, making them very potent in the early game—which is exactly the part of the game where 100T are at their weakest. If that wasn’t enough, Clutch are great at snowballing their leads, so 100 Thieves will struggle to keep up with them in the later stages of the game.

BETTING ADVICE: You can place a LoL LCS bet on Clutch Gaming taking the W for odds of 2.24 at Rivalry.

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CLG vs Echo Fox

CLG came back right as everyone was about to write them off! Their individual play is much sharper compared to the way it used to be on week 1. More importantly, they shored up the holes in their drafts and finally started playing around their win conditions. They still have a long way to go, of course, and they need to fix their hectic teamfighting and sloppy map movement before they can be considered a top team. But it’s hard to deny that CLG are on an upward trajectory.

Echo Fox are no pushovers either. Despite the complete lack of star power on their roster, they found success by playing around their dominant bot lane. It also helps that Rush consistently blindsides his opponents with sudden ganks and unpredictable outplays, so Echo Fox always have an X factor in their jungle. That said, CLG are more than capable of withstanding Echo Fox’s onslaught, and they’re much better at navigating the pick/ban phase and working together as a single unit.

BETTING ADVICE: You can place a LoL LCS bet on CLG scoring a win for odds of 1.85 at Betway.

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