LoL LCS Betting Cheat Sheet – Week 5 of the EU LCS

Posted on July 19, 2018

The 2018 EU LCS Summer Split continues on July 20! Things are about to get hectic, so here’s our LoL LCS Betting cheat sheet to help you make sense of the upcoming matches. Keep in mind that we’ll only be breaking down matchups that present a decent amount of betting value. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

G2 Esports vs Team Vitality

G2 fell down from their pedestal after back-to-back losses to Misfits and Giants Gaming. However, that doesn’t mean they are suddenly a bad team. On the contrary, they were in the lead for a huge chunk of the Misfits match—so much so that they got cocky and overextended in a crucial teamfight. As for the Giants game, G2 attempted to play a highly experimental team comp, and it backfired horribly. Rest assured, though, that they will be much more careful this time around, and Perkz and Wunder will show how they’ve turned G2 into one of the strongest teams in the league.

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Granted, no LoL LCS betting cheat sheet would claim Vitality are easy opponents. In fact, they’re one of the best European teams when it comes to breaking open the early game. Unfortunately for them, G2 have enough talent to match them in the laning phase. And while Vitality are not too shabby in teamfights, they don’t have the macro prowess to keep up with G2’s split-second shot calling. Their only hope is the explosive duo of Atilla and Jactroll that holds an advantage over the enemy bot lane. But that won’t amount to much if G2 are smart about their draft.

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Splyce vs Team Vitality

Here’s another tricky matchup that requires a LoL LCS betting cheat sheet. Splyce are on the rise, and they’re finally figuring out how to approach the current meta. KaSing picked up the slack in the bot lane, and Nisqy exerted massive amounts of pressure in the mid lane. Even Xerxe is looking quite dominant in the jungle. However, Splyce are still rough around the edges when it comes to playing around the top lane, and Odoamne is often left out to dry.

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In the past, we would say that Vitality don’t have what it takes to exploit this s. But Gilius became much more stable in the jungle, and Cabochard has always been impressive when it comes to laning and working together with his jungler. Combine that with the fact that Jiizuke has the mechanical skill to overpower Nisqy, and Atilla and Jactroll have the firepower to shut down Kobbe and KaSing, and Splyce are likely to spend the entire match on the back foot.

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Misfits vs Fnatic

A clash between Misfits and Fnatic! There’s no point making a LoL LCS betting cheat sheet without covering such a hype matchup. These teams already played each other in the past, but that was when Fnatic were still trying to play with Rekkles. Nowadays, they’re much more focused on swapping sOAZ and Bwipo between the side lanes to build a perfect mage/bruiser team comp and take over games through a combination of lane pressure and veteran know-how.

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Unfortunately, that’s not going to fly against Misfits. Neither sOAZ nor Bwipo are that strong in the early game because they’re constantly being moved to different positions. Meanwhile, Misfits have exceptional side lanes thanks to the overwhelming presence of Alphari and Hans Sama. To make matters worse, Misfits are great at turning individual advantages into turrets and neutral objectives, so even Fnatic will struggle to stop their momentum.

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