LoL Worlds 2019 Groups Betting Predictions

Posted on October 9, 2019

League of Legends World Championship 2019 is proceeding! During the upcoming week-end we will see the last four teams qualifying for the quarterfinals. Read more about our LoL Worlds betting guide for the next steps of the tournament!

LoL Worlds Groups Betting – Days 1&2

Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1

SKT are the favorites coming into Worlds, and are expected to take down Fnatic. That said, Fnatic does stand a fair chance considering it is a best of one, and SKT had only recently arrived in Europe following the conclusion of their streaming event with Twitch.
Prediction: Fnatic 36% l SK Telecom T1 64%

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Royal Never Give Up vs. Clutch Gaming

Royal Never Give Up should without a doubt take down Clutch Gaming, considering RNG has always been, and currently is, one of the top teams in the LPL, while Clutch Gaming have had some questionable performance in the NA LCS.
Prediction: Royal Never Give Up 85% l Clutch Gaming 15%

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Invictus Gaming vs. ahq e-Sports club

Invictus, while far from top form, are still favoured over ahq e-Sports club. The defending world champions should be able to overwhelm ahq simply based off individual player superiority, with ahq only standing a chance based on Invictus making a major mistakes.
Prediction: Invictus Gaming 76% l ahq e-Sports Club 24%

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DAMWON Gaming vs. Team Liquid

While DAMWON Gaming may have entered the main event through Korea’s third seed, they are by no means a weak team. Team Liquid on the other hand are in top form, completely dominating North America, winning both instances of the regular season and playoffs.
Prediction: DAMWON Gaming 55% l Team Liquid 45%

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CTBC J Team vs. Fun Plus Phoenix

A faceoff between the top teams of their respective regions. Fun Plus will likely hold victory given the LPL being a substantially stronger region than Taiwan.
Prediction: J Team 25% l Fun Plus Phoenix

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GAM Esports vs. Splyce

GAM Esports had a slow start to the year, placing 5th in both the VCS’s 2019 Spring regular season and playoffs, before picking up performance, to become Vietnam’s top team. Splyce too had struggled throughout the year, on average, falling behind 3rd place in their LEC tournaments.

Prediction: GAM Esports 40% L Splyce 60%

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SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up

The legendary matchup, a battle between SKT and RNG. Considering SKT’s lack of preparation this year, RNG are slightly favoured.
Prediction: SK Telecom T1 45% l Royal Never Give Up 55%

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