2018 NA LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 3

Posted on June 28, 2018

The NA LCS Summer Split 2018 continues on June 30! Most North American teams are still playing the marksman-oriented meta, so we’re adjusting our betting predictions for week 3 of the competition. We’re only bringing you the most lucrative deals possible, so prepare for some insane value!

Team Liquid vs Echo Fox

It’s almost unimaginable to pass the battle between the most exciting teams of the NA LCS Summer Split 2018! Team Liquid stand at the top of the North American League of Legends. Impact is playing much better in the top lane, and Pobelter is consistently holding his own in the mid lane. But the real stars of this roster are Doublelift and Olleh. This duo is the undisputed king of the NA LCS bot lanes, and its level of dominance is almost overwhelming.

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As for Echo Fox, they play best around their solo laners. Huni, in particular, has been an absolute monster this split, and he’s already made his presence known with a multitude of bold role swaps. His carry-oriented playstyle is further empowered by the explosive duo of Fenix and Dardoch. Unfortunately, Echo Fox’s bot lane leaves a lot to be desired, so they will struggle against the strongest point of Team Liquid. And even if they dodge the difficult matchup with a creative role swap, it won’t be enough to stop Doublelift’s momentum.

BETTING ADVICE: Echo Fox don’t have an answer to the enemy bot lane, so our NA LCS Summer Split predictions are inevitably turning towards TL. You can bet on Team Liquid winning the match for odds of 1.63 @ArcaneBet.

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100 Thieves vs Clutch Gaming

Both 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming are very by-the-books. They’re decent in the laning phase, but their real forte lies in the mid game where they can use the complete extent of their veteran knowledge. On 100 Thieves’ side, they excel at setting up objectives and rotating around the map, but their mechanical skill is a bit lacking. As for Clutch Gaming, they’re stronger in teamfights, but they don’t have a great grasp of the strategic aspects of the game. In the end, each party has its strengths and weaknesses, but no one holds an advantage big enough to swing the matchup in their favor.

100T NA LCS Predictions

BETTING ADVICE: It’s hard to predict a definite winner here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on this NA LCS Summer Split 2018 match! Both teams are very slow-moving, and Clutch Gaming, in particular, had some of the longest games of the split. With that in mind, you can bet on the game time being over 31 minutes for odds of 1.82 @ArcanBet.

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FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians

It’s clear that neither team has a chance of reaching the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split finals. FlyQuest are the bottom of the barrel. Their lineup suffers from a distinct lack of talent, and the only real star player—Flame—doesn’t get enough resources to flex his carry muscles. Moreover, their macro is in disarray, and we wouldn’t count on FlyQuest putting together a competent game plan even if their life depended on it.

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Until recently, the same could be said about Golden Guardians. But now, this squad is on the rise. Contractz stepped up to the plate in the jungle, and he’s been great at securing massive early game gold leads. His play is further empowered by strong side lane pressure from Deftly and Lourlo. Even Mickey proved to be a valuable addition to the mid lane, as he’s a much more capable carry player than Hai. And while Golden Guardians remain unrefined, they’re a lot better compared to their form in spring.

BETTING ADVICE: This is one of the easiest NA LCS Summer Split predictions of the entire season! It might seem close at first glance, but FlyQuest don’t stand a chance against the new and refurbished GGS engine. You can bet on Golden Guardians dismantling FlyQuest for odds of 2.00 @EsportsBetting.com

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