Origen vs G2 – LEC Playoffs 2019 (Finals Predictions)

Posted on April 14, 2019

The LEC playoffs 2019 conclude on April 14! We’re in for a thrilling Origen vs G2 final, as the top-2 European teams will be pulling out all stops to make the push for the title. Can Origen strike back at the team that crushed them two rounds ago, or will G2 Esports put the final nail in their coffin?

Origen definitely exceeded our expectations in their series against Fnatic. They always seemed to have a solid game plan in mind as well as the foresight to suffocate their opponents in draft. Moreover, Origen straight-up outmaneuvered Fnatic in teamfights, which gives them a solid foundation to work with.

However, G2 won’t cave that easily. Their roster is stacked with world-class talent, and their split-second shot calling makes G2 incredibly deadly in the later stages of the game. On top of that, G2 already beat Origen 3-0 in their previous round of the playoffs, so they have a huge mental edge over their opponents.

Origen vs G2 Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

The Origen vs G2 top lane will an all-out brawl! With a 3.4 KDA and 8.0 CS per minute, OG Alphari had a slow start to his regular season, however, he’s since cemented himself as the second-best top laner in the region. His lane presence in immense, and he always seems to know exactly what he needs to do to set his team up for success in teamfigths and skirmishes.

Yet, the title of the #1 top laner belongs to G2 Wunder. Sporting a 4.1 KDA and 8.7 CS per minute, he’s the confident splitpusher that’s always looking for ways to push his enemies into a corner. And while he won’t have a significant advantage over Alphari in the laning phase, we fully expect Wunder to run circles around his opponent in the later stages of the game.

VERDICT: G2 Wunder finds a lead in the top lane matchup.   

Jungle Matchup

The jungle matchup will be equally exciting. Holding a 3.6 KDA and 5.3 CS per minute, Kold is the driving force behind Origen’s early game. His pathing is on point, and his sharp mechanics and veteran game sense allow him to consistently find great playmaking opportunities without exposing himself to enemy counterattacks.

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G2 Jankos is more explosive in comparison. With a 4.7 KDA and 5.4 CS per minute, he has a good grasp of efficient jungle routes, but his main strength is his killer instinct. Jankos is exceptional at setting up dives and pulling off clutch ganks to tip the scales in G2’s favor, and while he might not be as measured as Kold, this relentless aggression is exactly what G2 need from their jungler.

VERDICT: G2 Jankos conquers the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

The Origen vs G2 mid lane is the most anticipated matchup of the series. Sporting a 4.1 KDA and 9.1 CS per minute, OG Nukeduck is the most experienced mid laner in the region. His vast champion pool and refined game sense make him the cornerstone of Origen’s strategies, and it’s common to see him secure a stranglehold over the mid lane and convert this pressure into potent teamfighting.

The same could be said about G2 Caps. With a 4.0 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, he might not have the game knowledge of Origen’s mid laner, but he makes up for it with raw talent. Caps is the definition of a mechanical lane prodigy, and his daring playmaking can even put a player of Nukeduck’s caliber on the back foot.

VERDICT: G2 Caps runs away with the mid lane matchup.

Bot Lane Matchup

There’s no denying that Origen’s bot lane looked better in their most recent matches. With a 6.2 KDA and 9.9 CS per minute, Patrik is a bit green when it comes to positioning and lane assignments, but he’s still doing well for himself in teamfights and skirmishes. Meanwhile, Mithy (3.2 KDA) picked up the slack in the support role, and his well-timed roams and wide champion pool were of huge help in Origen’s series against Fnatic.

Unfortunately, they don’t stand a chance against the sheer firepower of G2’s bot lane. Sporting a 5.4 KDA and 9.9 CS per minute, Perkz is one of the most aggressive AD carries in the league, as he’s always exerting insane pressure in lane and outside of it. His support Mikyx (4.1 KDA) might be even more explosive than Mithy, and you can count on him to make a key pick or kick-start a great teamfight.

VERDICT: G2 Perkz and Mikyx win the bot lane standoff.

Origen vs G2 LEC Playoffs 2019 Prediction

Origen are at their best when they have the time to prepare for their opponents. Unfortunately, the LEC playoffs 2019 finals come a mere day after their series against Fnatic, so Origen are unlikely to come up with reliable ways to stop G2’s momentum. Our prediction is a 3-1 victory for G2!

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