SKT vs Kingzone – 2019 LCK Playoffs Predictions

Posted on April 6, 2019

SKT are about to clash with Kingzone! These League of Legends titans meet in the third round of the 2019 LCK playoffs on April 7. We can already tell that this is going be one hell of a match, so it goes without saying that we had our League of Legends experts cook up some in-depth SKT vs Kingzone predictions!

SKT tower above the competition. This is a team of superstars, and its firepower alone is enough to overwhelm most LCK lineups. If that wasn’t enough, SKT are exceptional at making clutch macro calls and working together as a unit, and it’s common to see them run circles around their enemies in the late game.

Up until a few weeks, we’d say that Kingzone have no chance here. However, this team had a massive resurgence towards the end of the regular season. And while Kingzone might lag behind SKT in terms of raw talent, they will put their opponents to a test with well-timed rotations and devastating teamfighting.

SKT vs Kingzone – LCK Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

The SKT vs Kingzone top lane might be one of the most important points of this matchup. With a 4.1 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, Khan used to be the weakest link of SK Telecom T1’s lineup, but he’s stepped up his game to the point where he might be one the most mechanically proficient top laners in the league. The latest balance changes are also a great fit for his aggressive playstyle, so we wouldn’t be surprised if SKT tried to funnel a lot of resources into him.

However, KZ Rascal is no stranger to surviving against carry top laners. Sporting a 3.1 KDA and 8.3 CS per minute, he might not be the flashiest player in the region, but he knows full well how to minimize his losses in the laning phase and do his job in teamfights and skirmishes. We’d still give the edge to Khan, but we don’t expect him to straight-up murder Rascal in the early game.

VERDICT: KZ Khan takes the lead in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

A similar story takes place in the jungle. With a 5.4 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, Clid is a mechanical prodigy and the driving force behind SKT’s early game. He can take over the entire series if he gets his signature Lee Sin pick in draft, but even if he doesn’t, you can count on Clid to pull the trigger on ganks and playmaking opportunities.

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Cuzz isn’t nearly as explosive. Holding a 3.7 KDA and 5.5 CS per minute, Kingzone’s jungler is a fearless initiator that always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have Clid’s mechanical prowess, so even if he comes up with creative jungle routes, he’ll have a hard time matching SKT’s jungler in duels and skirmishes.

VERDICT: SKT Clid reigns supreme in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

It’s hard to come up with a more exciting mid lane matchup than SKT vs Kingzone. With a 4.0 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, SKT Faker is a League of Legends powerhouse that earned the title of the Unkillable Demon King for his gameplay. And even though he’s not at his peak, his vast champion pool, razor-sharp mechanics, and instinctual game sense still make him one of the best mid laners in the world.

Yet, PawN is one of the first players to put the Unkillable Demon King on the back foot. Sporting a 4.1 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, Kingzone’s mid laner is a wildcard that always has a couple of unorthodox picks and off-meta strategies in his arsenal. Granted, it’s been a while since he last challenged Faker, but he should certainly be able to hold his own.

VERDICT: KZ PawN outmuscles his foe in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

The bot lane is going to be close! Sporting a 7.4 KDA and 10.7 CS per minute, SKT Teddy made a name for himself by exerting a ton of pressure in lane and routinely topping the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes. Meanwhile, Mata (3.9 KDA) reinforces his dominance with a combination of solid playmaking and veteran shot calling.


But even SKT’s duo will have a hard time keeping up with Kingzone’s bot lane. With a 5.0 KDA and 10.0 CS per minute, Deft is a world-class AD carry in every sense of the word, and his mechanics are sharp enough to even put someone like Teddy on the back foot. And while you could argue that TusiN (4.6 KDA) isn’t as shrewd as Mata, he makes up for it with talent and relentless aggression.

VERDICT: KZ Deft and TusiN win the bot lane standoff.

SKT vs Kingzone – LCK Match Prediction

Both teams have a good grasp of macro and teamfighting, but SKT have more win conditions to play around. Of course, Kingzone could double down on their bot lane advantage, but it’s unlikely that this strategy works for five games in a row. Our prediction is a 3-1 victory for SKT!

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