TCS 2018 Finals Predictions

Posted on November 27, 2018

The TCS 2018—aka Tyler1 Championship Series—is the biggest amateur League of Legends tournament in North America. With a prize pool of $50,000, this competition acts as a battleground for the best Solo Queue players and personalities. Every TCS game is a raw, unrefined, and endlessly entertaining. And considering that’s a perfect environment for esports punters, our League of Legends experts decided to make comprehensive TCS 2018 Finals Predictions

Team E Turner vs Polar Ace

Team E Turner have a ton of firepower on their roster. Even though none of their starters played on the competitive stage, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the names like TF Blade and Metaphor. In fact, this duo is the focal point of the team. TF Blade is an absolute monster on carry champions, and he can single-handedly take over the game if the enemy team leaves him unattended. The same applies to Metaphor, who has a great sense for early game pathing and aggression.

Prismal and Duoking deserve a mention as well. This bot lane doesn’t always crush its opponents in the laning phase, however, it does some serious work in teamfights, which—combined with a solid mid laner in KatEvolved—puts Team E Turner in a very good spot in terms of individual talent.

Unfortunately, the cracks begin to show when you look at their game plans. Their early game is riddled with holes, and it’s common to see them lose a lot of ground because of a sudden bot lane dive or an unexpected jungle invade. And while they’re always looking to kick-start teamfights and skirmishes, their initiations often err on the side of recklessness.

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Polar Ace also have a fair share of individual talent. Jurassiq and Winter legitimately look like an LCS-level bot lane, and their relentless aggression will give E Turner’s Prismal and Duoking a run for their money. In a similar fashion, Julien can be downright oppressive if he gets a good matchup in the mid lane.

As luck would have it, though, Polar Ace are weak exactly where Team E Turner are at their strongest. Their top laner—Aetheres—is underwhelming on anything other than Camille, and their jungler—Dragonminkim—seems to employ a very passive, farm-oriented playstyle that leaves his laners to fend for themselves.

Granted, Polar Ace somewhat make up for these shortcomings with team synergy. Unlike other TCS 2018 squads, they’ve been playing together for a while, so you can count on them to have structured teamfighting and cohesive shot calling. Still, their coordination is a far cry from being top-tier, and it won’t be enough to overcome the individual strength of Team E Turner.

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