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Posted on December 16, 2018

The League of Legends off-season is coming to an end, and the first sign of that is the KeSPA Cup 2018! Not only does this yearly Korean tournament provide a comprehensive look at the upcoming meta game, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to see all the new LCK and CK rosters in action. Naturally, this creates a perfect environment for esports punters. So, without further ado, here’s an in-depth overview of the event and the top KeSPA Cup 2018 betting bonuses to use for your wagers!

KeSPA Cup 2018 Overview

The KeSPA Cup 2018 is a Korean League of Legends competition that takes place at the end of every year. Its ₩100,000,000 (roughly $88,000) prize pool might not seem like much, but what makes this event truly stand out from the rest is the playing field. This tournament is stacked with top-tier talent, and you’ll be able to see established LCK teams playing alongside up-and-coming CK lineups.

The action kicks off with Elimination and Qualifying Rounds. All series are single elimination Bo3s, so each of the 15 participating teams will be putting everything on the line for a chance to advance to the playoffs. There, they will face four best-performing teams from the 2018 LCK Summer Split as well as other lineups that managed to get past the Qualifying rounds. The first playoffs matches take the shape of Bo3s, but the stakes get higher in the Bo5 semifinals and finals, and teams will have to pull out all stops to take the KeSPA Cup 2018 trophy.

So, which lineups are the most exciting to follow? Everyone’s attention will be drawn to SKT T1 that have overhauled their 2018 roster to include names like Khan, Clid, Haru, Teddy, and Mata. However, it’s also worth keeping track of squads like Afreeca Freecs, KT Rolster, and Kingzone DragonX that will be looking to redeem themselves after their Worlds 2018 failure. Last but not least, the recently relegated BBQ Olivers lineup is the first Korean team to bring in a foreign import—specifically, the Swedish jungler Sebastian “Malice” Edholm. BBQ also intend to work with a North American coach Nick “LS” De Cesare, so most Western fans will likely want to follow their KeSPA Cup 2018 run.

At first glance, SKT T1 seem to have the perfect combination of brains and brawn to win this tournament. That being said, the KeSPA Cup 2018 tends to have a lot of wild swings, so other teams might very well outpace them. But more on that below!

Choosing Your KeSPA Cup 2018 Betting Bonus

The KeSPA Cup 2018 is a very volatile tournament. Most participating lineups are still very new, so players and coaches might not be used to working with each other. Combine that with the fact that the KeSPA Cup 2018 takes place on the preseason patch, and it’s not exactly surprising that this tournament has so many upsets. Granted, this isn’t the worst thing in the world for teams and coaches since most of them are attending the event to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

But it can be an absolute nightmare for esports punters!

That doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on it, though. On the contrary, it’s the perfect place to flex your gambling muscles, provided you find a good KeSPA Cup 2018 betting bonus. A betting bonus is great for reducing variance and giving you an additional stream of revenue that doesn’t depend on winning or losing esports wagers. Of course, it might take a while to pick the right offer, but fortunately, our experts have already done all the grunt work to identify the best KeSPA Cup 2018 betting bonus!

A €30 risk-free bet is practically made for swingy tournaments, and you can set yourself up with a decent bankroll by making a single smart wager. On top of that, Betway tends to have a multitude gambling markets for League of Legends tournaments, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the most out of your KeSPA Cup 2018 betting bonus!

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