Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX: MSI Semifinals Predictions

Posted on May 17, 2018

The second series of the 2018 MSI Semifinals is a clash between Flash Wolves and Kingzone DragonX! The Korean Slayers definitely lived up to their name during the group stage. Still, can Kingzone turn the tables in a Bo5 series?

When making our predictions, we consider a lot of factors like recent showings, head-to-head records, player performance, and more. Regardless, League of Legends tournaments often have a high degree of randomness, so remember that before placing any bets.

Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX Overview

Flash Wolves kicked off their MSI with a staggering 6-0 run. This success didn’t last long, though, as other teams adapted to their drafts and vision setups. They’re still a very well-rounded team, though, and they excel at snowballing the bottom lane and playing around their carries.

Kingzone DragonX aren’t nearly as dominant as most people would imagine. Their picks and bans were off at the beginning of the Mid-Season Invitational, and their players weren’t performing on their usual level. And while they can come out with strong early games, they make too many mistakes to seal the deal.

Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX Matchups

Kingzone should have the top lane advantage. FW Hanabi is a decent player, and he can perform reasonably well on tanks and carries. Even so, there’s no way he should be able to stand up to Khan. Unfortunately, Kingzone’s top laner isn’t playing at his peak, so his aggression can backfire if Flash Wolves choose to target him.

Flash Wolves vs Kingzone

The jungle is in a similar spot. FW Moojin puts out a ton of pressure in the early game, but he tends to lose steam later on. As for Kingzone, they have a confident playmaker in Peanut, so they will be able to match Moojin’s power moves. And if they need a more supportive presence, they can always fall back on Cuzz.

The mid lane tips the scales in Flash Wolves’ favor. This might seem odd, as Maple isn’t exactly a laning prodigy, but he makes up for it with great roaming and teamfighting. In theory, Bdd should provide the same thing to Kingzone. However, he had a hard time securing mid priority this tournament, and unless Cuzz helps him, he might spend the entire series on the back foot.
Expect the same thing in the bot lane. If you were to tell anyone that FW Betty is a world-class AD carry before the tournament, people would laugh at the notion.

And yet, he successfully challenged every single MSI marksman with his teamfighting prowess. Of course, SwordArt is a huge reason behind this success, as he doesn’t hesitate to make plays and set up good roams. On Kingzone’s side, PraY remains a powerhouse AD carry, and GorillA can still perform on a variety of supports. Even so, this bot lane isn’t as solid as it used to be, so it can fall prey to ganks and lose 2v2s if Flash Wolves are aggressive enough.

Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX: Conclusion

This is going to be close! Flash Wolves bested Kingzone throughout the entirety of the MSI group stage, so they have a lot of momentum coming into this matchup. Still, we trust the LCK champions to regain their composure and pick up the slack in a Bo5 setting. Our prediction: a 3-2 victory in favor of Kingzone DragonX.

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