League of Legends Season 10 is right around the corner!

Posted on January 8, 2020

A new year spells a fresh start many, and likewise, a new season for League of Legends. Preseason, the time following the conclusion of a ranked period yet prior to the start of the new season, has long been considered the worst time to play LoL.

This is because players tend to not care about their ranks, as the official rank season has yet to kick in. Instead, pre-season rank play is usually filled with trolls and limit testers, which seriously lowers the standard of games. Many players fail to recognise that the upcoming season provisional matches take into account not only a player’s previous rank but performance in the pre-season as well.

However, not to fear as the upcoming season 10 is just right around the corner. Riot has announced through a twitter post, the League of Legends Season 10 start date has been set on January 10th.

Like many other competitive games with a ladder system, this new season reset does not completely erase your hard work of previous seasons. Instead, League of Legends adopts a soft reset system. While everyone will continue to have 10 placements games, starting points based off MMR and elo taken into account to avoid unnecessary games for higher skilled players.

League of Legends Season 10 changes

While already out in the pre-season now, the most obvious League of Legends season 10 change is the map. More specifically, the changing terrain with dragons, and the alcoves at bot and top. These map changes will alter the playstyle of not only the lane, but throughout the mid and late game with a greater potential for invades and picks. The League of Legends season 10 map is certainly looking exciting, with the changes currently live most likely to remain.

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Impacts on esports bettors

As many already know, betting on streamers is going to be the next big thing. Despite having launched in 2019, it’s expected that the streamers betting market will pick up quickly as player awareness of such offers increases. A new season often leads to a renewed spirit for all players, with greater focus and care in ranked / streamer games.

Given the lower number of trolls and inters in games, it increases the probability of correctly predicting wins or outcomes. Overall, this will translate to greater gains for punters as the new season starts.

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Specifically in competitive play, teams had previously mostly prioritized tower plating and first blood tower over some dragons. However, with the new dragon changes including the dragon soul in the late game almost being an assured win, teams will without a doubt prioritize dragon over other objectives.

In the upcoming Spring and Summer splits all around the globe, we can expect the more dominant teams to take dragon first, even willing to trade herald or tower in the early game. Knowing this, given the different priorities, some book makers may fail to account for this in their calculations, allowing more favourable league of legends betting odds for us, the punters.

League of Legends Season 10 rewards

Riot has yet to announce the ranks rewards for Season 10, as this is normally revealed during the end of the season. However, the season 9 ranked rewards have already been released, and unfortunately, if you failed to get them in 2019, they’re gone forever.

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Given the poor reception of Victorious Aatrox (Season 9 skin ranked rewards), hopefully, the upcoming League of Legends Season 10 skin reward will be more interesting, with more particles and overall effort on Riot’s part. The Victorious line up needs a new refresh, and hopefully, it won’t look like the recent Aatrox skin which looks like a budget prestige skin.

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