FunPlus Phoenix vs. G2 Esports: 2019 LoL World Championship finals prediction

Posted on November 4, 2019 - Last Updated on July 30, 2020

What an unexpected turn of events this edition of the 2019 League of Legends World Championships has been. This week’s recent upset saw both favourites for the semi-finals lose with a miserable 3-1.

What has happened so far at the 2019 LoL Worlds

The results at play-ins were pretty standard, with stronger teams such as Splyce and Damwon Gaming advancing to Groups. Play-ins had set a strong start for Damwon going in as Korea’s first ever team to be sent to the play-ins stage, with Damwon going undefeated.

Aside from Group C, nicknamed the Group of Death, results were once again as expected. Unfortunately, LPL’s favourite team Royal Never Give Up failed to advance to the semi-finals, with SKT and FNC claiming the top two spots in Group C.

The quarter-finals is where the competition truly started, with all the big names being placed against one another. Invictus were able to take down Griffin, although not at all that surprising considering Invictus’s title as last year’s world champions, it dealt a huge blow to Korea.

Next up, FunPlus Phoenix were able to take down Fnatic in a clean 3-1.

Following on, as expected, SKT dominated over Splyce despite dropping a single match in the best-of-five. However, the final quarterfinals match was another disaster for Korea, with G2 Esports overwhelming Damwon 3-1.

Semi-finals were a huge shock to many, Invictus Gaming losing overwhelmingly to FunPlus Phoenix, passing over the title as the LPL’s top team as a result.

G2 Esports positively shocked the home crowd, grasping SK Telecom T1, the tournament’s favourites 3-1.


FunPlus Phoenix vs. G2 Esports


These two teams are without a doubt the top two teams of their regions, being able to decisively take down the biggest names in League of Legends in shocking 3-1 wins.

FunPlus Pboenix’s wins against Fnatic and Invictus Gaming places them in a powerful position, having established their strength by defeating the top two European teams, and the defending world champions.

However, G2 Esports are also going in extremely strong, having taken down both Damwon Gaming and SK Telecom T1, wiping out two major Korean teams who were regarded as tournament favourites.

Prediction: FunPlus Phoenix 57% | G2 Esports 43%

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