MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Day 3

Posted on May 4, 2018

The 201 MSI Play-In Stage is still underway! The first day of the competition turned the existing narratives on their heads, and we witnessed a string of exciting upsets. Most notably, Gambit Gaming dominated the competition, producing a 3-0 record and claiming first place in their group.

Hence, we’re switching up our betting tips to account for the new Group A dynamic!

MSI betting tips | Day 3

Kaos Latin Gamers vs Rainbow7

Kaos Latin Gamers (KLG) entered the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational as underdogs, but they proved their worth on stage. Their first game against Gambit was underwhelming, largely because of a level 2 gank that crippled their bot lane. Even so, they established themselves a capable lineup that’s always looking to make a play or set up an aggressive invade. Tierwulf was the driving force behind their success, but Plugo and Fix also stepped up their game. And while KLG’s teamfights can be hectic, they are adept at using chaos to their advantage.

Meanwhile, Rainbow7 (R7) didn’t have a great start to their tournament. Many of their game plans revolved around a winning bot lane, but WhiteLotus turned out to be their weakest link. The once-dominant AD carry was routinely out pressured in lane and caught out of position in fights. Granted, R7 have another solid carry in Seiya. But there’s only so much he can do when his teammates aren’t performing to their usual standards.

You can bet on Kaos Latin Gamers defeating their opponents for odds of 2.65 at

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Gambit Esports vs Rainbow7

It’s clear Gambit Esports did their MSI homework. The Russian lineup came out with a wide range of unorthodox strategies, and while their games weren’t the cleanest, the number of their mistakes is far below that of other Group A teams. Diamondprox was the standout performer, and his immaculate pathing opened up countless great opportunities. Also, the AD carry—Lodik—put on an absolute clinic, effectively dismissing any doubts regarding Gambit’s bot lane.

As for Rainbow7, they’ve already had difficulties adapting to Gambit’s off-meta strategies. That said, it’s debatable whether the current iteration of the team even has what it takes to outmuscle Gambit in a conventional game. Rainbow7’s macro isn’t at the point where it can challenge Gambit’s thought-out game plans, and the entire team looks lost in the late game. And considering WhiteLotus’s shaky form, they’ll have a hard time outmuscling Gambit in teamfights in skirmishes.

You can bet on Gambit Gaming crushing their opponents for odds of 1.80 at

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